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   Chapter 25 Stop Nora From Leaving

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Nora thought that Charles really hated her to the extreme. Otherwise, why did he get engaged to Emily as soon as they broke up? Obviously, he was very disappointed in her.

Although Nora was in great pain, she could only hold back her tears. She felt sorry for her mother the most.

It was all her fault that her mother got seriously ill and had to travel a long distance with her. Thinking of this, Nora couldn't help but cry again.

She squatted in front of her mother, who was paralyzed in the wheelchair, and said in a choked voice, "Mom, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm so sorry to let you live in a strange place with me at such an old age. But don't worry, I will try my best to make our life better, and the medical level there is much better. I will make enough money for you. With the money, you will be fine one day!"

The broadcast of the airport said, "The flight to F Country will arrive soon. Please get ready."

"Mom, let's go..."

When Tammy went to find Nora, she found that Nora was not at home, so she called her, but her phone was powered off.

"It's strange. Why didn't she answer the phone? Could it be that her phone is out of power? Forget it. I'll go to the hospital to look for her."

She felt more and more confused and then went to the hospital where Nora's mother was.

After arriving at the hospital, Tammy immediately went to the ward of Nora's mother to look for her, but unexpectedly found that Nora's mother was missing. Her heart suddenly sank, and she had a bad feeling.

Then she immediately went to the nurse and asked nervously, "Miss, where is the patient in No. 12 bed? She has been living in that ward all the time. Why did she disappear all of a sudden?"

Hearing this, the nurse checked the record immediately and said, "Oh, you mean Miss Nora's mother, right? Miss Nora handled the discharge formalities for her mother. She moved away early this morning. It seems that she is in a hurry."

Because Nora often came to this hospital to take care of her mother, most of the nurses at the front desk knew her.

Tammy was very surprised. Why did Nora suddenly make her mother discharged from the hospital without telling her? Why didn't she answer the phone now? What happened? The bad feeling in Tammy's heart became stronger and stronger. She believed that something must have happened to Nora, but she didn't know what to do or where to find her now.

At this time, it suddenly occurred to her that Martin knew many people. If she asked him for help, he might be able to help her find Nora, so she immediately took out her mobile phone and called Martin.

As soon as the phone was connected, Martin teased, "Hey, will wonders never cease? Miss Tammy, why are you calling me? Didn't you say last time that you didn't want to see me again?"

Martin was about to attend the engagement ceremony of Charles. He didn't know what was going on with Charles, but he was a little surprised to hear that he was going to be engaged to Emily all of a sudden. But on second thought, maybe it was because he was disheartened by Nora. But it didn't matter. Anyway, it wasn't his engagement. Martin just needed to prepare a gift for Charles.

If it was in the past, Tammy would have scolded him for being shameless. But now the incident happened so suddenly that she didn't have time to explain to him. She said directly, "Martin, I have something to ask you for help. Please help me find Nora, right now!"

Hearing the name of Nora, Martin frowned subconsciously. Why was this woman again? What trick was she playing? Martin didn't know what had happened, but he could tell from Tammy's tone that she was very anxious now, so he continued to ask, "What's wrong with Nora? Did she disappear on purpose after knowing that Charles was going to get engaged? By the way, you have to tell me the general situation first, so that I can help you solve the problem faster."

Having no time to argue with him, Tammy told Martin what had happened briefly. When he heard from Tammy that Nora was pregnant with Charles's child, he immediately felt that something was wrong. He had heard something about Nora from Charles. At that time, he only felt that Nora was a greedy and scheming woman, and he didn't even doubt about it, because he didn't like Nora, so he thought it was good for Charles to find out that Nora was a bad woman in time.

However, he didn't expect to hear another version of the story, and now Nora suddenly disappeared, so Martin had an intuition that there must be some misunderstandings. If the baby in Nora's belly was r

eally Charles's, Martin would find Nora back for the sake of Charles. He didn't want to see his good friend regret it in the future, so he immediately said to Tammy, "Don't worry. I'll send someone to check the whereabouts of Nora. I'll give you my reply in half an hour."

