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   Chapter 24 Leaving At Last

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"Humph, you don't have to say that to me. Do you think I will be softhearted? I've seen a lot of women like you! We won't accept this child. If you insist on not having an abortion and not leaving my son, I have to take some ruthless actions. Don't blame me by then!" Then Della left the ward without looking back.

At this time, Tammy just came back with food. She saw a middle-aged woman in gorgeous clothes walking out of Nora's ward, so she immediately quickened her pace into the ward.

As soon as she entered, Tammy found that Nora didn't look well. Looking at her worriedly, Tammy asked, "What's wrong with you? I just saw a middle-aged woman coming out of your room. Who is she?"

"She is Charles's mother. What should I do? She asked me to have an abortion..." As Nora spoke, she couldn't control her emotions and tightly grasped Tammy's arms.

Tammy comforted, "It's not a big deal, Nora. Calm down. The baby is in your belly. No one else can do anything to him. I think you should tell Charles about it as soon as possible, or you can't get away with that old woman alone."

Hearing that, Nora felt much better. She thought what Tammy said made sense. The child was also Charles's, and he had the right to know about it. So she decided to ask him out in a few days and tell him face to face.

One day, Nora made an appointment with Charles at a cafe near her school. She told him that she had something to tell him, and he agreed without hesitation.

But what Nora didn't know was that not only did Della send someone to follow her, but she also monitored Nora's phone call.

Therefore, when Nora was about to go out to see Charles, she received a call from Della.

She told Nora that she had transferred her mother to a private hospital under her command. If Nora wanted her mother to be fine, Nora should listen to her arrangement.

Nora was worried about her mother, so she called Charles and told him that she couldn't see him because she had something urgent to deal with.

Then Nora went to find Della.

When Nora arrived, Della told her that her mother was fine for the time being, but it was only temporary. Whether her mother could be completely safe or not depended on her action.

Nora had no choice but to agree to Della's request for the sake of her mother's safety.

Della immediately told Nora her plan and asked Nora to do as she planned.

After knowing Della's plan, Nora felt that Della was really unreasonable, but now she controlled her mother's life, so she had to do as she said.

Therefore, the next day, Nora asked Charles out again in the cafe.

When Charles arrived at the cafe, he saw Nora talking to a man he had never seen before. She smiled sweetly and made many intimate movements.

Charles was surprised to see this scene. He had investigated Nora and found out that she didn't have an ex-boyfriend. Who was this man in front of him?

So he decided to come closer and listen to what they were talking about.

"How are you? Do you miss me recently?" It was the man's voice.

"Of course I do. Both our baby and I miss you so much..."

Hearing this, Charles felt like being struck by lightning. Nora had a child with another man, but he was kept in the dark.

He trusted Nora so much, but she kept lying to him. It turned out that Martin was right. Women were indeed the same.

After Charles left the cafe angrily, Nora immediately pushed away the man beside her and said to him with a cold face, "Well, you can go back to report."

After the man left, Nora collapsed into her seat. She knew that Charles must be very sad at the moment, thinking that she was a greedy woman. But Nora felt pain as if her heart was stabbed by a sharp knife at the moment. If it weren't for her mother, she wouldn't have agreed to such a request from Della.

Half an hour later, Nora guessed that Della must have known about it, so she called her immediately.

Nora told her that she had kept her promise and asked her when she would let go of her mother.

Seeing that her goal had been achieved, Della told Nora the hospital where her mother was now. After she knew it, she immediately went to that hospital. When she saw that her mother was all right, she was relieved.

Nora didn't want her mother to stay in Della's private hospital, so she immediately went through the transfer procedure.

After that, Della didn't call Nora] again, and Charles didn't go to see Nora either.

Everything seemed to be back on track. As usual, Nora worked part-time as soon as she had spare time. Now she not only had to take care of her mother, but also had to prepare for the baby in her belly. No matter how hard she had suffered, she couldn't make her baby suffer.

