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   Chapter 9 Leaving No Way!

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After changing her clothes and washing up, Gracie stood at the door of the bedroom.

Alfred had been in the room for a long time and didn't come out. Did she break her husband by accident?

'What should I do? What should I do?

If so, the Gu family would never let me go. What should I do?'

When Gracie was anxious as the ant on a hot pot...


Alfred walked out of the room with a long face and slammed the door.

"Doctor Lu, is he all right?"

Alfred was so angry with Terence that he snorted, "He is incurable and hopeless."

Alfred left angrily.

"I'm done," said Gracie, sighing in the corridor.

If her vegetative husband died, the Gu family would definitely take her as the murderer. But she was still so young, she didn't want to die with that man!

'What shall I do?'

When Gracie was lost in thought, she bumped into a wall of flesh by accident. Looking up along the simple white shirt, she saw the man's handsome face. No one could tell whether he was happy or angry. He was looking at her with a pair of beautiful dark eyes.

It seemed that he was waiting for her to apologize.

He was buttoning up his shirt sleeves with his slender hands.

Jacob took the suit jacket for the man and followed respectfully with Carter.

Gracie blinked her eyes, and then immediately turned into joy, as if she had seen a savior.

The Gu family seemed to be very afraid of this man, treating him as if he were a god.

"Good morning, uncle Terrell!"

As soon as Terrell came out, he saw the little girl pouncing on him with enthusiasm. The scene was so weird.

"Uncle Terrell, you haven't had breakfast yet, have you? I'll cook for you."

Without waiting for his reply, Gracie ran to the kitchen.

She was so scared of him yesterday. Why did she change her attitude today? It was true that women were complicated.

He was thinking about how to deal with this little girl just now, and he didn't expect to see her here. He was flattered.

In the dining room, the servants were all dismissed.

The man in a white shirt was reading the morning newspaper at the table, drinking milk and reading the newspaper with his slender fingers. His every move was noble and elegant.

This man was the most handsome man in a white shirt she had ever seen. When Gracie came out with a plate, she was lost in his beauty for a moment.

Luckily, Terrell took the plate quickly. Otherwise, the plate would have been fallen directly on his slender thighs.

This was the first time that Gracie had breakfast with a man face to face. It was the fantasy that she had imagined countless times about her daily life after getting married with her fiancé.

But she didn't expect things to turn out like this.

It was a quiet breakfast.

After breakfast, Gracie was about to get down to business. "Uncle Terrell, how's my cooking?"

Terrell wiped his mouth with a napkin gracefully. He looked at Gracie from time to time during the meal, and he could notice her unhappy mood.

"Not really!"

"Not really? Then why did you lick the plate so hard! "

Gracie threw the tableware in her hand all over the place and looked at the well-dressed man in front of her. If she didn't ask him for help, she would definitely let him spit out all the food.

Noticing the fury on Gracie's face, Terrell stopped teasing her. "If you have anything to say, just tell me. What's the matter?"

"Uncle Terrell, how do you know I have something to ask you for?"

"Little girl, with your intelligence, you could never be my opponent."

"Uncle Terrell, let's elope!"

The spaghetti tasted a bit salty. Terrell was taking a sip of milk, but he was almost choked by Gracie's words.

His handsome face immediately darkened. "Don't you suddenly feel that you have suffered a loss from wha

t happened yesterday and want me to be responsible for you?"

His slender and good-looking hand slammed the glass of milk on the table.

Although it was he who cuckolded himself, it still made him unhappy.

After staring at Gracie for a few seconds, a casual and charming smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his mouth. "Elope with me?"

"Well, uncle Terrell, I was joking. Don't take it seriously. I don't want you to be responsible for me. Just please take me out of the Gu family."

As soon as Gracie finished speaking, she felt the temperature in the small dining room dropped several degrees.

She looked at the man's side face. His nose was tall, and his lips were thin. His outline was perfect, but there was a touch of coldness on his handsome face at the moment.

"Leave the Gu family and go back to your ex? No way! "

"Uncle Terrell, I was caught by the Gu family and forced to marry a strange man. The Gu family looked at me as if I was a prisoner. I lost my ideal and ambition in my life. I was locked here all day long. Sooner or later, I would be suffocated to death when facing a husband who was in a vegetative state and couldn't speak."

"In return for your breakfast, you can enter and leave the house freely in the daytime. But leaving the Gu family? Don't even think about it. "

Looking at the man's receding figure with coldness, Gracie did not know why the man was angry again.

Gracie came to OM International Building with the interview notice.

OM International was the largest multinational group in the country, and its design field was very broad. It was engaged in film and television entertainment, real estate, international trade, hotel service, financial lending, clothing and jewelry had been involved in all aspects of our daily life.

Although she had gradually got used to being Mrs. Gu, she didn't want to be a parasite who could not support herself.

Some time ago, Gracie submitted her resume and applied for the HR here at OM. She didn't have much hope and was unexpected to receive an interview notice.

Today, Gracie was dressed like a student.

On the way to the HR department.

She didn't expect to meet someone she knew in the elevator.

Gracie did not want to meet the person, she turned her head and walked to the other side.

Wearing a light blue office suit, Sophie stood there with a file bag in her hand. When she saw Gracie, she turned around and said, "Mrs. Ling, what a coincidence! I didn't expect to meet you here."

Gracie smiled but said nothing.

At this time, those rich young ladies who came with Sophie asked her curiously.

"Sophie, who is this?"

"Is this your new friend?"

"We just met accidentally. We are not friends."

"See? I told you that Miss Sophie could not have such a poor friend."

"That's right. She should not wear such shabby clothes for the interview in OM International. I'm afraid that she will lower our grades when she stands with us."

"I guess she must be here for the job of cleaning!"

All of a sudden, there was a burst of laughter in the elevator.

Gracie was so angry that her face turned red. She came out of the high-end villa this morning. The house of the Gu family was so remote that she trotted all the way for more than an hour before she got a taxi.

After arriving at the interview place, her face was naturally covered with sweat, and her white shoes were also dusty.

But she couldn't stand them saying that she was here for a job of cleaning. This morning, she was so angry with Terrell that she vented all her anger on them. "I'm an honest civilian. I'm not like you capitalist who exploited people at will. If you think I'm dirty and it's shameful to be in the same elevator with me, you can go out! No one is stopping you. "

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