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   Chapter 28 Charles Appears

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After thinking for a while, Della said, "I'll find a way to lure Nora away, and you'll..."

While Della and Emily were discussing how to deal with Nora and Martin, Charles suddenly recalled what had happened recently calmly in the hotel room.

He felt that there seemed to be a lot of doubts about these things. Why did Nora suddenly become a woman who was greedy for money? If she had been like this from the beginning, he would have noticed it. He couldn't have been deceived by her for so long.

Maybe what Martin said at that time was right, and there might be some misunderstandings. Thinking that the truth might not be what he saw, he suddenly wanted to see Nora and ask her the truth.

At this time, there were two muffled groans outside the closed door of his hotel room, followed by the sound of someone falling to the ground.

Realizing that the person should be here, Charles immediately opened the door from inside. Then he saw her bodyguard. He raised his hand to look at his watch. Then he frowned and said in a low voice, "You are a little slow."

Hearing this, the bodyguards immediately lowered their heads and stood aside. Only the leader of the group smiled, "I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Charles."

"Why are you here in person? You don't need to come here in person to deal with those lesser people, do you?" As he spoke, Charles buttoned up his suit without looking at the man. Judging from the voice, he knew that it was Aaron Leng. The bodyguards were all trained by him.

With a cold smile, Aaron Leng said, "I heard that today is your engagement day, so I come here to attend it."

"I think you want to see the fun, don't you?" Then Charles ignored him and went straight to the banquet hall.

Noticing that his mind was seen through, Aaron Leng didn't explain. He just touched his nose and smiled awkwardly, and then quietly followed behind Charles.

Charles knew that his mother must have informed the major media of his engagement to Emily in order to threaten him.

But he would never compromise. Even if the business relationship between the Zuo Clan and the Song Family would be broken up in the future, he would not allow anyone to treat him as a puppet to operate his marriage.

As soon as Charles appeared in the banquet hall, his imposing manner immediately attracted the attention of some people. Previously, they had only seen his appearance on TV, and they had already thought that he was perfect enough to make people dare not look straight at him. Now that Charles really appeared in front of them, they looked at him with more reverence. It seemed that he was born with such an imposing manner.

Everyone wanted to curry favor with him because they all knew how important he was. As long as they could make friends with him, their company would definitely benefit a lot in the future.

However, Charles's indifference made them feel embarrassed. There were even a few women who thought themselves good-looking rubbing against him, hoping that he could take a look at them, but they didn't get any response. On the contrary, they were mocked by Aaron Leng following behind him. When the other women saw it, although they also wanted to get closer with Charles, they didn't want to make a fool of themselves in front of so many people.

However, Nora and Martin had been finding Charles, so they didn't notice him at all. On the contrary, Emily and Della were surprised to see Charles appear in the banquet hall in advance.

"Della, didn't you just say that Charles wouldn't show up before the ceremony started? What's going on now?" Emily grabbed Della's arm and asked anxiously.

Charles's sudden appearance caught Della off guard. She had asked the bodyguards to keep an eye on Charles all the time. How did he get out? He couldn't handle so many bodyguards on his own!

But now she had no time to think about it. The first thing she needed to do was not to let Nora and Martin find Charles, or else it would really be over.

So she immediately said to Emily, "You stay by Charles's side. No matter what, you must hold him. Leave the rest to me. I have my own way."

Although she was worried, Emily pretended to be calm. Anyway, she couldn't think of any other way for the time being. She just listened to what Della said and went to find Charles.

So she immediately left Della's side and walked towards Charles.

After Emily left, Della immediately sent a message to her subordinates and then went to find Martin.

When Martin saw Della, he put on a polite smile and said, "Della, why don't you go to greet the guests? Do you also want to threaten me not to tell what you have done to Charles?"

Knowing that Martin was provoking her on purpose, Della became more unhurried. She had to buy time to stall Martin.