Nora was going to be a temporary waitress in a hotel today. Tammy introduced this job to her. There was a big business cocktail party in this hotel today. The hotel didn't have time to hire more waitresses, so it temporarily recruited several experienced people with a high salary. Nora had done a lot of this kind of work, so she was quite handy.

In the evening, the party began. Nora moved through the tables, but she didn't notice that a pair of sharp eyes had been staring at her behind her.

Nora was good looking. Even if she wore the uniform of a waiter, her beauty could not be hidden. The party had been going on for more than an hour, and almost all the people present drank some wine.

Therefore, a rich man wanted to take advantage of Nora. He held her hand and rubbed it. In this kind of occasion, Nora didn't dare to shout casually because she was afraid of messing up the party. She could only try her best to dodge and retreat.

Suddenly, Nora felt that she had bumped into something, and for some reason, the rich man who had been pestering her suddenly left with a pale face.

So Nora turned around in confusion and found that the person she bumped into was Charles. At this moment, he looked straight ahead with a cold and expressionless face, as if he didn't know Nora at all.

Nora didn't dare to say anything. She apologized and left with the tray.

She was afraid that if she stayed there any longer, she would cry uncontrollably.

Nora didn't expect that Charles would be here. If she had known it, she would not have worked part-time here.

Nora trotted all the way to the bathroom and locked herself in it. Then she couldn't help but burst into tears.

After a while, Nora calmed down. She turned on the tap and washed her face. Then she made up to cover her red and swollen eyes as much as possible.

After fixing her make-up, Nora looked at herself in the mirror carefully. Although she could still see the eyes kind of red and swollen, it was not so conspicuous. Then she opened the door and walked out.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she went out, she saw Charles walking towards her. It seemed that he was going to the bathroom. Nora immediately stood by the wall and didn't dare to look up. Charles walked straight towards the bathroom as if he didn't see her.

When he passed Nora, he stopped and asked, "What? Your boyfriend is willing to let you work here? Or have you found a new one?" Charles said sarcastically in a cold voice.

Hearing this, Nora felt like her heart was hammered by a big stone. She felt a dull pain and lowered her head, afraid that Charles would see her red eyes.

Well, let him hate her to the end. The difference between them was too great.

Nora and Charles just met by chance, but Della, who was still vigilant against Nora, knew that they met again and thought that Nora wanted to play some tricks, so she called Nora again that night.

"Didn't I tell you not to see my son again? Why are you so shameless? I shouldn't have trusted you before."

Hearing this, Nora was afraid that Della would misunderstand her and then hurt her mother, so she immediately explained to her, "You have misunderstood me. I just happened to work there. I didn't know that Charles would also go there. If I had known that in advance, I would never have appeared there."

But Della didn't believe her words? She immediately decided that Nora could not stay in this place.

So she said to her, "No matter what you say now, I won't believe it. Pack up your things. Tomorrow I'll ask someone to book a ticket and send you to F Country for further study. Don't worry. I'll give you enough money to live there."

When Nora heard that Della wanted her to leave the city where she had lived for more than twenty years, she immediately refused, "Don't you think you have gone too far? I have promised to leave your son. Now your son hates me to the core. Why do you request me to go abroad?"

"Humph! Only when you completely disappear can I rest assured, and you can choose not to agree, but do you think you have the ability to stay with your mother all the time?"

Nora didn't expect that Della would threaten her with her mother again, but she had no way. In order to protect her mother, she had to agree.

But Nora didn't accept the money. She didn't want lose her dignity.

On the day she went abroad, Nora didn't tell anyone, including Tammy. She secretly took her seriously ill mother to the airport.

Before boarding the plane, Nora saw entertainment news on the LCD TV in the airport. Charles and Emily were standing together. They were indeed a perfect match. The title of the news made Nora's heart broken. They were about to get engaged.

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