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   Chapter 8 Play Her Role

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What was more infuriating was that there were almost no unnecessary decorations on that woman's body, and even her makeup was light. Her cold and elegant temperament was much more attractive than that of the people with heavy makeup!

Nora was more charming than the other women, and inevitably she would be despised and isolated. However, since Charles was by her side, no one dared to blatantly aim at her.

Standing in the corner, Emily looked coldly at Nora, and felt more and more uncomfortable.

She had planned to take this opportunity to ask Martin to make a match between her and Charles, but she didn't expect that he would bring that woman here. 'Didn't he do so on purpose to anger me?' Emily shouted inwardly.

Noticing that there was something wrong with Emily Song, Martin wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. The Song Clan had a close cooperation with his company. Even though he was usually fearless, he didn't dare to offend Emily.

But he didn't expect that Charles would bring Nora with him!

With doubts in his mind, he found an excuse and pulled Charles to the garden outside. He had doubted about this question for the whole night, and now he finally asked, "Charles, do you really have a crush on that girl? You just know each other for a few days? You weren't like this before!"

Charles took a sip of the champagne in his hand expressionlessly and said, "Well, I know why you ask me here. I can allow you to meddle in my personal affairs and help Emily, but you should also allow me to bring my female companion to this party, shouldn't you?"

Charles said in a cold tone. Obviously, he had known that Martin was going to help Emily make a match.

Martin scratched his head with embarrassment. "I'm just concerned about your marriage? Think about it. Emily is from a rich family, beautiful and smart. She is a perfect match for you. I have done a good job to help you find the one that suits you..."

"It's none of your business. Just mind your own business."

When they were chatting on the balcony, Nora wandered around because she couldn't find Charles.

Those ladies were talking about something she couldn't understand. Therefore, there was no need to chip in, in case that she would make a fool of herself and disgrace Charles. She always remembered her task tonight, and just needed to pretend to be his girlfriend!

"Nora? Why are you here alone? Aren't you going to play with us? " A voice suddenly came from behind.

Nora looked back and found that Emily was standing behind her. She wore a long pink dress and her long hair was neatly coiled behind her head. As she walked over, she handed Nora a glass of champagne.

Nora knew that today's welcome party was specially held for Emily, so she dared not to refuse the wine handed by Emily.

"I... I don't like to stay with too many people." She found herself a casual excuse.

"Really? But as Charles's girlfriend, you have to face a lot of occasions in the future. You are not qualified if you are so timid."

Nora's eyelids twitched. She had messed up the date between Emily and Charles, so now Emily probably hated her.

Emily smoothed her hair and said slowly, "To be honest, I used to like Charles, but since he has a girlfriend, I have to give in, but..." After a pause, she glanced at Nora and said, "Today's blind date was arranged by his family. It doesn't matter that you don't spare my feelings. But you just leave me alone, isn't it too unreasonable? If this news spread out, I'm afraid it's not good for your and his reputation, right? "

"It was indeed our fault..." Nora squinted slightly, "Then what do you want me to do to make up for my mistake?"

After thinking for a while, Emily pointed to a champagne tower beside her and said, "It's easy. As long as you can drink all of these, I will forget this matter, or... I will definitely tell his mother what happened to me today!"

There were at least dozens of glasses in that champagne tower. Obviously, Emily was making things difficult for Nora on purpose.

Nora hesitated for a moment. She knew that her relationship with Charles was just to help each other. If she really exposed the matter to his family, then there would be much trouble.

Therefore, she had no choice but to agree to Emily's request.

It was just a few glasses of wine. Anyway, the champagne was not strong. She had worked in night clubs and bars for many times. So she know about the champagne.

In the cheers of the crowd, Nora gulped down the wine one after another.

The champagne was very good and smooth, but no matter how little alcohol it contained, it was still wine. When she drank half of the champagne tower, she couldn't help but feel dizzy. But the others didn't give up, and they even directly poured into her mouth, and some even mixed the strong alcoholic drinks with the champagne.

When Nora was completely drunk and unconscious, a familiar figure squeezed in the crowd and blocked all the glasses that were close to her. His appearance was very blurred in her eyes, but his low, deep and magnetic voice was still so pleasant to hear.

"Why did you drink so much? Do you think you are a bucket?"

Although his tone was a little reproachful, she could hear a trace of worry in it. Her heart immediately softened, and she

hooked her arms around his neck in a daze, and stuttered, "No, I'm fine. I won't be drunk even after drinking a thousand glasses of wine! I'm awesome!"

