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   Chapter 29 Escorting Her Home

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He couldn't help laughing when he saw the funny look of Susie.

Putting the bowl on the table, he stood up and walked over to help her up. He said seriously, "Miss, if you are really afraid of something happening, please remember all my identity information."

The man helped her to the sofa again, took out his ID card, driver's license, property ownership certificate, and other certificates and put them in front of her.

"My name is Raymond Leng, 27 years old. I was born in the United States and graduated from Columbia University. This house was bought in my name. If you really don't trust me, you can sue me afterwards!"

Although Susie couldn't tell whether the documents were real or not, she just thought that so many documents were the same, so they shouldn't be fake.

Her vigilance was relieved, and an embarrassed smile appeared on her face.

Raymond knew that the girl had believed in his identity.

Then he picked up the bowl and handed it to Susie, "In fact, it's normal for a single girl like you to be defensive in a stranger's house. Eat it quickly and have a good rest. It seems that you are still a student, aren't you?"

"I should be able to go home by myself later. I don't have to bother you for so long." Susie insisted.

Raymond nodded and said, "Since you insist on going back, I won't stop you. It was not good for a girl to stay out all night. Eat your porridge and I'll drive you home."

"No, thank you though. You don't have do!"

Susie waved her hand, but felt that his kindness had been ruined by her.

"In fact, you should go to work tomorrow, right? It's so late now. You'd better have a good rest. I can go back by myself. Although it's too late, there should be public transportation."

"I don't have to go to work now. Besides, I took you away from the bus station with surveillance cameras. It's late now. I can't let you go out to take a taxi by yourself. If you encounter a

black car and something happens, I will be the first suspect. So for the sake of our safety, I'd better send you back in person. It won't take much time." Raymond reasoned with her.

Hearing what he said, Susie was a little scared. After all, it was already early in the morning and there was no one on the street outside. If something really happened to her, she would be really upset.

"Alright then. Thank you, Mr. Raymond."

"You're welcome." A deal had been made, Raymond had a relief. It was so difficult to persuade this girl. He sighed.

After finishing her porridge, Susie changed into her own clothes that had been dried, took her cello, and waited at the entrance of the hallway.

Raymond had also changed his clothes. Seeing that she was carrying such a heavy cello, he took it over and said, "It's not a gentleman's duty to let a beauty carry such heavy things by herself. Let's go!"

The elevator arrived at the underground parking lot and Raymond settled Susie down in the car. Then he drove towards Susie's address.

Susie's home was in the best rich neighborhood area in the city. When Raymond drove in, he laughed immediately.

"It seems that it's wise for me to try my best to control myself not to become a beast tonight. If I really offend you, the Miss from a rich family, I'm afraid that I would have no place to stay in this city!" Raymond teased her.

Susie smiled sheepishly, but didn't respond to his tease. Instead, she pointed to the direction of her home.

The car stopped outside the yard. Susie smiled to Raymond. "Mr. Raymond, thank you for sending me back. I'll pay you back for your help today. I'll treat you to dinner some other day! See you."

Raymond smiled and said to her, "See you."

Ringing the bell, Susie could still recall his smile that evening. She could never understand why such a warm man like a sunflower would suddenly become as cruel as a hungry wolf one day!

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