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   Chapter 20 Charles Is Going To Be Engaged

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Without telling Nora, Tammy came to Charles's company alone and wanted to teach him a lesson. However, the security guard recognized her and thought she was going to make trouble again, so he stopped her at the door and didn't let her in.

At this time, Martin came. When the security guard saw him, he immediately let go of Tammy and bowed respectfully to him. "Mr. Martin, you are here. The president is upstairs. You can go upstairs directly."

After hearing this, Tammy immediately shouted at the security guard, "Didn't you just say that Charles was not here? Why is he here now? "

Then she also wanted to go upstairs to look for Charles.

"No, you can't go upstairs." Last time, Della had ordered the security guard not to let any of them enter the company from that day on. Of course he couldn't let her in, or he would lose his job.

At the same time, Martin was about to go up to see Charles. He was attracted by Tammy's shout. He walked up to her and asked, "Why are you looking for Charles?"

"It's none of your business!" Since Tammy was in a fit of anger, she didn't want to talk to anyone.

Tammy was quite stubborn.

Martin suddenly wanted to tease this woman a little bit. He raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Do you also want to say that you are pregnant and want to ask for money from Charles?"

Tammy's face turned red with anger. She pointed at Martin's nose and cursed, "Up yours! You rich people can humiliate others as you like? I won't like such a bad man like Charles! Don't always think that women all over the world will fawn on you if you have much money. People like you are even inferior to an ant in my eyes!"

"Why are you so angry? Did I hit the nail on the head? You become angry from embarrassment, right?" Martin looked at Tammy with a smile.

"Why are you so long winded? You know Charles, right? Ask him downstairs. I have to teach him a lesson on behalf of Nora today!"

"Are you Nora's friend?" Martin asked.

"Yes. Can't I? I'm here to seek justice for her!" Tammy said angrily.

"Of course you can. But I want to advise you to stay away from that kind of woman. Be careful not to be affected by her. She is scheming. I think one day she will betray you." Martin still didn't like Nora, because he thought she was pretending to be pure.

Hearing what he said about Nora, Tammy was furious. "Nora is not that kind of person! You don't know her at all. How can you say that? What qualifications do you have to judge a person's character casually?"

Hearing this, Martin sneered, "Why are you sure that that woman is so good? Why do you take so many efforts to defend her?"

"I want to protect her! In my eyes, she is much better than you! You look down upon women and treat them as playthings. You don't deserve any woman's love at all!"

What Tammy said just hit Martin where it hurt. He had been in various circles for so many years, but he did not meet a woman who loved him wholeheartedly.

Martin always wore a smile, but now, his face instantly darkened. He turned his back to the security guard and said, "Don't let this woman in!" Then he strode inside.

Tammy cursed angrily, but she couldn't get rid of the guard.

When Martin came to Charles's office, Charles glanced at him coldly. "Who can make you so angry?"

Martin lay down on the sofa with his legs crossed on the tea table. "I met a crazy girl at the gate and she scolded others randomly. If it were you, you would also get angry."

Charles didn't want to talk about it and asked indifferently, "Why do you come here?"

Knowing that he didn't believe it, Martin didn't say anything more. He stood up from the sofa, walked to Charles, threw a car key on the table and said, "Nothing. Can't I come to you for nothing? Well, I already got the sports car. Do you want me to take you for a drive?"

"No, thanks. I have something else to do. Don't you have many women to accompany you? You can just find someone to go with you," Charles said, busy with the documents on the table.

Martin's face darkened again. He knew that Charles just said it casually. But he thought of what the woman had just said to him. So he couldn't help but asked, "Charles, do you think there are some women in the world who don't love money? Why haven't I met such women before?"

Hearing this, Charles looked up at Martin in confusion. "Why do you ask this? Do you want to get back to the right path?"

"What are you talking about? I have always been on the right path. Forget it. I just ask casually. You don't need to take it seriously." Then he lay back on the sofa.

