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   Chapter 29 It's Her

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At this moment, the door was opened. Nora looked at the door excitedly. When she saw Della, she was stunned and her face became pale at once. She asked in shock, "You... Why it is you? Where is Charles?"

Hearing this, Della sneered, "Don't you understand? My son doesn't want to see you at all. He has already hated you. How could he be willing to see you again?"

Nora didn't believe it. After thinking for a while, she said, "No, no. It must be you. You lied to me, didn't you?"

"So what? So what? Anyway, I won't let you ruin today's engagement ceremony. Just give up!" Della said scornfully, glaring at Nora.

Being humiliated by Della again and again, Nora became anxious. "Where is Charles? I want to see him!"

"Well, he is now engaged to Emily. Don't worry. After the ceremony, I will let you go, but not to find my son, but to go abroad! As long as you stay at home, I will never rest assured!"

When Nora heard that Della was still going to send her abroad, she immediately shouted, "No, I won't listen to you!"

"You have to go! You have to go because it's not up to you. Don't you want your mother to be safe? Do you think I can do nothing to you because of Martin's protection to you?" Della wanted to threaten her with her mother again.

Nora hated Della very much. These words not only didn't make her surrender, but also aroused her inner unwillingness. She said to Della with red eyes, "No matter what you say and how you threaten me today, I will go to see Charles and tell him what kind of person you are, and what you have done to me and my mother. I'll tell him that you even want to hurt our child! If Charles knows this, he won't let you get away with it, nor will he allow you to continue to hurt my mother!"

As soon as Nora finished her words, she wanted to leave the room.

However, Della grabbed her by the wrist and said with a ferocious smile, "Do you think I will let you go now? Do you think you have the chance to say these words to Charles? Don't dream about it. Stay here obediently. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you!" Della said, glaring at Nora.

But Nora didn't listen to her at all. She tried her best to get rid of her and left the room to find Charles to tell him the truth.

Seeing Nora's reaction, Della immediately winked at the bodyguard beside her. Then, Nora felt a pain in the back of her head, and then she fell to the ground.

After Nora became unconscious, Della said to the bodyguards, "Take good care of her. If any mistake happens again, I won't give you salary and bonus this month. I don't need useless people!"

At the same time, in the banquet hall, when Emily felt that she was about to be unable to stop Charles, Della finally appeared. Emily looked at her excitedly, but Della gave her a hint with her eyes that she should not act rashly.

But Emily frowned, indicating that she couldn't stop Charles anymore. Knowing that it was not easy for her to pester him, Della nodded at her, indicating that she could let Charles go.

After getting rid of Emily, Charles immediately went to the direction in which Nora had disappeared. Following the direction, he came to the guest room department of the hotel. He searched from the first floor to the second floor and finally saw a woman who looked like Nora at a staircase. So she immediately went forward and grabbed her arm. "Nora."

But when the woman turned around, Charles saw clearly that it was not Nora at all. Where on earth had she gone? He was sure that he was not mistaken. Nora had really been to the banquet hall. Where would she go?

At the same time, Della came to the second floor with Charles. She felt ashamed when she saw her son lost his soul for a woman.

Then she walked over with a frown and said in a deep voice, "What are you doing here? The ceremony is about to begin. What are you doing here? Come back with me!"

"I won't be engaged to Emily."

Della shouted angrily, "Who do you want to be engaged to if you don't get engaged to Emily? Nora? Haven't you forgotten her yet? That kind of woman doesn't deserve you at all. Why can't Emily compare with her? Emily's look, figure and family background are several times better than that woman's. Why do you have to marry Nora?"

"It's none of your business. I can handle it myself," Charles said coldly.

"I'm your mother! I have to take care of you, including your marriage. To tell you the truth, Nora has already gone abroad!"

"What did you say? She went abroad? That's impossible. She has no reason to go abroad!" Obviously, Charles didn't believe it.

"Well, you don't know, do you? It seems that Nora is really good at deceiving you. I didn't want to tell you at first, fearin

g that you would be too sad after you knew it. But now, I can't bear to see you like this. After you knew the truth, she came to me and said that she was pregnant, but the child was not yours, and she was abandoned by that man. It's impossible for her to raise the baby alone. She wanted me to give her some money to send her abroad for further study. She also said that as long as she got the money and went abroad, she would have an abortion. If I didn't give her the money, she would spread the news about you and her everywhere, trying to ruin your reputation. I agreed to her request and gave her the money. Today, she had flown abroad. Now, do you still want to see Nora?"

Hearing this, Charles was shocked. How did his mother know that Nora was pregnant? Unless Nora really went to see her and threatened her with her child, his mother couldn't have known so much details. Was he really wrong?

There was a sharp pain in his heart, but he didn't figure out that it was all planned by Della. Of course she knew it clearly.

Noticing her son's painful internal struggle at the moment, Della knew that he had already believed what she said. She couldn't say more to upset him at this time. If she irritated him, she didn't know what terrible things he would do, so she immediately softened her tone and persuaded in a low voice, "I have told you that a woman like Nora can't really love you, but you insist on not believing it. Don't be sad. There are many good women in the world. I think that Emily is good. Only a good girl like her who is good to our family is your best choice."

Charles frowned and said, "Even without Nora, I won't agree to be engaged to Emily!"

Knowing that she couldn't force Charles to get engaged to Emily, Della put on a look of regret.

"Charles, I know I shouldn't have forced you today. But now there are so many reporters outside. If you suddenly cancel it, our family and Song Family will be very embarrassed in the future! You know that our family and Emily's family have been friends for generations. You should respect the Song Family, right? They treated you very well when you were a child. I promise you that as long as you are willing to attend the engagement ceremony today, I will not care about whatever you do afterwards. Even if you find any reason to cancel the engagement with Emily in the future, I will not care."

Charles frowned and hesitated.

"I beg you, just take it as a formality. Even if you cancel the engagement with Emily tomorrow, there is no problem. I will not stop you." Della promised again.

Charles also felt that it was inappropriate to cancel the ceremony at this time. Since Della had promised, he could act a play with Emily. So he nodded and followed Della back to the banquet.

It happened to be the climax of the engagement ceremony. When Emily saw that Della came back with Charles, she immediately walked over. Although Charles didn't look good at the moment, as long as he could smoothly complete the engagement ceremony with her, she would be happy.

So Emily held Charles's arm with a smile and they walked towards the platform under the envious eyes of the crowd.

At this time, Martin finally saw the person he had been looking for a long time. He immediately apologized to the guests around him. He wanted to get rid of them and go to the stage to look for Charles, but he did not expect that those people seemed to have reached an agreement and refused to let Martin go.

"Well, Mr. Martin, come on. Let's have another drink..."

It was not until then that Martin realized something was wrong. These people had been pestering him and kept drinking. He had thought that they just wanted to curry favor with him. On second thought, Martin found that these people seemed to have been pestering him since Della left. This must be her plan!

Noticing that he was fooled by the old woman, Martin immediately pulled a long face and looked at the people who had been pestering him. "You'd better disappear right now. Don't force me to get angry!"

Seeing this, those people knew that Martin must have known that he was fooled by Della, so they didn't say anything more. Anyway, they had completed the task given by Della.

After Martin got rid of those people, he immediately ran to the main hall of the banquet. Soon, Della saw him. It was the most critical moment of the engagement ceremony, and there must be no more accidents.

Therefore, before Martin approached the platform, Della immediately sent someone to stop Martin. He didn't allow Martin to enter the main hall of the banquet. Martin wanted to call Charles, but the whole hall was too big and noisy. Charles could not hear Martin's voice at all.

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