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   Chapter 7 Excuse

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Charles smiled and seemed to appreciate her wit. He thought for a moment and explained, "My mother doesn't know about my girlfriend yet. I haven't taken her home to see my family, but it's almost time. Miss Emily, since I have a girlfriend, there's no need for us to continue this blind date. I won't waste your time. I'm leaving now."

"Oh... I see." Emily Song answered absentmindedly. Looking at the back of Charles and Nora who were leaving slowly, she suddenly smiled.

'Girlfriend? I don't think so!' Emily Song thought to herself.

Emily Song was not a stupid woman who could be fooled easily. Nora's cheap clothes and cosmetics that emitted a disgusting smell both told her that they two were lying. If she was really Charles's girlfriend, she wouldn't be so poor.

Emily Song knew that they acted in front of her on purpose just to avoid dating with her.

She had thought that Charles was the same with the other men from rich families she had met and had no hope for this blind date originally. But after meeting him today, she felt that this man was excellent and interesting.

Since she was a child, there had never been someone or something she wanted but couldn't get. She would like to see if he really had the ability to resist!

"Charles, let's wait and see!" Emily Song said with determination.

Following behind Charles, Nora walked out of the hotel. Being blown by the night wind, she was so cold that she couldn't help shivering, but at the same time, it also refreshed her mind since she had gotten dizzy by the smell of the alcohol.

She looked at Charles's back and didn't know what to say. After hesitating for a long time, she finally said, "Well... Have I finished my task? Then I'll go home?"

"Okay." He answered indifferently without even raising his head, and returned to his cold look, as if the affectionate expression on his face just now was her illusion.

Even though she knew that he was just pretending to be gentle in front of that woman, she still felt a faint sense of disappointment when she realized that his tenderness was not for her.

She didn't know why she had such an inexplicable emotion.

She sighed and left.

Just taking two steps forward, her wrist was suddenly grabbed by a cold hand. She could feel that there was some liquid on that hand. She looked down with a frown and saw a bloody hand print on her arm!

"Bitch, I finally find you!" With a ferocious expression on his face and the blood that almost dried up on his forehead, James looked as scary as a demon from hell. "You're already here. Don't pretend to be innocent! You are just a bitch who was willing to do anything for money! It's your honor that I like you! Shame on you!"

After saying that, he pulled her fiercely, with his hands tightly holding her neck. His angry red eyes showed that he had lost his mind, and it seemed that he wanted to let her suffer double the pain he had suffered!

"Ahem... Ahem..." Nora opened her mouth but couldn't make a sound. The air was slowly extracted from her throat. The feeling of suffocation almost made her faint.

At this moment, a slender hand reached out, quickly grabbed the old man's hands and shook him off!

James was unable to stand steadily, fell on the ground, and then the wound on his forehead cracked even more. The extreme pain made him roar madly, "Who the hell dares to disturb me? !"

The tall figure of the man blocked all the lights in front of James, so it took him a long time to see the person in front of him clearly.

As soon as he saw that man's face, James's face turned deathly pale.

"Char... Charles..." He widened his eyes in horror and almost instinctively retreated a distance. Fear and shock made him unable to say a complete sentence.

In the whole SH City, everyone with a little power had heard of Charles Zuo.

It was said that the Zuo Clan had a big company, and everyone in the family was a big shot in the country, with power all over the commercial, political and military circles. Charles was the only legitimate heir of the whole Zuo Clan, so no one dared to provoke him.

James swallowed with fear. Seeing that Charles stood in front of Nora to protect her, he felt that a disaster was approaching.

He couldn't imagine how close their relationship was, but since Charles was willing to help her, he knew that the relationship between them was not ordinary.

"Mr.... Mr. Charles... Mr. Charles!" Knowing that he would be miserable, he had no choice but to try his best to retrieve the situation. When he climbed to Charles's feet, he almost kowtowed to him. "It's my fault! It's my mistake. Damn it! I don't know she is your woman! If I know... I dare not touch her. This is just a misunderstanding. Mr. Charles, please forgive me."

With blood all over his body, James rubbed against Charles's legs. A trace of disgust flashed through Charles's black eyes. He took a step back and said coldly, "James, do you think you can be lawless after your family is developed? Your mind is full of dirty things although you are at such an old age. Sooner or later, what you have done will be exposed. You'd better restrain yourself now, or you will pay for this."

James nodded desperately. "Yes, yes, Mr. Charles, you are right. I will definitely change myself. I will never dare to do that again..."

"Get away!"