Looking at Nora in his arms, Charles helplessly shook his head, and told Martin that he had to leave the party ahead of the end.

After getting in the car, the drunk woman still didn't want to let go of him. Instead, she stretched out her hand and pinched his face like pinching mud. She breathed out the wine fumes and murmured, "Ha-ha, I touched it... Your skin is so good, and so soft to touch. How about I keep you as my lover?"

Charles lowered his head and glanced at her. Her drunk little face flushed slightly, and her bleary eyes were so charming that Charles couldn't help being attracted to her.

They were so close that they could almost hear each other's breath and heartbeat.

"Your lover?" He snorted, with a smile on his handsome face instead of being as cold as usual. "Can you afford it?"

Squinting her eyes, Nora rubbed against his chest and said softly, "I can't afford it... If you can have less desires, maybe I can afford it!"

Have less desires?

In fact, Charles had a strong desire to get her right now!

He raised her chin, slowly bent down and gently bit her soft lips.

Except for the slight alcohol smell, this kiss was just like that in his memory. The air was full of the fumes of wine. He did not drink, but seemed to be drunk as well.

Otherwise, he wouldn't do so.

He didn't know why he suddenly thought she was so cute and attractive.

How could it be?

For the first time, his heart uncontrollably raced because of someone.

Just when Charles felt that this woman was a little special, Nora suddenly struggled violently in his arms with her face flushed red. Then she pushed him away, turned to the window and vomited up all the food she had eaten at the banquet.

After she finished vomiting, Nora collapsed into her seat, with her eyes closed and seemed to be completely unconscious.

Frowning, Charles stared at Nora and felt kind of annoyed.

It seemed that he couldn't get her address now.

He rubbed between his eyebrows helplessly, searched through her bag, found her ID card, and asked the driver to send her back according to the address on the ID card.

The second morning, with a headache, Nora struggled to open her eyes and looked around. Everything here was familiar but strange at the same time. She then found that she was in her original home.

"Why am I here? Does my body have the function of automatic navigation after I get drunk?" Nora then thought about it carefully. This place was no longer her home. In order to pay off her debts, her mother had given her only property to her uncle and aunt. But because Nora was unwilling to give up this house, she hadn't registered to transfer the ownership. In fact, it was already the place where her uncle and aunt lived. Even if she had the ability to navigate, she should have gone to the apartment that she rent now.

Nora didn't fully restore her senses. Suddenly, the door was opened with a "click". Mike and Linda walked in together, grinning. Linda walked to the bed and sat down. She held Nora's hand with a kind expression and asked, "Nora, you're awake. Are you feeling better?"

Nora looked at her aunt in confusion, "Uncle, aunt, you... Why am I here?"

Linda covered her mouth and smiled. She didn't answer but asked, "Nora, tell me, how long have you been with that man?"

"What? Which man? " Nora looked at Linda in confusion.

Linda glanced at Nora with a smirk and said, "Don't hide from us anymore. We have known it. It's the man who gave you the business card that night. He sent you here last night. You were drunk and unconscious, and he carried you upstairs."

Hearing what Linda said, Nora finally remembered that she was indeed with Charles last night. She even attended a banquet with him, and then got drunk... "So he sent me here..." Nora murmured, looking down.

Linda and Mike continued, "Nora, let me tell you. This is a good chance to get on the top. You must seize this man and ask him for more money. In this way, you can repay me and your uncle's kindness to your family over the years..."

"Uncle, aunt, please don't say that. He and I live in totally different worlds. It's impossible for us to get together. You can't ask him for money in my name. I'm willing to do anything you ask me to do, except asking for money. This is my bottom line. I hope you can respect me!" Nora stared at them with a firm attitude.

Linda opened her mouth and wanted to say something more, but was stopped by Mike. He whispered in her ear, "Forget it. Just let her think about it by herself. She won't listen to you now. Anyway, we have got the money." Then he took Linda's hand and walked out.

Nora didn't hear what Mike said clearly, but she felt that her uncle and aunt were a little strange today, as if they were hiding something from her.

Moreover, this must have something to do with her. Out of curiosity, Nora got out of bed immediately after they left. She quietly opened the door and came to the stairway. Linda and Mike were sitting downstairs and talking. There was a rectangular slip of paper on the table.

Nora held her breath and pricked up her ears to eavesdrop.

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