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   Chapter 4 Two Hundred Thousand (Part One)

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"What? You've made up your mind so soon?" Obviously, Charles didn't expect her to call him so soon. His heavy heart immediately softened.

"Yes... Yes..." Nora gritted her teeth and spoke with all her strength.

"Well, come to my company before I knock off," Charles said in a deep voice and hung up the phone slowly. His eyes were fixed on the screen of the phone, getting darker and darker with mixed emotions.

Thinking for a while, Charles concluded that no women in this society could resist the temptation of money. Those seemingly loyal and righteous words were just an excuse.

He had overestimated her since she let him down so easily. At the thought of it, he felt much relieved, but at the same time, he felt a little disappointed.

It seemed that she was no different from those ordinary women.

She arrived at the address given by Charles at noon.

Nora waited anxiously in his office. The black tea in front of her had already been cold, and Charles finally came back to his office after a meeting.

He pushed the door open and glanced at the woman on the sofa. After he walked in, he threw the meeting materials on the table casually, walked a few steps closer to her and took out the check book from his pocket. "Tell me. How much do you want?"

Nora looked at him uneasily. He was so arrogant and she could feel his disdain from his expression. It was like a sharp knife deeply stabbing into her eyes, making her feel like she was a woman who was selling her body. She exchanged her purity for a check, but although she didn't want, she had no other choice but to accept it.

With a strong sense of humiliation, she clenched her hands and dug her nails into the flesh. She said in a low voice, "Twenty... Ten thousand..."

Without even raising his head, Charles quickly wrote a series of numbers on the check, signed it and handed it over to Nora.

Looking at the check, she was a little absent-minded, as if she had used up all her strength to take it. Her voice began to tremble. "These money... Just consider it as what I borrow from you. I will return it to you in the future! "

These words were the only way she could think of to maintain her bottom line and self-esteem.

However, now Charles didn't believe her anymore. He just said coldly, "I don't care such a little money. Take it and leave now. I have no connection with you from now on. Don't mess with me again in the future."

She knew probably in his eyes, she was just pretended to be innocent and lofty. For him, she had already been a greedy woman, and had no right to talk about dignity.

Holding the check tightly, she opened the door of the office and was about to leave. The phone in her pocket rang again, and another bad news came.

"Nora! The hospital said your mother was in a very dangerous situation now. If you don't pay the money, they will drive her out of the hospital now. They won't let her die in the hospital!"


ra's hands were trembling and her face turned pale. She could no longer control the emotions that had been suppressed in the bottom of her heart for a long time. They poured out like a flood bursting out of a dike, and big teardrops burst out of her eyes. She sobbed, "I know... I'll send the money to you right now! Let them do the surgery for my mother first. I'll be back soon. Aunt, please..."

The feeling of loneliness and helplessness overwhelmed her. She wanted to cry out loudly in a place where there was no one around.

She had encountered so many difficulties that she was about to be broken down, but she still gritted her teeth and endured it every time.

She exhorted her aunt repeatedly to let her mother be operated first. When her aunt knew that she had gotten the money, her aunt agreed without hesitation.

After hanging up the phone, she felt that all her strength was drained.

Turning around, she didn't dare to look into Charles's eyes. She just lowered her head slightly, letting the hair on the side of her face cover her sad expression. She hid her tears and said in a low voice, "Thank you."

Charles fixed his deep eyes on her back and didn't withdraw his gaze until she disappeared at the end of the corridor. For no reason, Nora roused many feelings and thoughts in his mind

He heard the phone call just now. Although he didn't see her expression clearly, he could tell that she was tired and helpless from her voice.

He had always been good at observing people. He could see through all the intrigues and schemes of others.

But this time, it seemed that he was wrong.

It was dark outside, and the sound of the rain was getting louder and louder. There were few people on the street.

Nora ran to the hospital with her backpack in her arms. She was so tired that she couldn't help but gasp heavily. Besides, she hadn't recovered from the injury caused by Charles yet. So she felt pain for every step, as if her bones were broken.

She was drenched all over, but the bag in her arms was well protected in her arms as if it was a treasure. After all, she had exchanged her dignity for it.

She hurried to pay for the operation fees. When she knew that her mother had been sent to the operating room for rescue, she leaned against the wall and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

The operation went well. When her mother was sent back to the ward, it was already one o'clock in the morning. The doctor told her that the dangerous period hadn't passed and she should observe her mother all the time. If there was anything wrong, she had to inform the nurse immediately.

Therefore, Nora didn't sleep the whole night. Although she was very tired, she stayed by the bed for the whole night. It was not until early in the morning that her mother was finally out of danger. Then she leaned against the bed and took a nap for a while. But soon after, she was awakened by the alarm clock for school.

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