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   Chapter 58 Pregnancy

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Seeing that, Nora felt warm in her heart. Then she said apologetically, "I'm sorry to make you worried. I promise I won't do that again."

Soon after, Charles finished the discharge formalities and left the hospital with Nora. During this period, no one asked Nora why she would commit suicide.

And it seemed that what Charles said last time had some effects on Della, and she did not come to make trouble to Nora again.

Nora had been recovering well. It had been almost a month since she was discharged from the hospital. During this period, except for dealing with important affairs in the company, Charles spent the rest of his time with Nora.

That morning, Charles called Nora in advance and told her that he would come back to have dinner with her tonight. Thinking of that, Nora wanted to cook more delicious food because he had taken good care of her when she was in hospital.

Therefore, Nora immediately called Tammy and asked her to go to the supermarket with her to buy some food. Because of what happened last time, Charles was worried that something would happen to Nora, so he moved to Nora's house and lived with her. So, Tammy moved back to her own residence.

When Tammy was sleeping, her phone suddenly rang, waking her up from her beautiful dream. Then she answered the phone in an unfriendly tone, "What's up? Who is it? It's so early..."

Hearing the muffled voice of Tammy, Nora realized that it was still early and she seemed to disturb her, so she immediately apologized, "I'm sorry, Tammy. I'm sorry to disturb you. You can go back to sleep. I'll call you later."

After thinking for half a second, Tammy suddenly realized that it was Nora. Then she sat up from the bed and shouted, "No! I'm awake now. What can I do for you, Nora?"

Hearing this, Nora asked in surprise, "Aren't you sleepy? It's still early. You can sleep a little longer. I'm not in a hurry."

"It doesn't matter. I'm not sleepy now. How can I fall asleep when you, such a beautiful lady, ask me out? Well, tell me what happened. After that, I'll get to wash," Tammy said with a smile on the phone.

Nora was amused by her words. She held back her laughter and said, "Nothing. I just want you to go to the supermarket with me to buy some food. Charles said that he would come to have dinner with me tonight. I wanted to cook his favorite food, but there are not enough food in the fridge."

"It seems that Charles will have a good meal tonight. I'm so envious. I can only eat instant noodles alone," said Tammy, smirking.

"If you want, you can come and eat with us. I don't mind," Nora smiled.

"Well, forget it. I'd better not disturb you two. Wait for me at home. I'll be there soon." Then she hung up the phone.

After arr

s house.

At this time, Nora and Tammy had returned and were sorting out the things they had just bought from the supermarket. Although Tammy had persuaded her not to think about it, she still could not control her emotions.

Seeing her like this, Tammy felt very distressed. She was not sure whether what Emily said was true or not. If it was a lie, how did Emily get that photo?

At that time, she said that just to persuade Nora. In fact, she also doubted whether there was really an affair between Charles and Emily. If that was the case, then she really misjudged him!

"Nora, you look not good. You'd better have a rest in your room. I'll handle it here." Seeing Nora holding the broken vegetables in her hand, Tammy said helplessly.

Hearing this, Nora looked down at her hand. She didn't know when, but the vegetables in her hand had been ruined by her. She said awkwardly, "No, no, no. I'd better stay here. I'll cut the green pepper."

Then she walked to the chopping block and began to cut the green pepper. She had to find something to distract herself, or she really couldn't control herself and would keep thinking nonsense.

Tammy knew that she couldn't change her mind, so she had to let her do as she wanted.

Nora cut the vegetables carefully and forced herself not to think about those things, but her mind seemed to be out of her control, and the words that Emily sent to her came out from time to time.


All of a sudden, Nora screamed. Tammy immediately turned around and saw a deep cut on Nora's finger by a sharp knife.

Seeing this, Tammy immediately ran to her in panic, grabbed her hand and put it under the tap to irrigate the wound. And then she asked, "How are you feeling now? Does it hurt? You have to put some pressure on the wound first. I'll go get the first aid kit."

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