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   Chapter 6 She Was Set Up

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The man's black eyes darkened.

He could never resist the temptation of her. As it used to be, now it was still the same, even if he would be hurt by her.

Gracie had just cried, and her pitiful look was like a stray cat being abandoned.

The effect of the drug made people lose themselves in extreme happiness. It took a long time for Gracie to regain consciousness.

After making out in the washroom, Terence ran to the wash basin and began to vomit.

Gracie put on her clothes and came to her senses. She remembered that she was attending a dinner party and her current identity was Mrs. Gu.

Although she didn't want to be Mrs. Gu, if she was caught cheating on her husband, for the sake of the Gu family's status and reputation, she might not be able to survive.

"What's wrong with you? Are you pregnant? "

Then she was glared coldly by the man, "I'm just sick of you."

"Don't use this cheap lipstick anymore. The pigment is out of the standard. Be careful of lead poisoning."

Gracie was speechless. Since he was afraid of lead poisoning, why did he kiss her so madly?

"That won't happen again. I'm very poor."

It was unbelievable that this man could still get an erection with Gracie looking like a clown. She didn't think deeply about what the man meant. She put on her clothes, poured the money in her bag on the wash basin and said, "This is all I have now. It may not be enough, but I will pay you later."

"I've told you that I'm very expensive and you can't afford it!"

"The most expensive pimp on the street wouldn't cost that much."

Terence's eyes darkened and his smile faded. "Are you comparing them with me?"

Looking at the delicate and enchanting face in front of her, Gracie thought to herself, 'Of course not. You are much more beautiful than them, but how could I say that out loud?'

At this moment, the sound of bustling footsteps came from outside, and then the sound of quarrels could be heard.

'Oh my God!

Thinking of the devil and he would appear.

Gracie was as anxious as the ant on a hot pan, "Well, you go in first and lock the door. I'll go out first. You are not allowed to come out. You can't come out until the people outside have gone."

When Gracie went out, she was almost scared to shrink back when she saw the group outside.

Sophie held a middle-aged woman, who should be Terence's mother, and there were many other guests who came to gloat.

Everyone was talking about her.

"She shouldn't mess around with other men even if her husband had serious erectile dysfunction problems!"

"I heard that she got married for the Gu family's money."

"Poor Mr. Terence, he doesn't even know he was cheated on by his wife."

As soon as Gracie came out, she was criticized by the crowd.

Sophie pointed at Gracie and said to Terence's mother, Madison, "Auntie, I told you they were inside. See? I didn't lie to you."

Then she was very happy to see Gracie in such a messy look. "Mrs. Ling, how can you betray my brother Terence?"

Although Madison was not happy that Sophie spread the family scandal in front of so many guests, she was furious when she saw that what Sophie said was true.

She was already dissatisfied with her son marrying a woman without a strong background, and that woman still had an affair with her ex after marriage, which was unbearable for her.

If eyes could kill people, then Madison would have already killed Gracie for thousands of times. Madison pointed at Gracie and asked angrily, "Why do you come here?"

Gracie kept silent. It was hard to explain everything! Could she say that she was framed by Sophie? Who would believe her?

At this

time, Frank, who had been looking for Gracie for a long time, finally found her. He broke through the crowd and came over.

"Honey, why are you here? I've been looking for you for a long time."

"You bastard, I've told you that we have nothing to do with each other."

Madison looked at Sophie and asked, "What's going on? Didn't you say that Mrs. Gracie was having an affair with her ex-boyfriend? "

Sophie looked at the direction where Frank came out from the other end of the crowd and the direction of the men's room, and she was somewhat confused.

"Auntie, I might have made a mistake. I guess that Gracie bought a pimp and messed around with him."

"What's going on, Gracie? If you keep silent, I'll take it as acquiescence. "

"I...I... "Gracie was about to cry.

In this situation, even if the man didn't come out, these people were going to break in.

How could she explain why she rushed into the men's room?

If she said that it was Sophie who framed her, set her up, and Frank drugged her, it was none of Madison's business.

It was better to strike first than to wait for death.

"I came here for the thief. I couldn't fight him and was about to ask for help. Mother, it's great that you brought so many people over. The thief can't escape now even if he has wings."

After the crazy sex just now, the clothes and hair of Gracie were also in a mess. Her words immediately changed the situation of catching adultery into a hero wisdom fighting a thief.

The two bodyguards who were guarding outside were confused when they heard the reply of Gracie.

They tried their best not to laugh. How could their boss be framed as a thief? This Mrs. Ling was definitely a special woman.

Sophie shouted at the direction of the toilet, "Get out of here!"

At this time, Terence couldn't bear it anymore. This woman didn't admit her guilt and even framed him as a thief. What a heartless little thing!

With a darkened face, the man walked out with his slender legs. Even if his shirt was torn and his clothes were a little messy, the man's every move was still elegant and noble, with a strong sense of oppression.

Gracie could feel that someone was staring at her coldly from behind. Knowing that it was the man's gaze, she couldn't help shivering. But now, things had come to this point. Although the reason of thief was too far-fetched, there was no evidence, wasn't there?

It was better than being caught cheating!

The man tidied up his well-tailored handmade suit in British style. He was tall and straight, and his face was always cold. It was hard to guess what he was thinking.

Everyone outside was oppressed by the man.

Sophie also frowned slightly. How could this man be a thief? Or a pimp?

But she couldn't let this man destroy her plan tonight. "Sir, tell me, are you a pimp hired by Gracie or a thief she was talking about? If you don't defend yourself, you will be taken away by the police! "

The man's thin lips opened slightly, and the evil and attractive smile between his lips was rampant. That face made people feel cold on their backs.

"Take me away?"

Sophie nodded, "If you dared to steal things from our family. I'm sure..."

Before she could finish her words, Madison interrupted her. She pushed Sophie aside and flattered, "Mr. Terrell, why are you here? Why didn't you tell us you would come beforehand so that we could get prepared and welcome you?"

Hearing that it was Mr. Terrell from the Jing family, the onlookers immediately stopped talking. The Jing family was even stronger than the Gu family. The reason why the Gu family had today's glory all because of the Jing family.

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