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   Chapter 27 Unless He Doesn't Want It

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Seeing that Nora finally agreed, Martin immediately took them to attend the engagement ceremony of Charles.

There was still a period of time before the engagement ceremony. As long as she made everything clear to Charles, everything would be redeemed.

Martin noticed that Nora was special to Charles. He could tell from the depressed look on Charles's face when Charles knew that Nora was pregnant last time.

The car stopped at the gate of the hotel. As soon as Martin got off the car, he saw a huge sign, on which Charles and Emily were standing together. Feeling the sign was so ironic, Tammy couldn't help cursing. When the security guard at the door heard it, he looked at her with an unfriendly look.

When Martin saw this, he immediately turned to look at Tammy, indicating her not to be too high profile. It would be bad if other security guards noticed them.

Only then did Tammy restrain her dissatisfaction with Charles.

As soon as they entered the hall of the hotel and were about to go to the main hall of the banquet, they bumped into Della, who was about to come out to receive the guests. When Della saw Martin, she immediately smiled politely. "Martin, come on in. The ceremony is about to begin..."

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Nora, who was behind Martin. Surprised, Della quickly pulled a long face and stopped them. "Nora? Why are you here? Haven't you gone abroad? Are you here to destroy my son's engagement party? Let me tell you, no way!" After saying that, she immediately wanted to call the security guards over, but was interrupted by Martin.

"Della, I brought them here. I don't want Charles to marry someone he don't like without knowing the truth," Martin said in an indirect way. Della understood, but she would never admit what she had done.

"Martin, what do you mean? Today is my son's engagement party. Why do you bring this woman here? Are you here to make trouble?"

Of course, Martin wouldn't admit it. He smiled and said, "Della, what are you talking about? I'm here to attend the banquet. I won't make any trouble." But it was hard to tell who was going to be engaged. Martin didn't speak out what he was thinking about. He always knew that Charles didn't get along well with his mother, so he wouldn't like Della much.

Hearing this, Della snorted and frowned. "If you really come to bless my son's engagement, why do you bring this woman here? You know I hate this woman, but you still bring her here. You must do it on purpose! Now I order you to disappear with this woman!"

Martin's face darkened. "An order? Who are you to order me? How do you think you have the right to order the only heir of the Yi Family?"

It was not until then that Della realized what she had said was a little too mean. Her honor was bestowed by the Zuo Clan. Her status were still inferior to Martin's. However, she still felt that Martin was somewhat disrespectful to her.

But thinking that it was all because of Nora, she hated her more.

So Della didn't argue with Martin anymore. She turned to Nora and scolded, "Nora, don't think that you can see Charles as you wish just because someone supports you now! Why don't you go to F Country? Why are you here? How dare you still appear after accepting my money? Do you think my son will give you any look? I tell you, don't ever want to appear in front of my son again!"

Nora blushed and felt wronged. She knew that she shouldn't show up in front of Charles now, but she had to do so for the sake of her baby. On the way here, she had thought about countless possibilities. If Charles refused to admit the baby and didn't believe her, she would leave here immediately and never show up in front of him.

She couldn't help retorting, "Mrs. Della, first of all, I didn't take any money from you. I just agreed to your request and left your son. But now, I don't want to give up like this. On the other hand, it's for the sake of my baby. He is the father of the baby, and he has the right to know his existence. If he tells me personally that he doesn't want this child, then I will never bother him again."

"Humph! Exactly! You old woman, not only always say harsh words, but also play many dirty tricks. Do you think you can hide it from your son for his lifetime? If your son knows what you have done in the future, he will hate you."

Della's face turned paler and paler, because she had never thought that Charles would know these things one day. What's more, she did not expect that Nora did not go abroad today, but came here with Martin. Judging from their expressions, Della could figure out that they had known what she had forced Nora to do before. Martin was Charles's beat friend, so he wou

ldn't let Charles be kept in the dark.

She could even imagine how Charles would treat her after he knew the truth. He had always hated her for her indifference to him when he was a child. If he knew what she had done to Nora, he would definitely hate her even more. No, she couldn't let Nora see him and tell him the truth.

Della had to figure out a way to deal with Martin. She was afraid that she couldn't stop him today. It was better to calm them down first and then find a way to solve the problem.

After thinking it over, Della said to Martin, "It seems that you have decided what to do today. Okay! Now that you want to visit my son's engagement ceremony, you can have a good look at how he is engaged to Emily. Please come in!" After saying that, Della winked at the people beside her. That person immediately understood what she meant and led them to the side hall of the banquet.

Although Martin felt strange that Della's attitude changed too fast, he didn't have time to think too much. The most important thing was to find Charles.

The engagement party was grand. Martin glanced at it roughly. There were a lot of people coming today. It could be seen that Charles was indeed a big shot.

However, Nora and Tammy didn't have time to pay attention to it at all. As soon as they entered the banquet, they began to look around for Charles.

Seeing this, Martin changed his mind and began to help look for Charles.

On the other side, Charles didn't know that today's party was his engagement party with Emily. In fact, he was cheated by Della. Della told him to attend an important business party. When he arrived, he was locked in the hotel room by the bodyguards sent by Della. Before the engagement ceremony started, he was not allowed to leave the room.

He didn't expect that his mother would use such a method to force him to get engaged to Emily. He was extremely angry. Even if he had broken up with Nora, he would not be engaged to Emily just like this.

Therefore, the moment he was locked, he immediately pressed the button on his watch. It was a signal to his bodyguards that he secretly trained. He would not send a signal to let them move unless it was urgent. But as soon as the signal was activated, those bodyguards would find him by all means.

At this moment, Emily was greeting guests in the side hall. Today was her engagement party with Charles. She dressed very gorgeous, because today would be the best day in her life.

At this time, Emily suddenly saw Nora. She blinked her eyes and looked at the back of that person in disbelief. After confirming that the person was Nora, she was a little flustered.

Emily knew everything about the relationship between Nora and Charles. She even helped Della plan it, including threatening Nora with her mother.

But shouldn't she be on the plane to F Country now? Why was she here? It seemed that she was looking for someone. Was she looking for Charles? Emily knew that she couldn't let Nora find Charles, or her engagement with Charles would be ruined, and she would become a joke in front of everyone present today. She would never let such a humiliating thing happen to herself.

So she immediately thought of going to talk about it with Della. She really didn't want her engagement party to be destroyed by Nora.

At the same time, Della was looking for Emily in the side hall. She couldn't deal with Martin alone and needed Emily's help.

After searching for a while in the banquet hall, Emily saw Della, who was also looking for her. She then said softly, "Della, you are here. I have something to talk to you."

Because there were many people watching her, Emily didn't want others to be suspicious, so after saying these words, she deliberately showed a very shy look, as if as Della's daughter-in-law, she was embarrassed to talk to Della.

As soon as she heard Emily, Della immediately walked towards Emily with a kind look. She smiled and walked to a quiet corner with Emily.

When no one noticed them, Emily immediately said anxiously, "Della, ask someone to drive Nora out. I just saw Nora here. She must want to destroy my engagement party with Charles."

Della immediately comforted Emily, "Don't be nervous. I let Nora in, so I'm sure I can make them unable to find Charles."

Charles was locked in the room of the hotel and was watched by the bodyguards. Nora and Martin didn't expect that Della would deceive Charles to attend the engagement ceremony.

As long as they could stall Nora and Martin until the engagement ceremony was finished, Nora had no way to change anything.

Seeing that Della was sure to win, Emily calmed down a little bit and asked, "Della, what should we do now?"

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