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   Chapter 26 Pluck Up Her Courage To Face It

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Hearing this, Tammy nodded and said, "Nora, I told everything about you to Martin. I also knew what happened between you and Charles. Why did you hide it from me? Why do you pretend that the child is another man's?"

Nora didn't want Martin to know the truth, so she had to hide it from Tammy too. "What are you talking about? Why can't I understand? The child is Charles's. We have broken up."

Tammy didn't believe her words at all, so she continued to ask, "Nora, what's wrong with you? Why did you say that? If the baby's father is not Charles, then why did you go abroad? Where is the child's father? Why isn't he with you? I'm always with you. Why haven't I seen you with another man before? Don't you trust me?"

Nora knew that Tammy wouldn't believe her lies, because Tammy knew her too well, so she shook her head and said to Tammy, "I'm sorry, Tammy, you can forget me from now on. I really can't tell you the truth, please don't ask again."

Seeing that Nora still didn't say anything, Tammy began to guess, "Is it because of Charles? Have you already known that they are going to get engaged? Nora, why don't you tell me anything? Why do you always bear everything by yourself? If you don't tell me, how can I get justice for you? Am I so untrustworthy in your eyes?"

Hearing this, Nora immediately explained, "No, it's not like that. Please don't ask me about it..."

Martin had roughly analyzed the whole thing when listening to them aside. There must be some misunderstanding between Nora and Charles. There were too many doubts about this matter, and he could see that Nora was unwilling to tell the truth, as if to protect Tammy.

Thinking of a possibility, Martin sat next to Tammy and said, "Tammy, help me buy some food. I'll have a talk with Nora alone."

Hearing this, Tammy was a little hesitant. Martin didn't like Nora before. She was a little worried that Martin would bully Nora.

Noticing her worry, Martin immediately promised, "Don't worry. I won't do anything bad to a pregnant woman."

Then Tammy stood up reluctantly and walked out.

After Tammy left, Martin asked, "Is your child really Charles's? Why did you lie to me?"

In fact, the reason why Martin agreed to help Tammy to find Nora today was that he had a lot of doubts on this matter. He had felt it was strange since he heard about it from Charles.

Although he had always thought that Nora was hypocritical, in order not to let Charles be deceived, he had secretly investigated Nora. She didn't have any other close male friends. Martin was very confident in his own investigation.

But why did a man suddenly appear? He was even the father of Nora's baby? It was so suspicious.

At that time, Martin had persuaded Charles to investigate it. But Charles didn't listen to him and insisted on believing what he saw. Martin knew his temper and knew that it was useless to persuade him in this situation, so he could only give up. Moreover, he didn't want to care much about Nora's business.

But now, Nora went abroad without telling her closest friend, which made Martin very curious about what had happened between them.

Hearing Martin's words, Nora didn't want to say anything or defend herself. She admitted directly, "Yes, you're right. I'm a bad woman. I approached Charles for his money. Now you know it. Are you satisfied?"

The more Nora behaved like this, the more suspicious Martin became. "Although I hope that you are such a woman, I am not the kind of person who will casually distort the fact. Moreover, I always believe that birds of a feather flock together. Since Tammy is willing to help you, it means that you are a very important friend in her heart. Tammy is a good girl, so I want to know more about you. I've secretly investigated you. I know you don't have any other man besides Charles. So why did you act in front of Charles that day?"

Martin accurately guessed that Nora was acting in the coffee shop for Charles that day. Nora immediately clenched her fists in panic.

"Stop talking nonsense. I didn't act in front of him. What he saw that day was the truth. I was a greedy woman." Although Nora still looked calm, her pale face betrayed her.

Noticing her panic, Martin didn't bring her lie to light. "Really? Then why did you meet another man in the cafe at the same time when you had an appointment with Charles that day? If you really want money, shouldn't you try to avoid being discovered by Char

les? But you didn't do that. You did it on purpose to make him misunderstand you and leave you. It's all because Charles was too angry at that time and didn't find such a big loophole."

Nora didn't expect that Martin was so good at analyzing that all his guesses were right, but Nora still refused to admit the fact. "Well, you are so good at analyzing. Why don't you be a police?"

Hearing this, Martin continued, "You're right. My wish after graduation is to enter the police school, but my family didn't agree. I could only give up and be a successor. What's wrong? I've made myself so clear, but you still don't want to tell me. Why did you do that?"

"Why do you have to know the truth? What good will it do to you? Please let me go, okay? Charles's dream has come true. He and Nancy are going to get engaged. Can we let go of each other? What's the point of talking about this now? Why do you have to come in and stir up trouble? Compared to my seriously ill mother, I can choose to give up anyone, anything, including my love!" Nora was felt it was hard to resist Martin's questioning.

"Well, you don't want to tell me. Then I'll keep guessing."

Martin crossed his long legs, leaned against the sofa and looked at Nora. His deep eyes seemed to be able to see through everyone, which made Nora a little flustered.

"Does Della force you to do so? She is the only one who can send you abroad secretly."

Seeing that Nora didn't say anything, Martin took it as acquiescence.

Then he continued, "Let me guess again. Did she force you to act in front of Charles with your seriously ill mother? You made Charles think you are a hypocritical woman, and then Della forced you to go abroad, so that you would never appear in front of her son. In this way, Della can force Charles to get engaged to Emily. Am I right? "

At this time, Tammy just came back. As soon as she arrived at the door, she heard what Martin said. She was so shocked that her hand trembled and all the things fell on the ground.

Then she came to Nora and asked, "Nora, is what Martin said true? Did Della really do this to you? Why didn't you tell me that you had suffered so much alone? Let's go and talk to her now. Why did she do this to you? She's going too far!" After saying that, Tammy was about to bring Nora to look for Della.

Noticing that it was impossible to hide the truth anymore, Nora didn't deny it anymore. She immediately said, "Tammy, calm down. Della didn't force me. It's all my fault. I deserve it. I shouldn't have contacted Charles from the beginning. I don't deserve him. Please forget these things. I beg you."

It was the first time that Tammy had seen Nora like this, so she felt very sorry for her. Not to mention anything else, she held Nora and cried. Nora had been depressed for a long time, she also cried.

Martin frowned and looked at the two crying women. He said impatiently, "Stop crying. It's not a big deal. Is it worth crying for?"

"And you, Nora, are you going to give in like this? Is your love for Charles so weak? I'll ask someone to send your mother to the best hospital for treatment and take care of her for 24 hours. Now, you go with me to make the whole thing clear to Charles." After saying that, Martin extinguished the cigarette in his hand and was about to stand up.

Nora didn't expect that Martin would do so. She looked at him in surprise. Noticing that Nora was looking at her, Martin said with a serious face, "Don't misunderstand. I am doing this for Charles. I can see that he really loves you, so I hope you won't give up so easily, and I don't want to Charles's child to suffer abroad with you.

Hearing that, Nora was a little hesitant. She wondered if she was too weak. Maybe she should not give up so easily.

Noticing Nora's hesitation, Tammy said, "Yes, Martin is right. Nora, you can't give up. At least you should think about the baby in your belly. Do you really want your baby to be born without the love of his father?"

Hearing this, Nora touched her belly subconsciously. It was the child of her and Charles.

Then she recalled her childhood. When she was a child, she was ridiculed and scoffed at by everyone. Without father's love, it would really make people feel inferior. She didn't want her child to suffer the same thing as her.

Therefore, Nora finally plucked up her courage and agreed to go to Charles with Tammy and Martin to explain the whole story clearly.

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