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   Chapter 59 I Trust You

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When Tammy turned around and was going to take the medicine kit, Charles just came back and saw Nora in the kitchen, frowning and pressing her bleeding finger.

Charles's face darkened in an instant. Frowning, he darted forward, nervously checked the wound on her finger, and asked softly, "What's wrong? Why are you so careless?"

Seeing this, Nora explained anxiously, "I'm fine. It's just a small wound. You don't have to be so nervous."

Soon, Tammy came with the medicine kit. Charles pulled Nora to the living room and carefully applied medicine to her finger. After carefully bandaging it, he let go of Nora's hand.

After that, Nora asked, "Aren't you busy today? Why do you come back so early?"

Hearing this, Charles paused. Thinking of the matter between him and Emily, he felt restless. But now that it had happened, it was impossible to hide it from Nora, so he had to tell her by himself. After calming down, he answered, "I know what happened today. I will tell her what happened between me and Emily. It's not like what you think. I don't want you to misunderstand me, so I came back as soon as I know it. I want to be honest to you."

Nora believed in Charles, but it was hard for her to accept the fact that Emily was pregnant. If the child was really Charles's, then who was she?

Nora didn't want to doubt about it all the time, so she asked directly, "I believe you, but Emily told me today that she was pregnant. Is it true?"

After saying that, Nora looked at Charles with expectation, hoping that he could tell her that it was not true.

But when Charles heard her question, he just looked away to escape Nora's gaze and his expression was somewhat uneasy. "I'm not sure about it for the time being. Even so, I will never accept this child. I will never be with Emily because of this. You are the only one I care about."

Nora's face turned pale all of a sudden. "So you have done that with her, right?"

Nora showed no emotions whatsoever, but from her pale face at the moment, it could be seen that she was greatly shocked.

Seeing that Nora's face turned pale, Charles felt very sad. He also regretted it. He shouldn't have been softhearted and agreed to Emily's request last time. If so, it wouldn't have happened.

But at this moment, Charles didn't want to lie to Nora, so she said hesitantly, "Yes, but I was tricked by Emily and her father at that time. I didn't mean to have sex with her. After that, I also clearly asserted myself. I didn't expect that things would turn out like this." As he spoke, he observed the expression on Nora's face. Noticing that she loo

g. Now that Emily was pregnant, she had to prepare for their marriage as soon as possible. After dealing with this matter, she believed that Nora would leave obediently.

By then, even if she did not deal with her, the public pressure would force Nora to leave.

The second morning, after leaving Nora's house, Charles immediately called Emily to ask her out.

Emily thought what she said to Della last night worked, so she agreed happily. She spent several hours dressing up, and then went to the appointed place.

When she arrived, Charles was already there waiting for her. She was late for a long time, which made Charles a little impatient.

Realizing that she was late, Emily apologized immediately, "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting."

Seeing that she had arrived, Charles didn't say anything more. After motioning for her to sit down, he said coldly, "I heard that you are pregnant?"

Emily thought that it was Della who told him, so she lowered her head with a red face and said, "Yes, it's been a month and a half. It happened when we were in M Country."

Emily was very excited. She believed that Charles would like this child.

"Abort it." Charles said indifferently.

"What?" Emily didn't expect Charles would say so. She jumped up from her seat excitedly and looked at him in disbelief.

Seeing this, Charles didn't change his expression, but said in an indifferent tone, "I don't want to say the second time. I won't accept this child, and you can't threaten me with it. I won't agree to marry you. Just stop. It's useless for you to keep this child, and it will only bring shame to your family."

Emily's face turned pale. She didn't expect that Charles would ask her to have an abortion because of Nora!

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