"That's because you have never really fallen in love with someone."

Martin was sh

ocked by these words. He had never thought that he would fall in love with anyone, because he had long known that there was no true love in their circle. Even if he fell in love with someone, it was temporary. His marriage could only be for commercial benefits.

But at this moment, he felt a little unwilling. He didn't know why.

He shook his head and forced himself to wake up from this emotion. He didn't want to know what it felt like to love someone, not at all!

After calming down, Martin stood up from the sofa and walked straight out. When he approached the door, he turned around and said to Charles, "You really don't want to take a drive with me?"

After saying that, he waited for a long time. But Charles didn't pay any attention to him at all. He shook his head and said, "Boring..."

Since the last time when Della and Nora had a quarrel at the gate of the company, she hated Nora even more. So she kept putting pressure on Charles to date with Emily.

Therefore, Charles had to have dinner with Emily for several times. But he didn't expect that his mother wanted more than that. She secretly took a photo of Charles and Emily having dinner together, and then asked someone to send it to the newspaper, and tell them that Charles would get engaged to Emily soon.

The newspaper was overjoyed to receive such breaking news. It immediately asked people to remove the current headlines and change them to the latest headline.

Soon, the news of the engagement of Charles and Emily spread everywhere.

Charles knew it must be his mother who did it, but he didn't care about the news at all.

He only worried that Nora would misunderstand him more when she saw the news. He hadn't explained the bet to her yet.

In the past few days, he didn't have time to go to see Nora because of Della, but during this period, he calmed down and analyzed his feelings for Nora. He felt that he had fallen in love with Nora.

After confirming her feelings, he immediately stopped working and went to Nora's school.

In the past few days, Nora was relieved because Charles didn't come to the school to look for her. She thought that he was finally willing to stop chasing after her. But she also felt a little disappointed.

When Nora saw the news that Charles was about to get engaged, she was very disillusioned with him and became more determined to stay away from him.

As soon as Charles arrived at the school, he went to find Nora, trying to explain the series of misunderstandings to her.

Nora didn't expect that Charles would come to school again. When she was about to leave the classroom, she was stopped by him.

At the thought of his engagement with another woman, Nora couldn't help feeling depressed. She looked at him expressionlessly and said, "Sir, please get out of my way. I want to go out!"

Hearing this, Charles frowned and said, "I have something to tell you."

"Sorry, I don't want to hear it! You are in my way!"

Tammy happened to come over and saw that Charles came to Nora again. Last time she went to his company, but she didn't see him. This time, she couldn't let him go!

Therefore, Tammy rushed over, and suddenly pushed Charles from behind. Charles didn't notice her approaching so he immediately lost his balance. Then Nora quickly ran out of the classroom.

When Charles wanted to chase Nora, Tammy stopped him. "Okay, I finally catch you! How dare you bother Nora? I'll teach you a lesson!"

As she cursed, Tammy attacked Charles. Although she was a girl, she was stronger than other girls since childhood, so girls in the school didn't dare to provoke her.

For several times, Charles tried to get rid of Tammy to chase Nora, but was always stopped by Tammy. He could only watch Nora slip away.

After returning home, Nora decided not to go to school these days to avoid meeting Charles again.

Anyway, he was going to marry Emily, and he might not come to her again soon.

Charles couldn't see Nora in the school, so he went to Nora's home. However, Nora always pretended that she was not at home.

All of this made Charles very depressed. Everyone in the company found that something was wrong with him recently.

The news about Charles's bad condition spread out quickly. Martin soon heard of it, so he went to see Charles.

Martin was shocked to see Charles's gaunt face. He covered his mouth and circled around him. "Oh my God! Why did you become like this? What can torture you like this?"

"Why are you here?" Charles asked in a hoarse voice.

"I heard the rumors, so I'm here to see how you are doing. Tell me, what happened to you? Let me, a professional psychologist, give you some advice."

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