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   Chapter 9 Being Sold

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"Honey, why is Nora so stubborn? He is so generous that he just gave us a check of one hundred thousand. If I were her, I would have fallen in love with him and no one would need to urge me. Besides, I think there was something unusual when the man look at Nora. If she could..."

Nora stood at the stairway and trembled with anger before Linda finished her words. She ran down the stairs, rushed to the table and quickly grabbed the check.

"Uncle! Aunt! How can you take other people's money? I'm a human, not a commodity. Have you sold me just for this little money? I have to pay back the money. My father owes you money, and I will definitely make money on my own to return it to you. Please don't do such a shameful thing again! " Nora looked at them angrily.

Realizing that she might lose this money, Linda immediately burst into anger. She didn't pretend to be friendly any more. She stared at Nora with a gloomy face and shouted, "How much money can you make? Even though you do so many part-time jobs every day, it will take a long time for you to pay off the money. I don't want to wait anymore. Besides, your mother have so much medical fees every day. Without us, I'm afraid your mother has already died! You dare to disobey me now?! Now that you have a sugar daddy, you wanted to get rid of us and enjoy your own life? Don't forget that we are your benefactor! We just want one hundred thousand dollars. Isn't your first night worth one hundred thousand dollars? Someone is willing to pay the money for you, but you are not willing to accept it. I think you are born to be poor!"

"That's right! Nora, how can you be so ungrateful? Your aunt and I have helped you so much these years. Now you have a rich sugar daddy. It's not wrong for you to take some money to repay us. Why didn't I know that you were such a narrow-minded person before? "

Being scolded by them, Nora was so angry that she felt dizzy. In addition, she had a hangover last night, and her forehead ached. She knew clearly that her uncle and aunt would give in easily. So she didn't want to argue with them anymore, and she decided to leave with the check in her hand.

Linda didn't want Nora to return the check, so she immediately stood up and chased after her.

"Nora! If you dare to return the check today, I will spread the news that you sold your body and see how you will be humiliated by the people!" Linda knew that Nora was not afraid of anything. She couldn't think of any way to stop her, so she had to threaten her like this.

Hearing this, Nora suddenly paused when she was about to step out of the door. After a while, she said, "No matter what you do, I don't care. But I must return this check today." After saying that, Nora's eyes turned red. She held back her intense emotions and left resolutely.

Almost at the same time, a loud cry and curse came from behind Nora. The voice came from her aunt. Linda shouted that Nora was worthless, stupid, and ungrateful. When she walked out of the community, those people who heard her aunt's words were still pointing at her back and gossiping about something.

Nora was very disappointed with her uncle and aunt. She didn't expect that her family would say something like that to her, regardless of her reputation.

After leaving, Nora ran all the way back to her current small house, trying to calm herself down. Then she took out her mobile phone and dialed the number of Charles.

At this time, Martin was looking at the entertainment news, on which there was a photo of Charles holding Nora last night. He didn't know who the paparazzi was. How dare he gossip about Charles? Isn't he courting death? Ha-ha...

Just as he was thinking about how the paparazzi who uploaded these photos would be taught a lesson by the Zuo Clan, a strange ringtone rang from his pocket. He took out the phone and saw that it was the phone that was left by Charles at the banquet last night.

Martin didn't want to answer the phone, but it didn't seem to stop. He glanced at the caller ID, but it was Nora.

Martin smiled evilly and murmured, "Oh, it's that woman. Maybe these photos were taken by her and sent to the reporters. I'd like to see what tricks she wants to play..."

Then he unlocked the phone and put the phone to his ear without saying anything.

Soon, Nora's voice came out.

"Charles, where are you? I'll return the check to you." There was no emotion in Nora's tone.

Martin was still silent and said inwardly, 'Check? I have underestimated her. She even got a check in such a short time. But why does she want to return it? How could there be such a stupid woman who doesn't want money?'

After waiting for a long time, Nora didn't hear the voice of Charles on the phone, so she asked, "Hello? Charles, are you listening? Say something!"

"Hello, Miss Nora. Charles left his phone here last night. If you want to find him, you can go to this address..." Martin said an address in a contemptuous tone and hung up the phone.

