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   Chapter 61 Let's Break Up

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When Charles hang up the phone with a gloomy face, Nora heard he said something about the child. Nora guessed that it might be a call from Della. So she asked, "Is it from your mother, Charles?"`

Hearing Nora's voice, Charles calmed down and said to her in a soft tone, "Yes, they all want me to marry Emily, but you can rest assured that I will never marry her. I will only marry you in my life," Charles said, holding her hand.

Hearing this, Nora was very moved, but she was also a little sad. She couldn't give birth to a child for him. Now, even though Emily didn't get his love, she was pregnant with his child. Nora] still felt that she didn't deserve him.

But at this time, she did not speak out her thoughts. She just nodded to respond to Charles's words.

At noon, when Nora was cleaning up at home, she suddenly heard a violent knock on the door, which startled her. Then she went to open the door.

When she opened the door and saw Della come with her bodyguards again, she suddenly froze. Thinking of her mother's death, she said in a cold tone, "What are you doing here? You are not welcome here. Please leave."

Regardless of what Nora said, Della waved at the bodyguards and then they pushed the door open. Della walked in and sat down on the sofa casually as if it was her house.

Then Della said in a contemptuous tone, "I didn't expect that Charles can bear such a poor place. It's true that one who lies with dogs will ride with fleas. After staying with the inferiors for a long time, his taste has degraded."

Nora's face darkened. "Yes, this place is too small for you to stay, so please leave as soon as possible."

Hearing this, Della snorted, "Huh, do you think I want to come here? If you hadn't taken my son away, I wouldn't have come here to see you. Let me tell you, you'd better leave my son as soon as possible. I think you know that Emily is pregnant. They must get married. We will never let our descendant be wronged. We must let them become our grandchildren aboveboard."

As soon as Nora heard Della mentioned the child, she thought of the child she had been pregnant with. It was also the descendant of their family, but Della's attitude was totally different. Then, Nora felt a chill in her heart.

But he still looked at Della indifferently. "I don't think you should come to me for this matter. Just discuss it with your son. The child is his, and he knows how to deal with it."

After that, Nora felt very sad. How ridiculous it was to talk about the child of her lover and another woman with the mother of her beloved person.

Hearing Nora's words, Della became more furious. She banged on the tea table, stood up and pointed at Nora, "Do you think I don't want to talk to my son? Don't you know that he hasn't been home for a long time because of you? He even asked Emily to have an abortion! Why are you so vici

ld move out tomorrow morning, or if you like here, I'll leave it to you. I'll move to Tammy's house."

When he heard this, Charles immediately refused loudly, "No! I won't leave, neither will you! Didn't we promise to be together forever?"

But Nora had made up her mind. She tried her best to push him away and said firmly, "I've made up my mind. You can't stop me. Wish you and Emily happy."

After saying that, Nora turned around and left. She went to her room and locked the door, leaving Charles alone in a daze.

He couldn't accept the fact that Nora had broken up with him.

But he didn't continue to persuade Nora. He knew that both he and Nora needed to calm down.

On the second day, Charles didn't pack up his things. Instead, he came to the door of Nora's room and told her that he was going to work. Then he opened the door and walked out. He didn't think that Nora would be so heartless to drive him away.

In the room, when Nora heard that he went out, she immediately walked out of the room. Seeing that Charles didn't pack up and refused to leave, she immediately went back to her room, took out her suitcase and casually packed some clothes. At last, she left a note on the table, and left her house where she had lived for a long time.

Seeing that Nora came to her house with a suitcase, Tammy asked in surprise, "Nora, what happened? Why do you bring such a big suitcase here?"

At this moment, Nora was very depressed and had no strength to explain to her. She just said lightly, "Tammy, can I stay at your home for a period of time?"

Hearing this, Tammy immediately nodded and said, "Of course you can live as long as you want. But, aren't you living with Charles now? What are you doing now? Moving out?"

As soon as she finished her words, Tammy seemed to think of something and suddenly shouted, "Did Charles treat you badly? Tell me, I'll get even with him right now!"

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