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   Chapter 2 I'm Not Interested

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"I'm not interested." Charles didn't even bother to look up from his phone.

He spent most of his time looking through company documents, so he seldom went to such places. He wouldn't even be caught dead here if it wasn't to accompany his friend. Given that Martin was infamously known as the womanizer of SH City, he often brought him here to 'let loose'.

Martin shot him a disdainful look before walking to the door of the private room. Without another word, he pushed it open. "Don't you know that there are rumors circulating that you're gay?" he grumbled. "People already think we're a couple. How about I ask two girls over to cut the rumor tree off, eh? Tell me, what kind of girl do you like? I'll bring them to you."

Charles finally raised his head, glaring at him.

Just as he was about to say something to stop him, a sudden noise broke out from the club.

In the opposite room, he could hear several men shouting at a woman.

"Bitch, you should be thanking me for giving you a chance to accompany me. Don't be so ungrateful!"

"You have the nerve to offend Mr. Adam? Do you even want to stay in this city anymore?"

"I'm not here to sell my body. If you take one step forward, I'll kill myself!"

Curses and screams echoed from the room. Suddenly, different wine bottles were smashed against the walls.

The woman from the other room was dressed in black and white. It was obvious that she was a waiter here.

When Charles narrowed his eyes at the hooligans, he found that he didn't know them, nor was he even interested in them. He shrugged, turning his attention back to his phone.

"Close the door. It's loud out." He frowned.

Martin was about to close the door obediently when a black figure rushed through the opening.

Before anyone could react, the woman clutched onto Charles hysterically, blinking the unshed tears from her eyes.

"Honey!" she sobbed out. "Why are you so late? Those bastards were about to molest me."

The side of his eyes twitched. He couldn't help but look at the woman who was clutching his thigh as if her life depended on it. Her dark hair was in disarray and her clothes were torn from the incident. She looked like a beggar on the streets.

Resisting the urge to kick her to the curb, he slowly reached out to raise her head. At the sight of her face, he froze.

This woman... She was the one he had met in the hospital!

Nora didn't seem to care as she continued to hug his leg tightly. She sobbed exasperatedly, putting on a show for these hooligans. "I've already told you that I have a boyfriend," she murmured. "I won't go with you."

At the same time, she winked at Charles, hoping that he would get the hint, seeing as they had met each other earlier.

Plus, he was rich and powerful. These bastards wouldn't dare offend him. If he chose to save her, then she'd be safe!

Charles sneered at the sight. She had just offended him back then. Did she really think he would save her this time?

Before he could pull her away, one of them spoke first, "You're her boyfriend? You think you can stand up for her?" The bastards had the nerve to laugh. "Judging from the looks of your clothes, it seems that you're not ordinary. Which gang are you from? Don't you know who Mr. Adam is? You think you can get in his way?"

Every word they said was like a spark of fire igniting his anger. Charles couldn't stand their arrogance anymore. He cocked up an eyebrow. "Mr. Adam? Who's that?"

There was something about his words that made Martin break out in cold sweat. These young men were truly stupid if they thought they could get away with what they'd just said. Maybe it was because of their ignorance that they didn't know who Charles was.

Seeing that their leader had been humiliated, the gangsters' faces flushed dark red. They quickly took off their coats, revealing their hardened tattoos, as if they were already going to declare war.

Noticing that this would get messy, Nora quickly retreated behind Charles, wondering if the man could defeat them or if she should call the police.

The gang leader smashed the bottle of wine against the corner of the table and rushed towards him.

Nora had thought that they were done for, but it turned out that Charles could deal with four opponents within a minute. In a blink of an eye, the hooligans were knocked out. With a roar, they fell one by one, covering their heavily injured arms.

Charles's attacks were all fast and accurate. He was like a vampire speeding across the men as he broke their bones and threw them to the side.

Staring at the number of bodies scattered across the floor, Martin sighed discontentedly. "Charles has served in the army, you dunderheads," he muttered, shaking his head. "You guys are truly asking for death."

After ordering his men to throw those hooligans out, Martin glanced at the woman hiding behind Charles with a small frown.