Hearing this, Tammy immediately calmed down a lot. She knew that since Martin said so, he would definitely help her find Nora. So she collected herself and waited for the news from Martin on the chair in the corridor of the hospital.

Fifteen minutes later, Martin found out the current position of Nora. It was hard to believe that she was going abroad with her mother, so Martin immediately called Tammy.

"Hello, I've found her. Where are you?"

Martin said anxiously.

"I'm in the hospital. Where is Nora now?"

Without answering, Martin said, "Okay, wait for me at the gate of the hospital. I'll be there soon."

Then he hung up the phone and left the villa with some bodyguards.

When he arrived at the gate of the hospital, Tammy was immediately pulled into the car before she could ask Martin about Nora's whereabouts.

After the car started running, Martin asked, "Do you know that Nora is going abroad?"

Hearing this, Tammy looked at him in surprise and asked, "Is she going abroad? Why? She didn't tell me."

Martin knew that Tammy was the only confidant of Nora. It was impossible for her not to tell Tammy about going abroad, and now even Tammy didn't know about it. In this way, Martin was surer that Nora must have hidden something from them, or even Charles.

Martin frowned and said, "I just found out that Nora and her mother are at the airport and have bought a ticket to F Country. The plane is about to take off now."

"What?! Nora is going to F Country? And she even bring her seriously ill mother with her? That's impossible! Nora will never do that! I don't believe it! You are lying to me, aren't you?" It was hard for Tammy to believe it since Nora was doing well in school and could find a good job to support herself once she graduated from school. She wouldn't leave everything behind to take her mother to F Country.

Even Martin felt incredible, but this was the truth.

"I didn't lie to you. You will know when we arrive at the airport. I have asked someone to forcefully delay the flight to F Country just now. I believe that Nora must be still in the airport now."

Hearing what Martin said, Tammy knew that Nora was really going abroad. No, she must stop her. She couldn't let her go abroad for no reason.

After arriving at the airport, Martin immediately asked his men to look for Nora, and Tammy also helped them.

"I find her. She is over there!" one of Martin's men shouted.

Upon hearing that, Martin and Tammy immediately went in that direction. They saw that Nora and her mother on the wheelchair. Nora was looking at the flight delay notice anxiously.

Immediately, Tammy ran all the way to Nora]. She was relieved to see that Nora was fine.

Nora didn't expect that Tammy would find her here. She looked at Tammy in surprise, and then saw Martin behind Tammy. It was not until then that she realized that it was Martin who helped Tammy find her.

Holding Nora's hand tightly, Tammy asked loudly, "Nora, why are you going abroad? Why didn't you answer my phone? Do you know how worried I am?"

Hearing this, Nora was very sad. She knew that Tammy cared about her most, but she was unwilling to tell her the truth. She just insisted on leaving. "Stop asking me, Tammy. I have to leave today. It's for your own good to not tell you something."

Nora knew Tammy well. Once Tammy knew that she was threatened by Della, she would definitely go to make trouble for Della. Nora knew it was not easy to deal with Della. She had suffered a loss once, and she didn't want anyone around her to be hurt by Della again.

"No, I won't let you go. No matter what happens today, I won't let you go." Tammy insisted on not letting Nora leave, so they began to pull each other in the airport.

Martin didn't like trouble at all. Seeing that they kept pulling each other like this, he waved his hand and signaled his men to take Nora back. Then Nora and her mother were pushed into Martin's car. Martin took them back to his villa.

When they arrived at Martin's villa, Nora immediately criticized Martin, "Why do you bring me here? Don't you hate women like me the most? Can you leave me alone?"

Martin snorted, "Do you think I want to interfere? Tammy has told me that you are pregnant. Or I wouldn't have been involved in this mess!"

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