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   Chapter 51 Nat was Found

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Right then, Colin called again, "I found Nat! She got off the bus near Susie's house, but she didn't enter the community after walking around for a long time. Instead, she was in a small park nearby, and then she didn't come out."

After getting the exact information, Raymond immediately added more people to blockade the small park nearby.

He caught up with Susie quickly and said, "We have found Nat. She is in a small park near your home."

Suddenly, something occurred to Susie's mind. She shook off his hand and rushed to a small park.

As expected, on a lonely swing, Susie saw a lonely little girl sitting on the swing from a distance.

"Nat!" The moment she saw her daughter, Susie's heart was about to explode.

She quickly ran over and hugged the trembling little body on the swing.

The child's lips were purple with cold and her whole body was stiff, but when she saw her mother, her ecstatic eyes were shining with twinkling stars.

"Mommy!" The weak voice came out from Nat's lips. She snuggled up in her mother's warm arms, feeling so warm and comfortable.

Holding her daughter's freezing body tightly, Susie couldn't help but burst into tears.

She was so scared. If she couldn't

oing now? It's getting late. I should go home." Nathan said.

Bessie rolled her eyes, but she didn't know where else she could go. She said with a sad face, "I used to live in the US. I don't know anyone else here except you. How about... Why don't you take me in? Don't worry. I won't make any trouble. I promise! As long as I stay here for two or three days, I will leave when this matter is over!"

Looking at the unmoved cold face of Nathan, Bessie immediately changed to coquetry. "Please, for the sake of our acquaintance, please have mercy on me! I have no other relatives here, and I have no place to go now! What's more, it's raining heavily now. What should I do?"

Nathan sighed slightly and started the car in silence.

Bessie was so happy that she thanked him directly. She was overjoyed.

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