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   Chapter 6 Job Interview

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Patting her chin, Tammy nodded, "Don't worry. I will do my best to help you. No matter what happens, we will overcome it. You can't be defeated by such things, Nora!"

They returned to the classroom at class time.

Sitting in a corner not far away from Nora with her followers, Joyce glared at Nora and gritted her teeth angrily, "You shameless bitch!"

"Don't be angry, Joyce. Isn't she just a poor wild girl?" "That's right, Joyce. I heard that Mr. James is going to hold a party in two days. How about we..." The girl with a ponytail wore a sly and insidious smile.

Stunned for a moment, Joyce frowned and said, "Mr. James? That old man?"

"Yes, I heard that several girls at the party last time were tortured badly!"

Joyce nodded. Her slightly narrowed eyes revealed a chilling cruelty, and her red lips curved slightly. "Okay, I'll leave it to you to handle."

With the instruction of Joyce, the several followers quickly contacted James through their friends and said that they wanted to present him a big gift.

On the other hand, they sent several people who had a good relationship with their classmates to indirectly spread the news to Nora.

"Hotel servant? Two thousand for one night? Really?" Nora asked in disbelief.

Tammy shook her head and said, "I don't know. I saw the recruitment news on the school forum. I heard that the hotel needs to entertain some important guests, so they are short of hands. They need several experienced and thoughtful girls. Anyway, it's on weekend. You can have a try. Maybe you will be admitted!"

Nora nodded thoughtfully. Since they was in urgent need of hands, it was understandable to offer such a high salary.

But this kind of job wouldn't last long. Maybe after the party, as soon as the guests left, they wouldn't give such a high salary.

So she decided to take advantage of this chance to make as much money as possible, and then find another job!

After making up her mind, Nora asked Tammy to apply for the job for her.

The hotel staff called her and said that she met all the requirements of the job and ask her to go to work on weekends.

Everything went so smoothly that it even made Nora a little unaccustomed. She had thought that there would be a lot of people competing for such a highly paid job and the selection would be very strict, but she did not expect to get it so easily.

But when she thought of her sick mother, she dispelled her doubts. She wanted nothing more but to make money. At five o'clock in the afternoon on the weekend, after tidying herself up, she rushed to the hotel to do the night shift.

The job was in a famous five star hotel in the SH City. The whole eleventh and twelfth floor were booked to hold the party. Her work today was to serve the guests on these two floors.

After reporting for duty to the manager, the manger gave her a suit of clothes, his face expressionless.

She thought it would be a waitress's uniform, but when she opened the bag in the dressing room, she found it was a revealing black silk dress!

She frowned and hesitated for a while. Seeing that other girls had already changed their clothes and went out, she reluctantly began to change her clothes.

Perhaps the theme of the party was role-play, and the dress was just to cater to the atmosphere.

In the dim light, the party was grand with a great deal of expensive high-end wine. Countless people sat around a huge stage, watching an enchanting woman dancing with the music.

Nora walked among the crowd with a tray and several glasses of wine. She was not used to the strong smell of alcohol in the air, so she couldn't help but frown tightly. Everything in front of her made her feel dangerous instinctively.

It seemed that the party was much different from an ordinary party. These people present all lived a very lavish and unrestrained life. She realized that they all from the circle that was quite far away from her world, and ordinary people like her could not get in touch with it. When she was about to turn around and leave, there were loud boos from the direction she had seen just now. She looked back and saw the woman on the stage couldn't hold on any longer and had fainted on the stage.

"She can only hold on for such a short time. It's really a bummer." The old man sitting in the middle shook his head with disappointment.

"It doesn't matter, Mr. James. There are still a lot of women here. I'll call one more for you. You, come here! " The man pointed at Nora when she was about to run away.

Hearing that, she suddenly stiffened and asked in disbelief, "What?"

As soon as she finished speaking, several men came over, took he

r tray away, and brought her to the old man. They whispered in her ear, "If you can make Mr. James happy, you will benefit a lot. Be good!"

Nora looked at the old man up and down, her face full of shock.

Of course she knew what James wanted. Since he had been very old and had no energy to do that, he asked the others to do it in front of him as a show. He was consoling himself at the expense of others.

Nora thought all the people here were insane. But now she had no way to escape.

"No, I can't. I'm just here to be a waitress...."

As soon as she said that, everyone burst into laughter. "Bitch, do you think you can go back after you enter here? Didn't you know what this job is about when you came for the interview? Cut the crap. Don't waste our time. Take off your clothes now!"

Then several men came over to take off her clothes.

"Let go of me! Are you insane? If you don't let me go, I'll call the police!" Nora struggled desperately, but under the strength of several men on the other side, she could only be oppressed.

"Wait a minute..." James, who was watching aside, squinted his eyes and looked at Nora up and down. He seemed to be interested in her, and said with a smirk on his face, "She looks pretty. I like her...."

"Then... Mr. James, you can do it yourself. All of you, get out of the way!"

Looking at the old man's lustful smile, Nora got goose bumps all over her body.

"Old man, are you okay? Who will be responsible if I am tortured to death?" Nora asked, pretending to be not afraid at all. She endured the disgust in her heart and was forced to step back until her back was against the corner of the wall.

The old man licked his dry lips and said, "You can have a try and then you'll know whether I'm okay."

After saying that, James suddenly pulled her in front of him and pressed her on the sofa.

In the chaos, when her fingertips touched a cold object, a trace of cruelty flashed through her eyes. Like a cornered beast, she had no other choice but to go all out to save herself. Without hesitation, she grabbed the thing and smashed it at the old man's temple with all her strength!

With a bang, the bottle was broken into countless pieces of glass. With a heartbreaking roar, James covered his forehead, and blood flowed through his fingers.

Everyone gasped in astonishment at the scene in front of them.

While all the people were stunned and panicked, Nora kicked him away and ran towards the door desperately!

"Catch that bitch! Don't let her run away! "

The curses and footsteps of the people that chased after her seemed to get closer and closer. In a panic, she didn't know where the exit was and just stumbled forward, attracting many passersby's attention.

The high-end club on the top floor of the hotel was quiet and peaceful, but the atmosphere was broken by this woman who broke in unexpectedly.

All the people turned to look at her in shock. Among the people, there was a man staring at her with his deep eyes. When he saw her face clearly, his tightly pursed thin lips slowly curled up with a slight smile.

"Nora, why are you so late?" The man stood up and approached her. The doting tone in his voice made Nora stunned.

She looked up at the man in front of her. His handsome and angular face was full of arrogance, which made the others feel that he was untouchable. But at this moment, he looked at her affectionately, his eyes full of tenderness, which made her heart skip a beat.

"Charles... Are you Charles? Why are you here?" She asked in disbelief. She was so muddled that she couldn't figure out what was happening in front of her.

'How could he... Why did he show that kind of expression to me?' Nora thought to herself in confusion.

"Mr. Charles, who is this lady? Do you know each other?" A young and beautiful woman walked towards the two of them and looked at Nora up and down. She seemed to be shocked by her dress and looked at Charles in confusion.

Charles withdrew his gaze from Nora, coughed and put his arm around Nora's waist intimately. "Let me introduce her. It's Nora, my... girlfriend."


Hearing that, Nora widened her eyes in surprise.

"Girlfriend?" The woman frowned slightly. "You have a girlfriend? Then why did your mother ask us to have a blind date?"

Hearing this, Nora finally knew that Charles was on a blind date with this woman here. But it seemed that Charles didn't like that woman. He just saw her and used her as an excuse.

She had used the same method to let him pretend to be her boyfriend last time. Since he had helped her before, she didn't expose his lie and stood beside him obediently.

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