He had no idea who this woman was, yet she had the nerve to rush here so soon. It

was obvious that her target was Charles.

He pursed his lips. Maybe those gangsters were actually hired by her to carry out her trick. And her target was Charles.

Over the years, Martin had seen plenty of women who had tried their best to attract the young bachelor, but he had never seen him fighting for anyone of them. Was he attracted to the woman?

Although he was happy that his friend finally found a girl he liked, it still wasn't good if that woman was a scheming little wench.

Contemplating for a long time, he smiled and poured her a glass of water. "Miss, are you okay?" he asked. "Don't worry. These men won't offend you again. Why don't you drink some water to calm down?"

Nora looked at him cautiously. Ever since her parents had gone bankrupt, she had to work in various sketchy places, so she knew how sinister these people could be. She knew for a fact that she couldn't trust people that easily, especially in this side of town.


Since Charles had just saved her and this man was his friend, she assumed that they might be good people. Plus, she also happened to be a little thirsty. She grabbed the glass from him. "Thank you."

However, there was something about the water that seemed a little strange. Perhaps it was just the wine, so she shrugged and took a sip.

Martin's smile widened. "Look at your clothes. It's not becoming of you to be like this." He turned to his friend. "Charles, why don't you take her to the lounge for her to change? Otherwise, they'd think that we've done something to her."

Charles still looked indifferent from the whole thing. He had only fought those bastards because they irritated him, not because he liked the woman.

Nora glanced at her shabby clothes. She was wearing a tight corset that was assigned to her to attract the guests in this club, which might be why people would've misunderstood her intentions.

Flushing at the sight of her torn clothing, she straightened her skirt. "Could I..." she whispered softly, unsure of what to do.

Charles only gazed at her coldly. Noticing that he was getting impatient, Nora shivered in fear. If looks could kill, she would've already been six feet under.

However, after a few seconds, Charles shrugged in disbelief. It would definitely be inappropriate if she walked out like this, rendering him no choice but to take her to the lounge.

Staring at their retreating figures, Martin could only look at them in wonder.

Taking Nora into the lounge, he quickly ordered his assistant to buy some new clothes for her. In a few minutes, his subordinate returned with a bag of clothes.

"Mr. Charles, I didn't know her size, so I brought one for each." The assistant bowed his head.

"Okay," Charles said. The man had followed him for a long time, and he knew well what his boss wanted.

He gazed at the clothes in the bag. Apart from the dresses and coats in the bag, there were also different sizes of lingerie.

Seeing how well the woman was treated, his subordinates were shocked at the sight, but they didn't there let it show. Without another word, Charles took her into the room.

"Take a shower," he said in disgust.

The sound of running water echoed across the dim room as he placed the bag of clothes near the bathroom.

He was about to leave when the phone in his pockets rang out.

"What's wrong?" he answered.

"Charles," Martin warned. "I heard that there were many girls in the night clubs that hook up with rich men just to get a piece for themselves. You have to be careful of that girl, got that?"

Leaning against the wall, he rolled his eyes. "Do you think I'm the type of person who'd fall for that trickery? I suggest you worry more for yourself."

After hanging up the phone he was about to leave, when a sound came from the bathroom.

Suddenly, the bathroom's door opened and a hot mist filled the room. Through the white clouds, Charles could see a faint outline of the woman's slim figure, but the room was so dark that he could barely see her.

"You've already finished?" he asked. "Come with–" Before he could finish his words, Nora immediately rushed up to him and wrapped her arms around his hips. She clung to him desperately, making him freeze.

It was only then did he realize that she was naked.

Nora rubbed against his chest. Her wet arms rested on his chest as she fumbled around his buttons.

"What are you doing? Stop!" He grabbed her arms, glaring at her.

He struggled with the urge to kick her out of the window.

However, she still didn't listen to him. Instead, she frowned and struggled beneath him, groaning as she grind against him. "Please," she whispered.

Charles's frown deepened as Martin's words flashed in his mind.

He hated gold diggers the most.

But there was something about her that made his body react differently than what he had wanted.

Did she want to hook up with him? Since she was being so provocative, then he was going to teach her a painful price!

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