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   Chapter 30 Two Stubborn Persons

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Her eyes were full of tears and she muttered, "Why? Why did you do this to me? What did I do wrong?"

As she spoke, Susie began to cry, like a helpless child.

"Why did you lie to me? Why would you do such things? Why? I used to... I trusted you so much and loved you so much..." Susie sobbed.

"Why did you destroy everything of me? You know clearly that even if you don't do anything, those things you've taken away will belong to you. Why did you still do those things?"

Susie could never figure it out. She really couldn't figure it out.

She was the only daughter of her father. As long as they were married, everything in the Su family would belong to her and Raymond. Why was Raymond so extreme that he destroyed her family when he was about to get all of them?

Raymond looked at her quietly. He didn't explain anything, and he didn't know how to explain.

Susie had forgotten a lot of things. She had long forgotten who he was originally, who she used to be, and even the unbearable past. Therefore, she could not understand, and Raymond did not want to mention it.

Susie gradually calmed down, and the mist in her eyes also slowly dissipated. She came to her senses and found her in Raymond's arms. They both were still on the street.

She pushed away Raymond and sat on the side of the road, staring blankly at the heavy traffic in front of her.

All the prosperity and beauty in this world did not belong to her, no matter if she lived, left, or died quietly.

Standing behind her, Raymond looked at her silently. His eyes were full with complicated feelings and his mood was so surging.

If this woman was not so aggressive, if she didn't refuse him again and again, he thought at this moment, he might have the courage to hold her in his arms again regardless of everything.

But they both were stubborn who refused to yield to each other.

Right then, Raymond's phone vibrated. It was a call from Colin.

Raymond stood there, not answering the phone. He looked straight at the sad woman in front of him.

He thought his self-esteem should let him leave this place, but the woman's surging sadness made him stop for a long time, and he could

not easily give up.

"Please take good care of Nat. She is the best child in the world. We have never been separated since she was born. Maybe she will be short tempered and fight or argue with you, but as long as you are patient, she will definitely become a little angel who makes you feel happy in peace." Susie didn't turn around, saying to Raymond.

"She is really an angel. You don't have to tell me." Raymond said.

"I believe you will be good to her, but I don't know if you will be still good to her if she have a stepmother in the future. The old people always said that if there is a stepmother, the father will become the stepfather. No stepmother in the world would really be good to a child who was not born by herself. I hope you can firmly protect her and never hurt her." Susie ignored what he said, kept saying.

Raymond's heart ached again.

"Don't worry. Even if you find her stepfather one day, I won't find her a stepmother! In comparison, you will give her a greater chance to find a stepfather!" Raymond couldn't help but said to her sarcastically.

Susie answered without any facial expression. "Of course, I almost forgot, in your eyes, I should be such a person. But anyway, I hope you can treat her well."

Susie didn't know what else she could say to him. It was already a miracle that she could talk to him for such a long time so calmly!

Susie stood up slowly. She didn't know when the handle of her handbag was broken, and her leg was a little twisted. She walked in a very awkward way.

Standing there and watching her pretending to be strong while she was embarrassed, Raymond felt annoyed.

'Susie, does it really matter if you showed your weakness to me? Why do you have to be so stubborn?

Do you think you can make me show my weakness to you first in this case?'

Raymond clenched his fists, blue veins standing out on the back of his hands.

'Susie, you win!'

Without turning her head back, Susie kept walking. She knew the man was watching her but she kept moving on and decided not to show any fragility in front of this man no matter what. She didn't want this man to think that she couldn't live on without him!

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