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   Chapter 28 Meeting for the First Time in a Rainy Night

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On her way home, Susie walked with a broken heart. In a distance, Raymond was following her.

Suddenly, a speeding bike almost bumped into Susie. Raymond quickly ran up to her, hugged her, and turned around to avoid the bike. They both fell on the cold ground.

They stared at each other, and their eyes were gradually covered by mist.

They both recalled the first time when they met.

At that time, Susie was still very young and just a college student of Grade 3 in the university.

On that day, it was the rehearsal site of the university anniversary. There was a separate cello performance for Susie. After other students finished rehearsing, she was still practicing in the hall over and over again. She didn't come to her senses until it was very late.

When she walked out of the school with a big cello on her back, the last bus had already left. She stood there in worriedly, at a loss.

However, it soon started raining cats and dogs. She had no choice but to stand under the bus stop to avoid the rain.

She looked at her watch. It was already half past nine in the evening. Perhaps her parents hadn't gone to bed yet, so they might be able to pick her up.

She took out her cell phone and saw a car speeding past her, splashing huge water.

She was so shocked that her phone flew out and fell heavily into the water on the roadside. In the water pit, the screen flashed and never lit up again.

It never occurred to Susie that she would be so unlucky. What should she do now? Did her parents think she would stay in her classmate's house and didn't think of picking her up?

Gosh! Where could she go then?

Holding the cello tightly in her arms, Susie sat there at a loss.

She could rush forward in the rain, but her favorite cello couldn't get wet in the rain!

Maybe it would stop raining shortly, so that she could go home then. Susie couldn't do anything but sitting there and waiting for the rain to stop.

Just as she leaned against the back of the chair and was about to fall asleep, a pair of warm hands gently pushed her. A warm voice came to her ears, "Miss, are you okay?"

Her head was heavy. She wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn't make it. She could only vaguely see a good-looking young face in front of her, and then she knew nothing.

When Susie woke up again, she found herself in a strange place and saw a strange man.

Feeling that the quality of her clothes seemed to have changed, Susie suddenly sat up, grabbed her clothes tightly, stared at the man vigilantly, and asked, "What have you done to me?"

The man gave her a warm smile, and said gently, "I asked a female neighbor to help change your clothes for you. Your clothes were all wet. You had a high fever and fainted at the bus station. I don't know where you live, but I was afraid that you would meet some bad guys, so I took you back home first. Don't worry. I'm not a bad guy."

Susie couldn't believe what he said, but she slightly moved her body and felt nothing wrong. Then she breathed a sigh of relief.

But it was too unsafe to stay in such a strange man's house. She didn't believe that there was really any good person in the world!

"Thank you. But I'm fine now. It's not raining outside. I won't keep disturbing you then. Bye. "

After saying that, Susie was about to stand up, but her body was so weak after the high fever that she fell down before she could take a few steps.

The strange man quickly helped her up and took her to sit down on the sofa outside.

Still, Susie pushed him away vigilantly and kept a safe distance from him.

Looking at Susie who was like a frightened deer, the man smiled again, saying, "If I were really a bad guy, do you think you can escape from me with your current strength?"

Susie glared at him, her eyes full of panic as if a deer was facing a hunter.

Instead of getting angry, the man laughed and comforted her. "Please don't worry. You are still very weak. I made you some porridge in the kitchen. I'll bring it to you."

The man stood up gracefully and walked into the kitchen, but Susie, who was sitting outside, was even more nervous.

Why did he give her porridge for no reason? Was there anything in the porridge? She couldn't drink it, or what if something would happen? The more Susie was wondering, the more worried she felt. If she wanted to escape, she had to escape as soon as possible!

Hence, she ran to the vestibule without thinking, but she slipped and finally fell into the living room.

The man heard the noise in the living room and came out with a bowl in his hand.

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