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   Chapter 15 High-profile Pursuit

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Nora wanted to ignore him and take the bus, but was stopped by Charles. "Get in the car." His tone was still firm.

Nora knew that he wouldn't give up, so she could only get in the car and keep a distance from him.

"Nora, from now on, I will pursue you. You can like others, but you can't stop me from pursuing you."

Nora didn't have a good rest because of what happened last night. Now she heard this. She was suddenly angry.

How could this person be so unreasonable? She had made it clear yesterday!

Then Nora looked at Charles angrily and said, "Charles! Although I appreciate your help, it doesn't mean that you can badger me. Besides, I already have a lover. I can't be your girlfriend. Please don't waste your time and do something meaningless. It's good for both you and me."

Hearing this, Charles squinted at Nora and whispered in her ear, "Really? Do you really have a lover? I hate being cheated the most, so you'd better not do that. "

The breath exhaled by Charles behind her head made her heart beat faster and her face blush. But his words made her scared.

Nora thought, 'Did he know that I was lying to him last night?

No, I can't let him know that I was lying to him. I really don't know what this crazy man will do if he knows it!'

Nora deliberately raised her voice and said, "I didn't lie to you. Besides, even if I don't have a lover, I can't agree. There are so many women willing to be your girlfriend. Why do you keep bothering me?"

As soon as Nora finished her words, the car stopped. Then she quickly opened the door and rushed out. She was afraid that if she stayed in the same space with Charles, she would lose control of her emotions and he would see through her, because only she knew how fast her heart beat when she was close to him.

Looking at her back, Charles couldn't help smiling.

In the following days, Charles came to the school to pick up Nora every day, and often took her to various high-end restaurants for dinner. At first, Nora would refuse several times, but in the end, she compromised. Since she couldn't refuse, Nora thought she'd better enjoy it obediently. She didn't believe that Charles would be patient.

The rumors about the photos quickly disappeared. Charles had people to delete the photos on the Internet and seriously warned the people who spread the rumors.

It was just a small matter, but unexpectedly, these photos were found by Emily.

During this period of time, Emily had been looking for various opportunities to get in touch with Charles, but every time she was refused decisively, which made the arrogant Emily feel ashamed.

So she sent someone to follow Charles to know what he was busy with recently. She didn't expect that she would find these photos.

And the man who followed Charles told her that he would pick Nora up to school and have dinner with her every day recently.

All of this made Emily jealous and crazy. She had tried every means to get close to Charles. But that ordinary female college student got his heart so easily. How could she not be angry?

But soon, she calmed down. She thought of Nora's humble origins. It was impossible for a person from a rich family like Charles to accept a woman from such a background. It was impossible for Nora to marry into the Zuo Clan. Moreover, she felt that Charles was just interested in Nora temporarily. Although she knew that they would separate sooner or later, Emily couldn't wait any longer.

So she went to the Zuo's and had a visit to Charles' mother, Della Shangguan.

She liked Emily very much. She thought that Emily was good-looking, and she was also born in a good family. Moreover, Emily behaved like her in every way she did in the past. That was why she arranged a blind date for her son and Emily last time. But she didn't know why it failed. She asked her son, but he didn't tell her, and finally she forgot this matter.

Della Shangguan didn't expect that Emily would come to visit her today. Although she was a little surprised, she greeted her warmly, held her hand and asked her how she was doing recently. Nancy also answered with a smile, without any impatience.

When Della Shnagguan asked Emily if she got along well with Charles, she gradually stopped smiling and looked at Della Shangguan with some grievances. "Della, I like Charles, but he doesn't like me at all. I can't do anything about it. Besides, he seems to like someone else. Forced love can't be sweet. Please don't mention it again. For my sake."

Emily's words were euphemistic, but there was also a hint of dissatisfaction. People like Della Shangguan, who was doing well in various circles, naturally understood what she meant. It turned out that Emily was not here to visit her today, but to complain about her son to her.

