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   Chapter 69 Who Was Frank Lin (Part One)

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The corners of Colin's mouth twitched, but when he saw that Raymond had taken back his gun, he immediately walked up to them. He put his arms around Redding's neck and went downstairs. He smiled and asked, "Mr. Redding, what have brought you down here so suddenly? Why didn't you inform me before arriving? Look, we didn't even have a welcome party prepared for you. We really neglect you!"

However, Redding sighed and said, "It was the old man who asked particularly. He wanted me to be here without informing you ahead, giving Ray a big surprise! But this party is still necessary!"

"Certainly! It is! I'll book a big restaurant some other day for you and find more pretty girls!"

"Ha ha, you brat! You know me well! You are much more conscientious than Ray!" Redding was very happy with Colin's suggestion. He burst into laughter.

"Yes, of course!" Colin also laughed.

The conversation between the two cheeky men gradually faded away. Raymond, who was still on the second floor, couldn't help but feel a little fragile when no one could see him.

His wounds seemed to crack again, but fortunately, he was wearing dark clothes, and even if the blood came out, it was not obvious.

Enduring the sharp pains, he walked down and saw the two men drinking in front of the wine cabinet. He decided to leave without saying a word.

However, Redding saw him and asked, "Ray, where are you going now? This is your home, isn't it?"

"I'm not as idle as you, Bro Red. I have a lot of work to deal with! You can do whatever you want! Make yourself at home." Then Raymond went out directly.

Redding said discontentedly, "Ray, the brat! He is so aloof!"

"Yep. He is. You don't know how hard it is for me to work for him! I really envy those men who are working for you, Mr. Redding. You are so caring for them. Alas, it's really hard to predict his will and temper when I work for Mr. Raymond!" Colin sighed and shook his head helplessly.

Redding gave him an advice right away. "How about

reated the wounds, Raymond gently held Nat in his arms and gave her the greatest sense of security with his strong and broad arms. Nat smiled and rested in her beloved father's arms.

With a knowing smile, Susie gently pulled Nat over and said, "Nat, let Dad have a good rest. Don't make him too exhausted. Come help me. Let's help Dad get into the bedroom."

Nat was obedient and sensible. She helped Susie to make Raymond get back to the bedroom and lay down. Looking at his pale face, Susie said, "You can sleep for a while. I'll cook something for you."

"Okay." Raymond nodded.

"Nat, you can go out to play by yourself. Don't disturb your Dad. He needs some sleep."

Holding Nat's hand, Susie walked out of the room. She closed the door gently behind her.

When Susie was cooking in the kitchen, there was a knock on the door again. This time, she was a little scared. She was afraid that Raymond's enemies would catch up with him and found that he was hiding in her house. Before checking through the peephole, she found a big knife in the kitchen and hid it behind her. Then she went to the door. It turned out to be Colin, whose appearance made her relieved.

Susie opened the door and let him in. Noticing she was very nervous, Colin said as he entered the apartment, "What's wrong? Do you think I'm a bad guy?"

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