Nora felt a little confuse

d. This man always seemed to be against her.

Anyway, the most important thing was to return the check!

When Nora arrived at the address mentioned by Martin, she was shocked by the luxurious villa. The tall and towering door was closed, and she couldn't see the end of it at a glance. The area she could see was even larger than the whole community she had lived before, let alone the area she hadn't seen yet.

Nora walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Soon, a housekeeper came over.

He first glanced at her clothes and noticed that they were cheap. Then he said contemptuously, "Miss, this is a private residence. Outsiders can't enter freely!"

Of course, Nora noticed his gaze, but she was used to it over the years and didn't take it seriously.

Anyway, she wouldn't stay here for long. She would leave soon after returning the check.

"Hello, please go in and inform Charles that I'm Nora. He knows me," Nora said in a neither humble nor pushy tone.

The butler hesitated for a while and stared at her carefully. It seemed that she was not lying. He thought that if Charles did not know this person after reporting, he could ask someone to drive her away.

"Well, just stand here and don't walk around. You can't even touch any flowers or plants here!"

Then he turned around and walked inside.

The butler went into the villa, walked to Martin and said respectfully, "Mr. Martin, there is a lady called Nora outside. If you don't know her, I will ask someone to drive her out immediately."

Martin waved his hand and said, "No need, take her to my study later."

"Yes, Mr. Martin."

After the butler left, Martin dialed the landline number of Charles's house.

The servant answered the phone, "Hello, this is the Zuo's."

"It's me. Let Charles answer the phone."

The servant recognized Martin's voice and immediately put down the phone and asked Charles downstairs.

"What's up?" Charles said in a cold voice while rubbing his eyebrows. After sending Nora back last night, he was pestered by her uncle and aunt for a long time. It was already early in the morning when he came back home. He just fell asleep but was woken up by Martin, so he was naturally in a bad mood.

Martin ignored his coldness and said with a smile, "Your phone is here. Many calls this morning have made me so noisy. Come and take it away now, or I will do something bad to your phone."

After hearing this, Charles touched his pocket subconsciously. The phone was indeed not by his side, and there was no important information in it. But when he thought of the faces of Nora's uncle and aunt last night, he suddenly worried that Nora would be embarrassed by them.

So he was afraid that Nora couldn't find him if she had something to ask him for help.

"Got it. I'll be right there." Then Charles hung up the phone first.

On the other side, looking at the phone that had been hung up, Martin raised his eyebrows and said confidently, "I'll let you see the real purpose of this woman soon."

Soon, the butler took Nora to Martin's study and told her to wait here. Then he left. Nora didn't say anything but nodded.

After waiting for a while, when Nora was about to lose her patience, the door of the study was opened and Martin came in. He was wearing a bathrobe, with an evil smile at the corners of his mouth. Drops of water were still dripping at the end of his hair. It was obvious that he had just taken a shower.

"Why are you here? Where is Charles?" Looking at his clothes in surprise, Nora blushed slightly.

With his arms crossed over his chest, Martin leaned his back against the door and sneered, "This is my home. Why can't I be here?"

"But on the phone you said..." Before she finished her words, Nora realized that she had been fooled by this man.

Her cheeks turned red because of shyness and anger. Her delicate face looked more attractive at the moment. Seeing her like this, Martin thought, 'No wonder this woman can attract Charles. It seems that she indeed has such abilities. Stop pretending to be pure and innocent! I'll show Charles how greedy and evil you are today!'

Nora strode to the door, grasped the doorknob and was about to leave, but her wrist was grabbed by Martin. "Do you think this is a place where you can come and go as you like?"

Nora's wrist was a little painful because of his forceful grip. She frowned and asked, "What do you want? It was you who tricked me into coming here. It is reasonable for me to leave."

Martin snorted and said disdainfully, "Really? You are still lying, right? I think you got angry because your plan was ruined by me!"

"What plan? I don't know what you are talking about. Let me go. I want to go home!" Nora thought this man was crazy.

Martin grabbed her wrist and approached her step by step. "You want to return the check to Charles just to play hard to get, don't you? You want to let him think that you get close to him not for his money, so that you can make a big fortune in the future, right? "

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