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   Chapter 1 Stand Up For A Woman

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"I'll find myself out, Mom. Have a good sleep."

Nora Ke closed the door slowly and leaned against the wall. Now that she was sure that no one was watching her, the woman breathed a sigh of relief.

Her mother had been sick for three months and she had shown no signs of recovery. Not only that, but the medical expenses were also through the roof. Because of this, Nora Ke had to work four jobs consecutively just to make ends meet.

Walking to the elevator, Nora Ke was about to head to work when she suddenly heard a high-pitched scream coming from behind her. A soft hand grabbed a hold of her shoulder.

"Charles!" Her wide eyes stared Nora Ke down as she waved her other hand in panic. "Have you seen him? Can you tell me where he is? Please?" The strands of her disheveled hair fell down her face like a bunch of wires as she shook Nora Ke desperately.


Nora Ke frowned. She didn't know a man named that.

However, before she could even react, the crazy woman had already let go of her and stumbled to the next passer-by she saw. She continued to spout the man's name.

After receiving the same bland reaction, the crazy woman rushed to the nearest window and waved her hands up in the air. "Charles, you'd better come out of here!" she shrieked. "If you won't see me, then I'll jump out right now!"

Nora Ke was startled from the woman's sudden words. She was about to dial the police when a low voice broke through the crowd.

"You called me to come here, just to show me this?"

The spectators all looked at the same direction at the same time. A man in a black suit had stepped out from the crowd. He was wearing a windbreaker that displayed his incredibly muscular figure. His dark hair swept across his forehead, showing a pair of deep black eyes that could render anyone speechless.

Although she was just standing next to him, Nora Ke felt a chill run down her bones.

"I already told you how much I don't like being threatened. If you want to jump, then go ahead. I'll just hire someone to get rid of your useless corpse." The man tugged around his sleeves indifferently. He didn't even wait for the woman to step down from the window before turning around, about to leave.

No matter how hard or loud the woman had sobbed and begged, no one dared stop him.

Nora Ke clenched her fists. "Sir, don't you think it's heartless to abandon her? There are so many people watching her right now. The least you can do is talk her out of jumping."

The man stopped on his tracks. He slowly turned towards her, eyes flashing with unreadable emotions.

Nora Ke had a beautiful and delicate face. Her bright eyes were clear, reflecting the artificial lights that glistened from the ceiling. Her long black hair fell to her shoulders, left in disarray as they were blown by the harsh winds.

Although she was attractive, the man couldn't help but sniff at the sight of her cheap clothes.

"And who are you?" he sneered. "I suggest you mind your own business."

Without another word, the man strode away without even bothering to look back. He had no time to deal with this.

However, Nora Ke kept up with him. Without thinking of the consequences, she pulled out her small phone and waved it at him. "Fine, go!" she threatened. "If you do, I'll just post this up online and expose you for the scum you are! Don't blame me if you get beaten up every time you walk out the streets."

The reason why she hated these despicable men so much was because of her best friend. Tammy Tian had been so heartbroken over a certain man that she even threatened to cut her wrists. In the same manner, her ex snorted and left without saying his farewells.

During that time, Nora Ke stayed with Tammy Tian from day till night, helping her heal from his treacherous lies and deceit. In those days, she could tell how painful it was, and she would never wish that feeling on anyone.

If she didn't stand up now, then that crazy woman would jump out and kill herself.

However, her actions had only infuriated the man to no end.

"I've already said that I don't like being threatened," he snapped.

The next thing she knew, the man had grasped her arm and pulled her into the VIP lounge beside the corridor.

He was definitely not merciful to women at all. Nora Ke stumbled into the room from the sudden force. Her vision blurred just for a second, and when she turned around, the man was already approaching her like a predator stalking his prey.

She shrunk under his aggressive gaze as her eyes shifted from left to right.

"What do you want?" she stuttered out, knowing that there was no room for her to escape. "Are you going to beat me? My camera's still on. As long as I'm alive, I'll release the video!" Although she had seen many arrogant guys, it was the first time she met someone so ruthless!

Nora Ke retreated to the corner, trying her best to calm herself. There was no way she was going to show the man how much he terrified her, but it seemed that her trembling body thought otherwise.

Just as the man was about to reach for her, a scream ripped out her throat. Catching the man off guard, she grabbed one of the pillows beside her and threw it at him.

