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   Chapter 17 Go To My Home (Part Two)

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At noon, Nora took a few hours off to work part-time and was not at school. At this time, Linda and Mike happened to come to the school and were about to ask for money from Nora, but they didn't know which classroom she was in, so they pulled a student at the door and asked where Nora was.

"Hey, do you know which classroom Nora is in?"

Joyce happened to hear what they said, so she walked towards them.


Just as the student was about to speak, she was interrupted by Joyce, "You are looking for Nora? Who are you?" Joyce asked, looking at Linda and Mike.

Linda looked at Joyce up and down and found that she was dressed in expensive clothes. So she thought Joyce must be from a rich family. She immediately put on a kind smile, thinking if this person had a good relationship with Nora, as Nora's aunt, she could get some benefit from her.

"Hey, we are Nora's uncle and aunt. Do you know her?"

Since she had seen any people flattering her, she snorted and said, "Yes, I know her, not only that, but also very familiar!"

Linda didn't notice the irony in Joyce's words. When she heard that Joyce was familiar with Nora, she was overjoyed. It seemed that this trip was not in vain.

"Do you know where Nora is now? We have to say something to her."

Seeing her like this, Joyce knew that Linda had misunderstood her relationship with Nora. Without explaining, she continued, "Nora is not at school now. Why are you looking for her? I can help you convey it to her."

Hearing this, Linda smile more happily. "We are a little short of money recently. We used to give money to Nora's mother for treatment. I heard that Nora has a boyfriend recently. It's said that he is very rich, so we want to come to the school to ask her if she can give us some money to live."

Joyce was annoyed as soon as they said Charles was Nora's boyfriend, but at the mention of this, an idea came to her mind that could make Charles hate Nora.

"Yes, and she told me a secret a few days ago." She winked at them mysteriously.

Hearing this, Linda immediately asked, "What secret?"

"She is pregnant," Joyce said word by word.

"What?" Linda and Mike shouted at the same time.

"The child is her boyfriend's. His name is Charles. Actually, I think you can go to Charles's company and ask him for money directly. Think about it. Now that Nora is pregnant, she will definitely marry into Zuo Family by virtue of her son. In the future, all Charles's money will be Nora's, isn't it?" She kept tempting them.

Linda thought that what Joyce said made sense. Since Nora was pregnant, she would definitely marry Charles in the future. As Nora's relatives, it was not a big deal for them to ask for money from Charles.

After expressing their thanks to Joyce, Linda and Mike went to Charles's company to ask for money.

Looking at their receding figures, she kept sne

ering. 'Nora, I believe that Charles can't stand your two greedy relatives making trouble like this. Just wait to be dumped!

As soon as Linda and Mike left the school, Nora came back. She met Joyce at the door of the classroom. She didn't want to talk to her at first, but it was obvious that Joyce didn't want to let her go.

"Hey, isn't this Nora? Why didn't you say hello to me? I just helped you to drive your uncle and aunt out of school, but you didn't even thank me. It's so impolite."

Hearing this, Nora immediately turned around and looked at her, "What did you say? Why did my uncle and aunt come to school? What did you say to them?"

Nora was sure that Joyce didn't say anything good.

Looking at the nervous look on Nora's face, Joyce couldn't help but feel happy. She covered her mouth and laughed, "I saw that your uncle and aunt were crazy about money, so I made up a lie casually. I told them that you were pregnant, and they immediately rushed to your boyfriend's company to ask for money. Don't you think it's funny?"

Nora didn't expect that Joyce would come up with such a dirty trick. But it was not the time to argue with her because she had to stop her uncle and aunt.

So she glared at Joyce and then immediately turned around and left the classroom.

At this time, Tammy happened to see Nora running to the gate with an anxious look. She immediately stopped her and asked, "Nora, where are you going? Why are you in such a hurry?"

Nora didn't have time to explain, so she said directly, "My uncle and aunt went to Charles's company to make trouble. I have to stop them."

"What? How could this be? I'll go with you!"

Nora didn't refuse as she thought Tammy might be able to help her.

At this time, at the gate of Charles's company, Linda and Mike were arguing with the security guards.

"We need to find Charles. Let us in."

"I'm sorry! He is not in the company now. You can't go in!"

Linda and Mike didn't believe what the security guard said. They thought that the security guard didn't let them in on purpose, so they shouted at the door, "Do you know who we are? When we meet Charles, you will suffer a lot! If you are smart enough, let us in quickly!"

The noise at the door soon attracted the attention of other employees. They were all guessing who these two unreasonable people were. They even dared to call Charles directly by his name.

And right now, Charles was indeed not in the company.

At this moment, Della came to the company to deal with something. She didn't expect to see someone making trouble at the gate of the company.

"What's going on?" Della's voice was loud and clear, and everyone looked at the person who came in. After recognizing that it was Charles's mother, they immediately dispersed, except for Linda and Mike.

The security guard trotted over and told Della the whole story.

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