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   Chapter 67 Cheeky Mr. Redding (Part One)

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Susie felt uneasy after talking to Colin. She kept thinking about what Colin had said. What did he mean by saying that she had lost her memory? She never knew which part of her life experience was missing from her memory. What did he say so? He looked so serious so Susie knew he was not teasing her.

She couldn't figure it out at all, so finally she shook her head. Maybe she could ask Raymond about it after he woke up later.

She looked at Nat who was playing alone. "Nat, are you hungry now? Mommy will cook for you. Could you do Mom a favor please? Just stay here and watch the door of Mom's bedroom. If Dad wakes up, come to tell Mommy. Okay?"

"Okay, I will, Mommy." Obediently, Nat played games keeping an eye at her Dad with all her ears to the sounds in Mom's bedroom.

Although Susie had asked Nat to pay attention on Raymond's movement, she couldn't calm down when she was cooking in the kitchen. She still stuck her head out to check on the bedroom from time to time.

Raymond's injury was so serious that Susie wondered when he would wake up. Also, she just did a simple but rough "surgery" on him, which might led to infection if she couldn't take good care of him.

After making a simple meal, Susie called Nat over to eat at the table. The mother and daughter sat at the table as they did long time ago. Susie carefully filled a bowl of rice for Nat and told her to eat slowly and eat more.

However, Susie didn't have appetite at all with so many things going on in her mind. While eating, she stared at Nat from time to time lovingly.

It had been a long time since she and Nat had a quiet meal like this. There was no delicious food in her fridge.

Without Nat at home, she was always absent-minded, and even was careless when cooking for eat.

She didn't expect that she would have chance to sit and eat with Nat one day, but she couldn't prepare anything good. Now Nat had to eat those simple food for her. Susie felt a bit sorry for her dearly daughter.

But Nat didn't mind it at all. She enjoyed the food c

, what those people valued most was not what he wanted. What he wanted was only a piece of peace in his heart from the beginning to the end.

After going through so much, he had already looked through everything, but there were always people forcing him to go forward and go on a road of no return!

'Susie, if possible, I would rather take you to live a peaceful life as plain as water. We could look for a paradise and settle down. It's enough for me to have you and our children with me together. That's what I want the most. Do you understand?"

With tenderness in his eyes, Raymond stretched out his hand and stroked her hair gently...

When Susie woke up, she found herself lying on her bed quietly. She didn't remember how she managed to sleep on the bed last night. She remembered clearly that she had taken care of Raymond till very late last night, and then she was a little sleepy, so she lay on the edge of the bed and took a nap for a while...

Well, she did remember that she was taking care of the injured Raymond. But how come Raymond, who was supposed to lie on the bed, was gone and she herself was lying on the bed?

Realizing that, Susie quickly got up from the bed and looked around the small house in a hurry, but she didn't see any trace of Raymond.

He was so seriously injured. Where could he go? Did he want to lose his life?

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