"I will never regret what I have done. Martin, I have watched you grow up. You sh

ould know what kind of marriage is the best for Charles. Nora doesn't deserve him at all. Why do you bring her back?"

Martin raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Della, how do you think of it?"

Della frowned and replied, "How can I know why you did that?"

"It seems that you still don't know your son well. Do you think that after driving Nora away, she will obediently listen to you and get engaged to Emily? In my opinion, no matter the woman he likes is Nora or anyone else, he won't choose the one you like, because he doesn't like to be manipulated, especially by the person he hates," Martin said as he looked at Della meaningfully.

Della was not stupid. She could sense Martin's irony to her. Although she was angry, she had to endure it.

On the other side, when Charles was about to walk onto the platform and tell everyone that she wouldn't get engaged to Emily today, Emily just appeared and stopped him. She held his arm with a smile and said to him, "Charles, you're here. Come with me to greet the guests."

Charles frowned and said coldly, "I won't get engaged to you. You don't have to entertain these guests."

Emily's face turned pale, but she believed that Della must have a way to deal with it. She just needed to stall Charles and buy Della buy time as much as possible.

So she pretended to be calm and said, "I know you won't get engaged to me, but I hope you can show some courtesy to Song Family. Even if we are just acting, you should finish the process today, okay? I don't think you want the Zuo Clan to be the sworn enemy of the Song Family in the future, do you? As an excellent businessman, you should know better than me that you should give yourself some breathing room!"

Hearing that, Charles frowned more tightly. When he was about to say something, he suddenly saw Nora's figure in the banquet hall. Although it was only her back, he was sure that the person was Nora. He would not mistake her.

So he shook off Emily's arm and walked towards Nora, ignoring what Emily said.

However, Nora didn't notice Charles at all. She was still looking for him.

She seemed to hear Charles's voice. When she was about to turn around, a man in black suddenly appeared beside her. He looked like a bodyguard. He said to Nora expressionlessly, "Mr. Charles is waiting for you in the hotel room. This is the room card. He asked you to go there immediately." Then he turned around and left.

Nora felt a little strange. How could Charles know that she was looking for him? However, she couldn't care so much now. As long as there was any clue about Charles, whether it was true or not, she must go to have a look. What if it was really him?

So she quickened her pace and walked towards the room.

Charles had been following Nora through the crowd, but was always stopped by the guests present, trying to curry favor with him. Therefore, soon Nora disappeared from his view.

At the same time, Emily caught up with Charles and held him again.

Although Aaron Leng wanted to help, he didn't dare to act without Charles's order.

At the same time, when Tammy found that Nora was suddenly missing, she was a little anxious. She was afraid that Della would play some tricks to hurt Nora again, so she immediately wanted to find Martin. However, when she passed by a corner, someone suddenly put his hand over her mouth from behind and dragged her towards the darkness. She struggled desperately, but she couldn't get rid of him. She wanted to scream, but her mouth was covered tightly. When she was dragged into a fire exit, she was immediately knocked unconscious.

At this time, Della finally received a message from her subordinates, saying that the mission was successful. She stopped talking with Martin and immediately went to the hotel room to have a talk with Nora. In order to prevent Martin from finding Charles when she was not there, Della asked her subordinates to dress up as businessmen and continue to pester Martin.

Obviously, Martin didn't notice these details. He thought they wanted to flatter him, so he kept talking with them.

In the banquet hall, there was a sudden undercurrent, but the guests present did not notice it at all.

At the same time, Nora opened the door with that room card and walked in, only to find that there was no one in the room. She tentatively asked, "Charles, are you here?"

But there was no response.

Nora thought that maybe he was busy with other things. Since he asked her to come here, she could wait for him.

Thinking that she would see Charles soon, Nora suddenly felt a little nervous. How could she explain to him later? Would he believe what she said? What if he didn't believe that the baby was his? What should she do?

Nora thought a lot about the scene when she saw Charles later. She was so nervous that she kept pacing in the room, trying to ease herself.

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