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   Chapter 68 Cheeky Mr. Redding (Part Two)

Sell My Love To Devil CEO By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 6942

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:02

By the way, how about Nat? Since he was gone, how about Nat? Did he take her away as well?

All of a sudden, Susie thought of Nat. She pushed the door of Nat's bedroom open, only to find that her daughter was still sleeping quietly on the small bed with no waves on her quiet face.

Seeing that, Susie heaved a sigh of relief. She gently closed the door and walked out. Sitting on the sofa, she was still thinking about Raymond, restless.

Why couldn't he take good care of himself? He was seriously injured and he had bled so much. How could he still have the energy to run out? Where the heck could he go, anyway?

Susie held the phone tightly in her hand, wondering if she should mak

know you are a man! Pure muscle man!"

When Colin entered the room at that moment, he was frightened by the tit for tat situation. He immediately ran up and said nervously, "Hey, guys, you two, calm down please! There are still countless policemen in this residence community. It would be a disaster if you had a gun fire here!"

The man spread out his hands and said, "I never want to fight with him." He put on a smile casually.

Raymond, however, torn off the fake smile and kindness from the man's face. He said coldly. "You have ruined my house yesterday, but now you come to tell me that you don't want to fight with me? Redding Leng, you are getting more and more interesting!"

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