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   Chapter 3 Family Ties

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After they had done the deed, Charles went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he came out, he found that the woman had already huddled up into the sheets, looking as if she had blacked out.

She was asking for it!

He was about to change into his clothes and leave when he spotted a red splotch staining the creamy white sheets.

Charles wasn't that innocent, so he knew exactly what it was. What he didn't expect was for this to be her first time. Didn't she hook up with rich men in these night clubs?

Maybe she had it restored through surgery.

With the question floating in his mind, he moved closer and held her shoulder, trying to get her to wake up. "You dead?" he said gruffly.

However, the moment his fingertips grazed her skin, he immediately withdrew his hold as if he had just been scalded. She must've been at least a forty degrees!

The more he thought about what had happened, the more uneasy he became. After minutes of hesitation, he finally helped her into her clothes and took her to the hospital.

The next morning, Nora woke up with sharp pains coursing down her abdomen.

She was sore all over her body, and she felt as if one movement could break her bones for good. Her vision was blurry, and she winced when she tried to turn around the sheets. Every moment she made felt like an invisible force, which was completely tearing her apart.

Nora struggled to open her eyes only to be blinded by the bright light. Soon enough, once her vision adjusted, she could make out a nurse peering at her.

"Miss! You're awake." The nurse heaved a sigh of relief, checking her charts. "You're all right now, but you have to be very careful in the future. There are plenty of bad men in those night clubs. Fortunately, your boyfriend sent you here in time. You should feel very lucky!"


She furrowed her eyebrows, trying to recall what had happened. She remembered being in the nightclub serving alcohol when... As the thought soared through her mind, she immediately sat up from her bed. "Last night..." she started in disbelief. "What happened to me?"

"Last night, you've been drugged by some bad man and almost died. Fortunately, your boyfriend had been there to bring you here, but..." The nurse paused, as a red hue colored her cheeks. "I think it's the best if you talk with him about this. After all, it's your first time. If you use too much strength, it's easy for your body to get hurt and..."

After telling her some dos and don'ts to aid her recovery, the nurse left the ward, holding her tray of medication and leaving Nora alone. Her words rang in Nora's ears repeatedly.

First time? Nora immediately pulled the infusion needle from the back of her hand, wincing when the blood spurted out from her wrists. She jumped out of bed and almost stumbled to the ground, only for a man to catch her.

He reached out to hold her waist, pulling her back to his chest gracefully.

She gazed up at the handsome face. Although he was good-looking, there was something about his face that screamed a certain level of arrogance and indifference.

It was the same face that had clouded her memories, scorching its way into the depths of her mind. Suddenly, the memories from yesterday night had finally resurfaced and she found herself taking a few steps back out of instinct.

Nora blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to get rid of the tears threatening to burst out any moment. "You..." she stuttered out. "You were the one from yesterday."

Charles stared at her. "Yes. It's me."

After getting his answer, she was trembling in anger and shame. "How could you have done this to me?" she shrieked and waved her hands up in the air. "I've never done anything to you, and this is what you did! I'll sue you!"

Charles frowned. He knew exactly what had happened to her, but he had no idea where she got the drug. How could it have been related to him?

However, upon looking at her desperate face, a part of him had felt that this wasn't her plans and that she was also a victim in this situation. He couldn't help but soften his tone. "Look, no matter how much you want, I'll pay. Of course, you can also sue me," he stated. "I won't run from you."

Nora snorted. "Oh, I'll sue you all right. I'll sue you for everything you have!"

Noticing that the matter was about to escalate, Martin, standing behind Charles, couldn't help but break out in cold sweat.

He had deliberately placed the drug into the water to help Charles see what kind of person she was and not fall for her tricks. How was he supposed to know that things would escalate like this?

"Look, we've already apologized to you, okay? It wouldn't be good for your reputation if news were to spread out. Besides, Cha

rles's from a rich family, so you won't even be getting a cent if you really want to sue him. How about we solve all of this as privately as we can?" Martin persuaded softly.