Perhaps it w

as because of her nervousness, that the white pillow failed to hit the man. Instead, it drew a perfect arc and hit the old man that had just entered the door.

Nora Ke had been in the hospital for three months, so she knew who the old man was. "Director!" she yelled in relief, rushing over to him as if he was her knight in shining armor. "This man..."

The old man threw away the pillow and snarled at the young woman, "Nora! Are you out of your mind? Don't you know how much you owe me with your mother's medical fees? If you take one more second of this nonsense, I'll call the police and accuse you for assault!"

"I..." Nora Ke was about to say something, but she quickly stopped herself. From the way the director's eyes were wide with anger, she could tell that he wanted to do everything to please the ruthless man. Her fingernails dug into her palms. It seemed that she must've offended some big shot.

But even if he was rich and powerful, that still didn't give him the right to act so lawless.

Since she had already offended him, she might as well go with it. "I have evidence in my hands!" she snapped. "You can call the police, and then I'll simply hand this video and tell them how much of a bastard that man was."

The mysterious man could only stare at Nora in disbelief.

Before anyone could say anything, the crazy woman who was about to jump off the building had entered the room. The unscrupulous look she had went unnoticed as she rushed up to Nora. "Look, don't meddle in my business!" she snarled before turning to the man who had just rejected her.

"Mr. Charles, I'm so sorry. I didn't expect to have caused this much trouble for you. I only hope that you'd give my husband a chance to make up for his mistake. He has worked for you for so many years, and the only reason he stole the money was because of our family. Please don't fire him."

Charles Zuo glared at her. "He may have not taken such a large amount of money, but it still left a bad impact. What you've done not only caused a huge loss on our side, but has also affected the jobs of many others. If you continue to pester me, I'll have no qualms about sending him to prison."

Their conversation made Nora furrow her eyebrows.

Had she wronged a good person? Her cheeks flushed at the thought.

Noticing that they weren't watching her, she was about to run off to the nearest exit. However, her plan had failed when Charles Zuo turned to her with his gloomy gaze. Her whole body stiffened, and her blood ran cold.

"I'm sorry," Nora apologized, forcing a smile into her lips. "It seemed that it was all just a misunderstanding."

Charles Zuo approached her and stared her down, looking at her as if she was some trash that he had forgotten to pick up.

With a sneer, he bent forward and whispered, "Do you think you can make up for your mistake just by saying sorry? If everything could be handled this peacefully, why do you think we'd need police?" His words had a menacing undertone laced around them.

Was he going to call the police on her?

Nora gazed up at his handsome face.

Her heart raced in her chest.

"Mr. Charles, you see, I'm only doing this for the peace in our society. Although there have been misunderstandings, my intention was good!" she protested. "Don't you think the society needs more brave and fearless people like me? If you call the police now, you'd not only pull me down, but you'll also make me lose faith in this world."

Nora quickly skipped towards the side table and grabbed the pitcher, wanting to pour him a glass of water. She wanted to apologize, but before she could reach him, the glass slipped from her fingers and the water poured all over his chest.

She pulled out tissues from the box. "I'm sorry!" she wailed. "I didn't mean it! I seriously..."

Despite Charles's continued objection, Nora hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt, wanting to wipe the water off him.

As her fingers grazed against his chest, she could feel his tight muscles clenching underneath her. There was something about the beaded water droplets sliding down his defined skin that made it all the more tempting.

Not only did he have a handsome face, but he also had a good figure to match it with.

Nora flushed, withdrawing her hands awkwardly. She placed a tissue into his hand and ran away. "I'm sorry," she murmured. "Please don't mind what happened. I swear that this won't happen again!"

Charles could only look at her retreating figure as she ran away. His eyes twitched as he held the tissue in his hand.

It seemed that there were plenty of weirdos in this world.

Weekends were always the best time for night clubs, bars, and the like.

Not only were they filled with people ready to relax from a long day, but the place was also usually packed with irresistible beauties.

"Charles, why are you so down, man? We rarely have a chance to come here for fun. Try not to ruin it," Martin Yi reminded. He held a coquettish woman in his arm while holding a glass of vodka in the other. A wide grin was plastered on his face.

Meanwhile, he turned left and right, trying to peer through the glass window to see if there were any more beautiful women on the dance floor.

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