James disappeared in the darkness as

fast as he could. Charles frowned and withdrew his gaze. He would be disgusted if he took one more look at this kind of person.

Nora came to her senses and touched her neck with a relief, but her heart was still beating fast. "Charles... Mr. Charles, thank you..."

Hearing her call him so, Charles couldn't help glancing at her as if he had seen something strange.

"You changed so soon?" He still remembered that when they met for the first time, she called him "Bad man". Was she really convinced?

She blushed and looked down shyly. "As for the past... I hope you don't mind..."

"I'm not that narrow-minded. I've told you that we have already gotten even with each other."

Suddenly, Charles's phone rang in his pocket and he picked it up. The noisy heavy metal music and Martin's voice came from the phone. It seemed that Martin had been drunk.

"Hello, Charles? One of my friends just came back from abroad. I'm going to hold a welcome party. Come here at ten o'clock. I'll send you the address!"

Martin often called him to attend all kinds of activities. Although he was not very willing to, he was always persuaded by Martin to make more friends and fall in love with someone. He did not want Charles to spend all his life on work.

As time went by, he had been accustomed to the fact that Martin would force him to attend any parties.

But this time, he vaguely heard the woman's voice from the phone. It was no other than Emily Song, who was on a blind date with him not long ago.

At the thought of that annoying woman, he refused without hesitation, "I'm not free."

"No way! I know you are not busy at all. I just saw you walking with a girl, so I didn't go to bother you. Cut the crap and come here quickly. Aren't you my friend? You can't treat your best friend like this !"

Hearing what Martin said, Charles's face darkened. He glanced at Nora, hesitated for a while and finally agreed.

Now that they had pretended to be a couple just now, they had to continue. If Emily knew that Charles had lied to her just now and told it to his mother, he would inevitably be arranged to have another blind date.

With a slight sigh, he walked to Nora and said in a low voice, "Go to a place with me."

Then he dragged her into the car.

"Where are we going?" asked Nora. She felt quite uneasy sitting in Charles's car.

He fixed his eyes on the road in the front and replied, "Didn't you say you wanted to thank me just now? Help me to the end, and I will take it as a token of your gratitude."

"But you said we have gotten even..." Nora murmured.

"What?" Charles raised his eyebrows slightly and said in a cold tone.

Nora swallowed and said immediately, "I see! No problem!"

Hearing Nora's words, Charles was somewhat happy and drove faster. It was already late autumn and the wind outside was very cold. There were continuous leaves falling from the trees. But the atmosphere in the car was quite warm.

They didn't go directly to the place that Martin had appointed. Instead, they went to a high-end shopping mall. Then Charles brought her to see the manager. After exhorting the manager for a while, he went downstairs to wait.

The instruction he gave was very simple and direct—tidy her up.

Afterwards, Nora was led to pick clothes by searching more than half of the stores in the shopping mall, and then the manager took her to do hair and makeup. It took her almost two hours to get everything done.

Back to the lounge on the first floor of the shopping mall, Charles was talking on the phone in front of the French window. The neon lights outside the window made his figure very dim.

"Mr. Charles, I'm back." Nora called him.

Hearing her voice, Charles turned around and glanced at her casually, but his eyes suddenly stopped when he saw her figure.

The woman in front of him was in a wine red chiffon dress, her long hair hanging down like seaweed, her beautiful clavicle, her thin waist, her long and white legs, and the pair of piscine mouth high heels on her feet were all so attractive that Charles couldn't remove his gaze from her.

Her face had been a little messy, but after the makeup, it was very delicate, with a bit of seductive charm. It was like a bunch of plum blossomed in the snow, not flamboyant, but just charming.

"Hello? Charles, are you listening? Why don't you say anything?" Martin shouted on the phone.

Charles's eyes darkened and he slowly looked away. "I know. We'll be there soon."

He put away his phone, walked to Nora, looked at her again and whispered, "Let's go."

"Okay." Nora nodded and followed him into the car.

They arrived at the destination ten minutes later.

Martin was a well-known playboy in SH City. He had many friends to accompany him to squander time and money. Almost all the young people from prestigious families in SH City attended the party. Of course, some of them came to curry favor with Charles.

In such an occasion full of celebrities and aristocrats, it was natural for them to compare with each other in secret. Especially for girls, they were all dressed up and hoped that they could be the most beautiful one. If one of them could be noticed by Charles and marry into the Zuo Clan, she would become rich and powerful at once!

But they all didn't expect that Charles, who usually had no scandal, would bring a female companion to the party today.

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