If Charles knew that he was the one who had given her the drug, then the man wouldn't let him get away with it!

"You want to pay for my silence?" Nora scoffed. "You think I'd sell myself for your fucking money? You'd better believe–"

"Nora!" A voice erupted from the other end of the corridor, attracting their attention.

Glancing at the middle-aged couple approaching them, Nora stiffened. "Uncle, Aunt," she managed to say, feeling the blood in her palms freezing at the sight. "Why are you here?" Although she threatened to sue Charles, she didn't want anyone else to know what had happened. But judging from the look on her uncle's face, it seemed that they must've known of what had happened.

Linda Song, her aunt, walked up to Nora and poked her head. "Why didn't you let us know about this first, huh? My friend's daughter was the one who contacted me when she saw you. You're such a troublemaker! Have you forgotten how sick your mother is? How we've helped you pay her medical fees?"

Her eyes darkened, but Nora said nothing in return.

Seeing that, that had shut her up, Linda Song turned to Charles. "You've ruined her purity," she snapped. "If others would know about this, do you know how humiliated she will be? You'd better make sure that compensation is enough to cover her till the end. If not, then we won't let you get away with it!"

"Don't meddle in my business, please," Nora murmured. She had just said that she wouldn't sell herself, and here was her aunt trying to derive a compromise for the both of them.

It was as if they were intently trying to make her lose face!

Before her aunt could say anything, her uncle Mike Ke roared, "What do you mean? You want to take all of his money, don't you? Have you forgotten how much your family still owes us? Your parents have left a huge debt that still isn't paid off. Your damned mother is sick and is in need of very expensive treatment. Do you think we're interested in doing charity? If you don't give us anything, then we'll stop your mother's treatment. She could die for all I care!"

It seemed that family ties were no match for monetary gains.

Ever since her parents had gone bankrupt and her father passed away, Nora had already been deeply aware of their hypocrisy.

Money could truly change the world.

Considering that her mother was still lying unconscious in the hospital, she didn't say a word in response.

Charles, on the other hand, was watching the scene with much interest. It seemed that Nora's entire family was filled with greedy bastards. They must deserve each other then.

Back then, whenever he was met with these types of leeches, he wouldn't even bother to look at them. However, seeing the helplessness in Nora's eyes at the mention of her mother, a part of him softened. He couldn't tell why.

He walked up to her and gave her a small card.

Just as he moved forward, she reflexively took two steps back. Her timid eyes were wide with fear as her mind continued to reply the events that had transpired the night before.

Noticing this, he felt his gut twisting at the sight. "Think it over before you contact me," he whispered.

After leaving the card in her hand, he waved Martin over. Without bothering to look at the older pair, they immediately left the hospital.

Linda Song gritted her teeth in anguish. Now, there was no point in asking for money! Grabbing the young woman forcefully, she screamed, "Look at you pretending to be so pure and sweet! Now, we won't get a single dime! What's the point of sleeping with him huh?"

Mike Ke snarled, "You stupid idiotic girl!"

The two had shouted and screamed so loudly that almost everyone could hear them. Nora bowed her head in shame, wanting nothing more than for the ground to just eat her up.

After leaving the hospital and the mess behind, she could feel her heart clenching. Should she go to work?

Just as she was hesitating, her uncle and aunt had just received a phone call from the hospital reporting that her mother was in critical condition. The doctors wouldn't be able to operate if they didn't give any money.

"Seeing as you still refuse to pay us back, then you could shoulder this expenses," Mike Ke snapped. "Don't expect us to fall for your schemes again!" Nora clenched her fists, knowing fully well that all they wanted was for her to call Charles regarding her mother's operation.

It was a matter about her mother's life, so she had no time to hesitate and agreed without thinking twice.

She dialed his number according to the card.

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