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   Chapter 3 Being Found

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Ai Chi Characters: 6296

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Gracie was confident that no one would recognize her as Mrs. Gu in her current disguise.

Even if she was caught, she didn't believe that Terence's grandfather would have the heart to let his great-grandson marry such an ugly woman.

'This place is like a maze, ' she thought confusedly. After walking around for a while, Gracie was suddenly out of breath as she had bound her chest very tightly.

Looking around to ensure nobody was watching her, she quickly scampered off to an inconspicuous corner in the balcony.

Thankfully, no one noticed her.

All of a sudden, a deep, hoarse, and slightly sarcastic voice rang in her ears.

"Miss Ling, is it too tight? Do you need any help?"

Gracie froze. Her heart was in her throat.

She turned around and saw a man sitting in a mahogany rocking chair.

His eyes were sparkling, his legs were crossed leisurely, and his posture was lazy. He emitted an elegant and noble aura.

The well-tailored custom-made suit made him look taller. His handsome face looked like a carved sculpture and his demeanor was as arrogant as an emperor's.

In one strong but slender hand, he held a cigar while he drummed the fingers of his other hand on the armrest of the chair. A thick smoke curled and shrouded him, lending a sinister air of mystery.

They stared at each other for several moments.

Gracie was sure that she didn't know the man.

To be honest, her husband, who was in a vegetative state, was the most handsome man she had ever seen. But the man in front of her was totally different although not inferior in looks at all. She wondered which one would be more handsome if her vegetative husband opened his eyes.

She looked so terrible that even her mother wouldn't recognize her. Then how did he recognize her?

His dangerous scent filled her nostrils, making her cower.

"Are you crazy? Do we know each other?"

"Miss Ling, or should I call you Mrs. Gu? I didn't expect you to have such a bad memory," the man remarked, stressing on the words "Mrs. Gu." He spoke with infinite charm.

It made her wonder whether they knew each other and she had forgotten.

But it didn't matter. What mattered was that her identity had been discovered.

Gracie narrowed her eyes. What if this man exposed her later? Her carefully plotted escape plan would be in vain!

Although she was nervous, she raised her head and pretended to be cool and collected. After sorting out the skirt she had just cut and fixing the belt, she turned around and smiled at the man. Thanks to her makeup, her smile made her look uglier than before. It was enough to give someone nightmares.

Just then, she heard footsteps approaching. Gracie didn't retreat but instead walked forward. Grabbing the man's collar, she held the armrest with her other hand. She leaned closer to him and threatened, "I don't care who you are and how you know me. If you dare to tell others what you know, I will kill you!"

The person who was going to come over recoiled at the sight before him.

It seemed that the person coming toward them had gone away, so Gracie loosened her grip on his collar and was abou

t to straighten up. However, a big hand splayed on her waist, pushing her forward and she tumbled.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Miss Ling, shouldn't I be asking you this question?" he countered.

Their faces were merely inches apart. Up close, the man was even more attractive. His skin was crystal clear with no trace of pores.

No man could be so drop-dead gorgeous!

Gracie squirmed and wriggled trying to break free of his grasp but he withdrew his hand unexpectedly. She lost her balance and was about to fall on him again. Stretching out her right hand, she tried to put distance between them but she staggered and lost her balance again.

The man's body language changed from lazy to alert. His deep, black eyes glowed as if he was trying to see right through to Gracie's soul.

The intensity of his gaze sent a shiver down her spine.

That was when it dawned on her that the man in front of her was not someone to be trifled with!

"Gracie Ling, you're such a bitch. Do you like seducing men?"

The man's voice was deep, raspy, and very pleasant to hear, but what he said made Gracie want to slap him.

Were they familiar with each other? Nobody ever said that about her. Why should he?

She raised her hand to slap him but it was caught by his strong hand.

Her delicate hand hurt in his iron grip and the words of humiliation echoed in her ears. Why was this stranger berating her like this? He acted as if he had known her for a long time but she just couldn't place him.

"That's none of your business! Are we familiar with each other?"

Gracie gritted her teeth and bent her right leg to kick him.

Now even her leg was trapped by the man. She couldn't move at all.

Being so close to the man forced her to observe him carefully. His nose was sharp and his lips were thin. His profile was perfect but there was a touch of aloofness on his handsome face at the moment.

Her captor's dark eyes were bottomless. As Gracie ogled him, a casual but charming smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Gracie felt her whole body going stiff in his arms.

She panicked and struggled hard to free herself, but the more she fought, the tighter his hold became.

The dangerous stranger ensured that she couldn't move at all.

"Miss Ling, you are so good at seducing men. Don't you know that you are being very salacious right now?

Or, perhaps you are enticing me!"

The man slowly swept his eyes up and down her body as though he was mentally undressing her.

Gracie's face turned red with anger at once. 'Bastard! How could he still be in the mood to flirt with me?'

Suddenly, an idea popped into her mind. Suppressing her anger, she smiled at him wickedly. She lowered her head intending to bite the man's lips. She assumed that he wouldn't have the appetite to kiss such a hideous woman. How brave could he be if he really kissed her?

The moment Gracie lowered her head, she was shoved away by a strong force. She took the opportunity to escape. When she heard the man retching, she was overjoyed. She had no regrets because she had to be tough to deal with the rogue.

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