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   Chapter 18 Knowing The Truth (Part One)

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Della looked at Linda and asked, "What do you want from my son?"

As soon as Linda heard that she was Charles's mother, she put on a smile immediately. She walked over and said, "Oh, so you are Charles's mother. Nice to meet you. We are Nora's uncle and aunt."

Hearing Nora, Della got angry again! Frowning, she stepped back in disgust and said coldly, "Don't get too close to me! Don't talk nonsense. Don't you feel ashamed to be a fame-whoring social climber? Stop daydreaming!"

Hearing this, Linda felt uncomfortable, but in order to get money, she still had a smile on her face. "Don't be so horrid to us. I'm telling you a good news. You are going to have a grandson soon. Nora is pregnant."

As soon as Linda finished her words, Nora and Tammy arrived at the gate of Charles's company. They held Linda's hand and apologized to Della, "I'm sorry. It's all our fault. We'll leave now." After saying that, Nora took them out with the help of Tammy.

Linda didn't get money, so she was unwilling to leave like this. She shouted, "Nora, let go of me. You haven't married yet. How can you help others to do harm to us? You are pregnant now and you need someone to take care of you. It is reasonable for us to ask for some money. That money is nothing to their family, isn't it?"

Nora felt so ashamed that her face blushed as if it was about to burn.

Della looked at them contemptuously and said in disdain, "Nora, let me tell you. Don't try to threaten me with that child. No matter whether you are pregnant or not, you can't marry into Zuo Clan. You'd better leave my son as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will regret. Look at yourself, no matter how hard you tries, you don't deserve my son. Now! Take your uncle and aunt and leave here quickly. I don't want to see you!"

Hearing what Della said, Tammy was really pissed off, so she stood out, pointed at Della and said, "Who do you think you are? You are just a spoiled rich woman. Apart from your identity, what else do you have to show off? Besides, it's none of your business. It was your son who took the initiative to chase after Nora. How can you look down on her? Did your son agree to do so?"

"Don't say that, Tammy. Let's go..." Nora didn't want to say anything to defend herself. She knew that she didn't do anything wrong. She also knew that Della would not believe her since she had firmly regarded her as a bad woman.

When Linda and Mike knew that they couldn't get money today, they changed their faces immediately. They stopped smiling and began to curse at Della with all kinds of harsh words. If it weren't for the help of Tammy, Nora wouldn't know what to do with them alone.

After sending them back home, Nora was stopped by her uncle and aunt and they scolded again, "How bad his mother is! Can't you keep your eyes wide open when you are in a relationship? How can they look down upon us? Although Charles is

very generous, his mother is so mean. How could she say that even if you are pregnant, you are not allowed to marry her son? She doesn't even care about her grandson. Fortunately, you are not pregnant, or we will not be at a loss."

Then she began to scold Joyce, "and that girl, I have been so old, but I was fooled by a girl today. One day, I will go to your school and teach her a good lesson!"

Linda was so angry that she kept cursing, while Mike was comforting her.

"Can you stop? Please don't make trouble again! There is nothing between Charles and me. Why do you go to his company? Do you think I'm not ashamed enough?" Nora had been annoyed by what Della said today. When she came back home, she had to be tortured by Linda. How unlucky she was today!

Not long after Nora left her uncle's house, she received a call from Charles, asking her out. Thinking of what happened today, Nora agreed. She wanted to take this opportunity to make their relationship clear. She didn't want to have any connection with him, so she agreed to go out for dinner with him tonight.

In the evening, after school, Nora walked towards the place she had appointed with Charles on the phone. Charles finished work early today, so he arrived at the place in advance.

At this time, Martin suddenly called Charles, telling him that he had something urgent to talk to him and asked him where he was. He checked the time and found that it was still early, so he sent his location to Martin and asked him to come to him.

As soon as Martin received it, he arrived at the place where Charles was. When Martin entered, he told the waiter Charles's name, and the waiter led him to Charles.

Seeing that Martin came in, Charles asked indifferently without looking up at him, "What's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry to see me?"

Hearing this, Martin raised the corners of his mouth high and said with a smile, "Charles, it seems that you will lose that sports car! Do you know what happened at the gate of your company today?"

Charles frowned and asked, "What happened?"

Charles wasn't in headquarter today, but in a newly acquired company, so he didn't know what had happened during the day.

"It seems that you don't know yet! I've heard that Nora went to your company with her uncle and aunt today to make trouble and ask for money. She even pretended to be pregnant, but was exposed by your mother, so they left dejectedly. Don't you think it's funny? I've told you that there is no woman who doesn't love money. You said you don't believe it. Look, now she began to show the cloven foot. Don't go back on our bet. I've been interested in that sports car for a long time!"

Charles's face darkened and said coldly, "I only believe in what I have seen. As for the bet, I haven't forgotten it, but..." While Charles was talking with Martin, he didn't notice the noise outside the private room.

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