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   Chapter 70 Who Was Frank Lin (Part Two)

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Then he saw the knife behind her and exclaimed, "Damn it! Do you think you can scare the bad guy away with a knife?"

Looking at the knife in her hand, Susie felt a little embarrassed. She didn't say anything but put the knife back silently.

"Where is Raymond? He must have come to you again, right? How is he doing now? Is he okay?" Colin threw out a few questions.

"His wounds were torn again, but I've already treated them. I really don't understand where he had gone with wounds all over his body? There are many bad guys outside. He doesn't worry about his health at all!" Susie couldn't help but complained.

"He went out alone to find the person who shot him yesterday!" Colin answered.

"What? He didn't take good care of himself at all! Even if he wanted to take revenge, he should take good care of himself before that, right? He is kidding with his own health, isn't he?"

Looking at Susie's distressed look, Colin snickered, "What's wrong? Do you feel sorry for him? Are you having a heartache now?"

Susie's face flushed. She glared at Colin, turned around, and went into the kitchen.

"Where is Raymond? Let me take a look at him." Colin asked.

"Resting in my bedroom. Don't disturb him for too long."

After saying hi to Nat in the living room, Colin pushed the door open and walked into the bedroom.

Raymond didn't fall asleep at all, but he heard clearly the conversation between the two outside in the bedroom.

Colin closed the door and asked with a smile, "What do you think? I have finally found out the true love of Susie for you. Are you happy?"

Raymond said calmly, "Why should I be happy? I have known about it for a long time!"

"Come on! Don't act calm in front of me! In fact, you must be very happy in your heart!"

After making fun of him, Colin became serious and said, "It seems that you have to go back this time since Redding was sent by the old man. To be honest, you've been out for so many years, and you seldom go back in these years

of time of her childhood. However, Susie believed that she could remember every single period of time of her childhood. Then, what was going on with her memory?

She was completely confused. Her mind was getting more and more confusing. She felt that she had fallen into a huge mystery, which could not be resolved or let go.

All of a sudden, there was no talking in the room. The door was opened all of a sudden. Colin looked at Susie, who looked painful on her face and was standing against the wall, in surprise and asked worriedly, "What's wrong with you, Susie? You don't look very well."

Susie tried to stand straight. She asked, "Have you finished your conversation? I made some food for Raymond. Can I bring it to him now?"

"Yes, we have finished, but..."

Colin sighed slightly and looked at Susie with a complicated expression on his face. "Can I have a talk with you alone?"

A sense of uneasiness rose in her heart. She had never had such a feeling when she faced Colin before. In the past, they were just like good buddies who could hang out and tease each other freely. But at this moment, Colin gave Susie an indescribable strange feeling.

"Okay, I'll send the food to him first. Then we can talk in the living room." Susie walked past Colin and saw Raymond looking out of the window with a sad face.

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