However, she didn't immediately believe

Emily's words. Instead, she asked tentatively, "Why don't I know that Charles is in love with someone?"

Noticing that Della Shangguan didn't believe her, Emily took out those photos and told her about Nora's background.

Then Della Shangguan believed what Emily said. It seemed that she had to discipline her son. She would never allow a woman like Nora to marry into their family.

Della Shangguan could tell that Emily had a crush on her son, and she was very satisfied with this girl. So after comforting Emily for a while, she promised her that she would ask Charles to marry her and let her go back to wait for good news. She would not let Charles marry that disreputable woman.

After Emily left, Della Shangguan first sent someone to investigate Nora, and then sent someone to investigate what Charles was doing recently. After getting the specific information, she called Charles and asked him to go home for dinner tonight.

Although Charles was reluctant, he didn't want to quarrel with his mother too much, so he drove back home after sending Nora home.

Seeing her son come back, Della said, "You're back. Sit down and have dinner."

Charles didn't say anything more. He just said OK in a low voice and sat down.

During the dinner, Charles didn't say a word. Della Shangguna had been used to her son's indifference. Although she was a little disappointed, she didn't blame him for that.

After dinner, Della Shangguan called Charles to the study and asked straightforwardly, "What happened between you and that Nora?"

Although Charles knew that he couldn't hide it for a long time, he didn't expect to be discovered so soon. He frowned and said in a deep voice, "This is my own business. I hope you won't interfere."

"I won't meddle in your relationship with some decent girls, but if you are with some bad women, I will definitely meddle in it!" As she spoke, Della Shangguan slammed the photos brought by Emily on the table.

Charles glanced at the photos. His face became more and more gloomy.

"Nora is not a bad woman. Anyway, I will deal with my own business by myself. You don't need to worry about me. If you call me home tonight just for this matter, then there is nothing we need talk about." Then Charles turned around and was about to leave.

Seeing this, Della Shangguan immediately stopped him and said angrily, "Stop! Let me tell you. I've investigated all her background information. You can't marry a woman with such a humble origin! As long as I stay in this house, I won't let her enter the gate! "

Charles knew that his mother was too angry to listen to anything, so he didn't say anything more. He stood up and said indifferently, "If you insist on this thought, I won't come back from now on."

Looking at the disappearing figure of Charles, Della Shangguan realized that her son seemed to have a special feeling for Nora. It seemed that she had to find another way to achieve her goal.

Therefore, on the second morning, Della Shangguan called Charles. Her words were a little more euphemistic than last night, but there was still a little dissatisfaction in it. She gave two choices to him. One was to marry Emily, and the other was to bring Nora back to the Zuo's to let her have a look.

Della Shangguan knew Charles well. He wouldn't compromise easily. Her purpose was to ask him to bring Nora here. She wanted to see what was special about this woman that attracted her son so much.

Charles knew that his mother wouldn't give up until she achieved her goal, so he had to promise that he would take Nora home to see her as soon as possible.

In the evening, Charles went to pick up Nora as usual. During this period of time, Nora had been used to it and was not surprised at his appearance.

"You are so punctual." Actually, Nora felt helpless. She didn't know how long it would take for Charles to stop doing so.

After getting in the car, Nora still kept a distance from Charles as usual.

"Go to a place with me tonight," Charles said coldly.

"Okay." Nora answered casually.

Looking at her indifferent reaction, Charles frowned and said, "Why don't you ask me where we will go?"

Nora answered with impatience, "It must be somewhere for dinner. Where else can you take me?"

"Yes, we are going to have dinner." Charles just raised his eyebrows and nodded, without saying anything else.

Nora felt that there was something strange about Charles today, but she couldn't tell why. She always felt that something would happen today, so she was a little uneasy.

After a long time, Nora felt sleepy in the car.

Inadvertently turning to look out of the window, Nora felt that the outside environment was getting stranger and stranger. Then she turned to look at Charles and asked, "Where are we going?"

"My home," Charles said indifferently.

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