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   Chapter 60 The Father Of The Child

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Then she glared at Charles with her red eyes and shouted at him, "Charles! Let me tell you, I will never have an abortion! Just give up! Now your mother has known that I am pregnant. Even if you don't want to marry me, your family won't agree!"

Hearing this, Charles didn't even look up and said, "I don't want to get married. No one can force me. I warn you again, don't threaten me with the child! Even if my mother agrees, I won't marry you. I have made myself clear on this matter. I don't want you to bother Nora again. It's up to you whether to keep this child or not! I believe you know what is the best for you!"

After saying that, Charles stood up and left without looking at her.

Emily was left alone, blushing.

After Charles left, Emily secretly sent a message to a strange number, which only contained scrambled numbers and letters. Obviously, she didn't want her IP address to be found out.

Emily received a reply soon. After reading the message, she immediately deleted it and quickly left the restaurant.

Emily said to her driver, "You can go back first. I want to go shopping alone."

The driver knew she'd have a fit, so he didn't dare to say anything more and drove away.

Seeing that the driver had gone far, Emily immediately stopped a taxi by the roadside. After getting on the taxi and telling the driver the address, the driver quickly drove her to the destination.

Emily came to the entrance of an underground bar. After getting out of the car, she immediately looked around. After confirming that no suspicious person recognized her, she immediately ran in with her head down.

As soon as Emily entered the bar, someone immediately walked up to her and took her to the door of a private room. "Miss Emily, Mr. Eduardo is waiting for you inside."

Nancy nodded and pushed the door open.

At this time, Eduardo Gu was flirting with two prostitutes. When he saw Emily come in, he just looked up and then continued to make out with the beautiful women in his arms, not caring about her at all.

Seeing this scene, Emily frowned tightly and felt disgusted, but she tried her best to hold back her anger.

She walked slowly to the opposite of him and sat down. Then she said to the two women indifferently, "You go out first. I have something to talk with Mr. Eduardo."

Hearing this, the two women looked at Eduardo unhappily and shook his arms gently.

Seeing this, Eduardo frowned slightly and looked at Emily impatiently. Then he smiled at the two women and said softly, "My sweetheart, be good. I'll call you back later."

Hearing this, the two women stood up reluctantly and were about to leave. Before they went out, they glared at Emily angrily.

been so good to him these days that he is in over his head!" She didn't expect that Charles dared to disobey her and even wanted Emily to have an abortion.

Seeing that Emily was crying so sadly, Della immediately comforted her, "Emily, don't worry. I won't let you suffer any grievance. Don't abort the child. Take good care of yourself and don't be sad all the time. It's not good for the child, understand? I will deal with Charles. I will definitely ask him to give you an explanation."

Hearing this, Emily gradually stopped crying and nodded, sobbing, "Okay, I know."

Then, Della asked the driver to send Emily back after dinner. After Emily left, she immediately called Charles.

At this moment, Charles was having dinner with Nora. Seeing that it was a call from Della, she frowned and guessed that it might be about his meeting with Emily today. Emily's demeanor was so resolute, so she should have told it to Della.

Charles didn't want to answer the phone at first, but then he thought it over. After all, it was kind of his fault, and it was not his style to avoid it all the time. So he decided to make it clear to Della.

Then he answered the phone.

Before he could say anything, a stern voice came from the other side. "Charles! Did you go to see Emily today? You know she is pregnant, but you still say something like that to break her heart! She is carrying your baby! You can't abandon the baby as you want. I warn you, you'd better not irritate Emily any more. If anything happens to the baby, I won't let you off!"

Hearing this, Charles frowned and said, "I think Emily knows clearly what this is all about. I have told her today that I won't accept the child or marry her. You don't have to waste your time. Don't call me again." Then he hung up the phone quickly.

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