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   Chapter 7 Offended A Big Shot

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Ai Chi Characters: 7198

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Sophie's smug face was petrified.

With a stunned expression on her face, Gracie was also shocked.

"Mr. Terrell? No! I'm just a pimp, or a thief!" The man said in a low voice. The words "pimp" and "thief" almost popped out between his teeth.

Then he glanced at Gracie, who lowered her head silently and pretended not to know anything.

Mr. Terrell?

The Terrell Jing? It was said that he was mysterious, low-key, rich, cruel and cold... Was he the legendary Terrell Jing?

Who could tell her who she had offended?

No wonder he knew her name and identity...

But it was not right. How could he know her when she was like this?

Even if she didn't disguise herself, how could the busy CEO pay attention to her?

"Sophie, Gracie, Mr. Terrell is your uncle. You cannot be rude to him. Apologize to uncle Terrell now."

"Mr. Terrell, Sophie and Gracie are still young and naive. Please forgive them!"

"Uncle Terrell, I'm sorry."

"Uncle Terrell, I'm sorry."

Terrell pointed to Gracie, "Are you the new daughter-in-law of the Gu family?"


"Yes, Mr. Terrell, she is." said Madison.

Terrell waved his hand. A box was presented to him and placed in front of Gracie.

Terrell just smiled without saying anything.

For a moment, Gracie didn't know what this dangerous man wanted to do.

"That's a gift from uncle Terrell, you should be grateful for that." said Madison, nudging Gracie.

"Thank you, uncle Terrell."

"Open it and have a look. Do you like it?"

Gracie opened the wooden box nervously.

Several layers were peeled from the box. Finally, inside was a delicate pure white gold box with rose petals carved out of white jade.

The box was opened. Inside was the heart of the Garrard Kingdom ruby, a special necklace. It was a combination of ruby and diamond. Both the manufacture and the design were quite unique.

The onlookers who had come to catch adultery were immediately amazed.

Madison looked at the most expensive necklace in the world with mixed feelings.

"Mr. Terrell, such an expensive gift..."

"Gracie, do you like it?" Ignoring Madison's words, Terrell walked up to Gracie and whispered in her ear.

It made Gracie feel numb and stunned.

What did he want to do in front of so many people?

In Gracie's astonishment, he put the necklace on her with his slender hand and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Gracie, I won't be happy if you don't accept it. And if I'm not happy, I would say anything."

The man's breath made Gracie's chest rise and fall. She quickly took a step back and said through gritted teeth, "Uncle Terrell, I like it very much. I thank you on behalf of your beloved nephew."

Terrell raised his eyebrows lightly and straightened his cuffs. "I haven't seen my lovely nephew for a long time. Is he feeling better?

Well...I came to the Jin City in a hurry this time. After all, the hotel is not home. I'll stay in the west villa of the Gu family these days. So that I could also pay a visit to my nephew. Will my niece lead the way? "

Gracie wanted Madison to say no, but Madison only smiled and flattered, "Mr. Terrell is right, Gracie, Mr. Terrell is tired. You can send him back. "

Then, Gracie got into the car with Terrell reluctantly.

"Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? "

"Mr. Terrell, are you sure you can eat with such a hideous woman like me by your side?"

Terrell smiled slightly, "You reminded me."

He ordered the driver, "To the World International Plaza."

Gracie stretched out her hand to untie the necklace and took

it back to Terrell. She didn't dare to disobey him in front of so many people just now. If she pissed him off, she was really afraid that he would say something crazy.

The man's face suddenly darkened. "I will never take back what I have sent. If you don't want it, you could throw it away."

He bought the necklace for Gracie a long time ago, but he couldn't find a reasonable way to give it to her.

It was not easy to find a way to send it to her. How dare she refuse it?

Jacob and the driver were in the front row. Jacob watched the interaction between the two behind him. The onlookers didn't know what had happened just now, wouldn't he know it?

Just now, Terrell said to Alfred that he would never touch Mrs. Ling. What a bullshit!

However, it was obvious that his boss was in a good mood tonight. Terrell had been expressionless for so many years, but when he was with Mrs. Ling, his facial expressions had become much more.

Then, without any scruples, Terrell took Gracie to the World International Plaza.

If it weren't for Terrell, Gracie would have been driven away by the security guards a hundred times because of her mendicant dress.

After dinner, Terrell took her to the ZH, a barber & stylist shop.

Although Gracie didn't want to come in, she had no choice but to follow Terrell in dejection.

As soon as he came in, a stylist came up to him.

"Mr. Terrell, why are you free today..." Before he could finish his words, he saw Gracie, who was following behind Terrell. He was so surprised that he could even put an egg in his mouth, but his good professional quality brought him back to his senses. "Is this...?"

"Arrange a female stylist."

"Please wait a moment."

Soon a female stylist came over and said respectfully, "Mr. Terrell, what can I do for you?"

Terrell had already sat down in the VIP waiting seat in front of the French window and was reading something. After hearing the stylist's words, he inadvertently stretched out his long fingers and pointed at Gracie, "Help her tidy up her hair, just do it like this. Find another dress for her, and this one will do!"

He threw the page he turned over on the tea table.

Gracie rolled her eyes. They had been through a lot today. Now he even wanted to give her a new look and change her clothes. What's wrong with this man!

Looking at the image on the magazine, she said, "I don't want it!"

The woman in the photo was well maintained. She was the most familiar stranger to Gracie.

That woman was an international superstar who was responsible for advertising Chanel.

The person she used to admire the most was now...

The last thing that Gracie wanted to learn from in her life was the woman on the magazine. How could she have the same look with her!

"It's not up to you. Your look made me feel uncomfortable and affect the townscape."

"If you don't like it, just close your eyes. Who let you see it?"

"Gracie!" Every word clearly showed the strong dissatisfaction of the man at the moment.

The next second, the air was silent for a few seconds. Then, Gracie's lips were kissed and she couldn't say anything against it.

Gracie pounded the man's chest hard. Wasn't he afraid of lead poisoning? She cursed this domineering man in her heart.

Terrell pinched her chin and looked at her disgusting face. "I'll keep kissing until you listen to me."

The hearts of those stylists who were peeping at him were broken to pieces!

'Would the cheap lipstick in the strange color be poisonous? What the fuck! Mr. Terrell has a really unique taste!'!

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