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   Chapter 4 Give Her A Dose Of Her Own Medicine

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Ai Chi Characters: 6837

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Several bodyguards in black suits immediately jumped out of the darkness after Gracie was out of his sight.

Jacob Luo immediately stepped forward and tried to help the man up, but he was stared coldly. Realizing that Terrell Jing was a serious neat freak, he withdrew his hand.

He asked carefully, "Mr. Terrell, how are you?"

"I'll send Mr. Terrell to see a doctor. You'd better hurry up and arrest that woman. How dare she poison Mr. Terrell! How could she!"

Just as the bodyguards were about to take action.

"Who allowed you to touch that woman?" The man said.

His voice was so cold that it seemed to freeze the air.

He wiped his hands with a sterile towel and kept silent for a while. "Tell someone to keep an eye on her. She had taken my phone and was planning to do something dangerous. Report to me immediately if anything happens."

"Go and ask Alfred to come here."

Since the incident three years ago, he had felt nauseous when touching women. Gracie was an exception, but when she tried to kiss him, his stomach began to feel sick, not because of her makeup today, but because...

"Mr. Terrell, are you going to meet him as Mr. Terence or as...?"

"Of course as Terence, there is no need for him to know too much."

Soon, Alfred was taken to the guest room upstairs.

"Terence, why are you here? It would be terrible if the Gu family found out... "

"Don't worry. No one will know."

"Terence, you are worried about Miss Ling, aren't you? Because of the lesson a few days ago, she behaved well and put on the clothes you prepared for her obediently. She is very beautiful, and the stylist is also very good. The design for her is perfect. You will definitely be satisfied with her style tonight."

The corners of Terence's mouth twitched. "Yes, I'm very satisfied with her new look tonight."

"Have you seen her?"

Terence sneered, "Which stylist designed it? Get him out of the city and never let me see him again. "

Alfred was speechless...

"Terence, even if Miss Ling makes you angry, please don't get other innocent people into trouble!"

"If you beg again, I will punish you too."


"My wound healed without treatment. Didn't you say it wouldn't recover?"

"Did you have intimate contact with Gracie again?" Alfred asked. Did you let her know that you have woken up? "

"She didn't recognize me. She just bumped into me by accident."

The corners of Alfred's mouth twitched. What kind of accident was it to hit that place?

Although he thought so, he still explained to Terence, "You refused to tell me what you saw the night you went out three years ago. I don't know what the cause of your disease was. I told everyone that it was a car accident, but obviously the hit was on the head, and it couldn't hurt that place no matter how serious it was. I have told you that it was a mental problem and you needed to see a psychologist, but you refused to see it and refused to take medicine.

Whoever started the trouble should end it. It must be because your disease was related to Miss Ling, so when you touch her, you had a feeling again.

Maybe you should do more intimate things with her. It's possible for you to recover without treatment. "

After Alfred finished his words, Terence said, "Do you want me to touch her? Over my dead body!" Then he immediately went to the bathroom and vomited again.

Alfred shook his head a

nd said, "I'll wait for you to break your promise."

After irritating the strange man, Gracie ran away and stole his phone from his pocket. Afraid that the man would come after her, she didn't go to a remote place. Instead, she ran to the side hall where there were a few people.

She was going to find an exit.

Then she went to the washroom at the other end of the side hall and sent a message to Frank.

"Frank, I'm Gracie. I'm in trouble. You're the only person I can trust now. I'll wait for you at the gate of the Gu family, the most powerful family in Jin City. "

She didn't get his reply for a while. She thought maybe he was busy with his work and waited for a long time. Fearing that he didn't hear his phone in his pocket, so she made a call to him.

It turned out that his phone was powered off.

Hearing that, Gracie became anxious. Since Frank had promised her that his phone would always be turned on for her, it was the first time that she had encountered such a thing.

Frank was a person who lacked a sense of security. She even spent less time with her friends just for him. She didn't know why, but Frank was jealous of all her friends, no matter they were male or female. He was not happy with her phone call to friends either. Therefore, as the phone number of these friends changed, she could only remember Frank's number alone.

Besides, Gracie's parents had passed away a long time ago. Since her grandmother who raised her had passed away, there had been no one she could trust. In Jin City, only Frank was her closest family member.

When Gracie came out of the bathroom, she suddenly found a familiar figure.

The man was wearing a suit and walked with slender steps. She was afraid that she might mistake him for someone else, so she followed him.

In the hall, the man met a woman in a lilac evening gown, who took him by the arm.

With their fingers interlocked, he kissed her on the lips.

This figure could be recognized by Gracie even if it turned into the ash.

This suit was still the birthday gift she gave to him.

With the beauty in his arms, no wonder he didn't have the time to read her message for help. She thought he was as anxious as ants on a hot pan when she was missing. But she didn't expect to see such a scene at the dinner party tonight.

He was her fiancé. He said he was a neat freak and didn't like kissing, but now he was kissing passionately with another woman in front of her.

"Frank, don't you have a fiancée? Will your fiancée be jealous if you stay with me tonight? "

"My fiancée is very naive and stupid. She's always obedient to me. She believes whatever I say."

Hearing their conversation, Gracie was suddenly angry.

She took a glass of red wine from the waiter beside and strode forward.

"Why are you here, Gracie? Let me explain..."

"Well, am I too naive or stupid? Frank, you are really a scum." She stepped forward and poured the red wine directly on Frank's face.

The woman in a lilac evening gown had a look of horror on her face. "How could you be such a bitch?"

Gracie glanced at her. The woman was wearing delicate makeup and was a bit familiar, but Gracie couldn't remember where she had seen her for a moment.

"Are you proud of being a mistress?"

The woman sneered, "What do you mean by being a mistress? I'm just giving you a dose of your own medicine. How do you feel now?"

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