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   Chapter 5 Two Hundred Thousand (Part Two)

Spicy Mommy: Get Into Trouble With Cold CEO By Fei Se Characters: 5463

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Her wet clothes had been dried by the wind. Anyway, she did not intend to go back and get changed. She left the hospital with her backpack and rushed to the school by the early bus.

There was still some time before the class. As soon as she arrived, Nora bent over the desk to have a cat nap.

Just a few minutes after she closed her eyes, a sharp sarcastic voice suddenly sounded from her side.

"Isn't this Nora? I heard that you often go to the night clubs to work recently. It must be very difficult to serve those rich men, right? Look at you. You didn't even change your clothes before you came to school. Were you exhausted last night?"

Nora frowned slightly and looked in the direction of the voice.

The woman standing among her classmates deliberately raised her voice to mock her. She was wearing designer clothes and looked arrogant and disdainful with her arms crossed. Taking a close look, Nora found it was Joyce Ji.

As the well-known goddess in the school, Joyce Ji came from a rich family and there were countless people fawning on her. As soon as she said those words, Nora immediately became the target of public criticism, and almost everyone began to whisper.

"I heard that she was supported by her sugar daddy. Otherwise, why did she leave school so early every day?"

"I heard from one of my friends that she was tossed into the hospital by a man two days ago. It was really scary..."

Hearing those disgusting discussions, Nora clenched her fists tightly, with a touch of coldness in her eyes, but she didn't mean to explode.

In the past three years, since the beginning of the new semester, Joyce Ji disliked Nora. She always said in front of others that a poor student like Nora whose family went bankrupt should drop out of school and work for a living as soon as possible, rather than study in this art school and pay extremely high tuition. She couldn't even afford the paint and pen.

Perhaps Joyce Ji felt that it was an insult for her to have such a poor classmate like Nora.

Nora didn't quite understand why those rich people thought so, but since her father passed away, the most she learned was to endure.

She knew that it was impossible for her to compete with those rich people. She could do nothing but endure their insults. She only hoped that she could finish the study that her parents had enrolled for her.

However, in Joyce Ji's eyes, Nora was just pretentious and hateful. Seeing Nora didn't say a word, Joyce Ji was so angry that she raised her voice and continued to sneer, "You don't dare to say anything. Does it mean that you admit it? Nora! You have done something indecent and discredited our school. It's disgusting to be in the same class with

a person like you!"

"Have you said enough? Nora just doesn't want to talk to you. Don't push your luck." The only one who retorted suddenly came out of the crowd.

Turning around, Joyce Ji sneered, "Tammy, you want to stand up for Nora, don't you? Everyone knows that you two often collude with each other. She sells her body. You are not a good person either! "

Standing in front of Nora to protect her, Tammy pulled the ponytail behind her head casually and said disdainfully, "Well, we are not good people. What about you, Joyce? Aren't you dressed like this to seduce men? You looks like an elegant lady from a rich family. However, it's a pity that your mind is full of dirty things. You don't even deserve to learn art! It's our bad luck to study with someone like you!"

Joyce Ji was spoiled by her parents. In school, everyone was obedient and respectful to her. She had never been insulted like this. She was so angry that her eyes turned red. She rushed up and tried to fight against Tammy!

Seeing that things were getting more and more out of control, Nora rubbed her temples with a headache. Before it became a big deal, she quickly dragged Tammy out of the classroom.

"Why are you talking to her? She has disliked me for a long time. If you just ignore her, she will get bored and then stop gossiping," Nora sighed and criticized Tammy after they found a quiet place to sit.

"It's just that she has bullied you for a long time. If you always bear it silently, she will be more and more arrogant and even think that all the people in the world have to spoil her." Waving her fist indignantly, Tammy paused and then asked seriously, "But to be honest, what's wrong with you? You look piteous, like a drowned mouse. What happened to you?"

Nora was slightly stunned, with a flash of embarrassment in her eyes. She shook her head and changed the topic, "Tammy, is there any well paid job recently? Remember to pay attention to it for me."

Her mother's illness would get worse at any time. This time, with the money given by Charles, she pulled her mother back from death. But what about the next time?

Her father had left. She didn't want to see her closest person leave her again.

The more Tammy looked at Nora, the more strange she felt. "You have been working hard these days. Don't you think four jobs are already enough? Are you going to exhaust yourself to death? Tell me honestly. What happened to you? Don't you take me as your friend? Why you refuse to tell me anything? If you don't tell me, I won't help you find a job! "

Tammy had asked her for many times. Nora had no choice but to confess to her that her mother was seriously ill.

"That's it. So I need money now..."

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