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   Chapter 26 Big Fight

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Raymond looked at Nathan coldly and stopped him from catching up with Susie.

"What? Mr. Nathan, do you still want to catch up with her and let her recall those bad past?" Raymond asked with a distain.

Nathan clenched his fists, punched to Raymond with fierce anger. "You bastard! Since Sue had met you, she never had a good day to live!"

Raymond nimbly dodged his fist, and the two men began to fight with each other. They also yelled to each other angrily during the fight.

"So what? Listen to me, Susie is destined to be my woman. Even if I don't want her, she wouldn't belong to you!" Shouted Raymond.

"Who do you think you are? Why do you destroy her life so overbearingly? What on earth did she do wrong? What on earth did she do wrong to you? Why do you have to be so cruel to an innocent girl? You have hurt her deeply now. Why don't you let her go? Do you really have to put her on the verge of death?" Nathan fought back, asking in short breath.

"That's our own business! As an outsider, you know nothing. You have no right to speak at all!"

Raymond gave Nathan a hard kick in the chest. The two men bounced away and looked at each other in distance.

Raymond snorted and said to him, "Don't let me see you badgering with Susie again. Otherwise, I won't just beat you up next time!"

Raymond looked at him coldly, turned around, and ran quickly in the direction of Susie's departure.

Nathan frowned. He clenched his fists and was about to chase after her, but was stopped by the sudden appearance of Colin.

With an evil and attractive smile, Colin said, "Mr. Nathan, let me give you an advice. At this time, you are definitely not the one whom Ms. Susie wants to see!"

"You are just a lackey of Raymond. You act evilly in collusion with each other. Do you thi

nk I will listen to you? Get away!"

Nathan was about to punch him, but Colin was even faster. He stopped him, opened the door and put him in, and quickly locked the door.

Unable to open the door, Nathan asked angrily, "What the hell do you want to do? Are you like gangsters to kidnap in public?"

Colin started the car and drove forward. "Mr. Nathan, don't worry. We are all ordinary citizens. Of course we won't do such a thing as kidnapping. But in order not to let Mr. Nathan suffer more harm, we'd better send you to a safe place as soon as possible. I did all this for Mr. Ye's safety. Please don't worry."

The car ran fast. It didn't stop until it had reached the courtyard of the Ye family's residence.

Colin got off the car first, opened the door and escorted Nathan out.

The security guards at the gate saw that Nathan was treated like this and hurried out.

Colin pushed Nathan over and said modestly with his hands behind his back, "I just saw Mr. Nathan fight with a passerby because of bothering an unmarried mother on the street. For his personal safety, I sent him back in person. I hope your masters can teach him well. If there is any bad news about the young master from this famous family, it would not be very good."

After finishing his words, Colin bowed to them in a righteous and awe inspiring manner, turned around, and got on the car to leave.

Mrs. Yvonne and Bessie walked out of the house in a hurry. Looking at the car which was going far away, Bessie felt it a little familiar, but she didn't care much because she thought it might be a car of the same style.

Mrs. Yvonne's heart ached when she saw her son in such a mess. She quickly took Nathan's hand and walked into the room. She anxiously ordered the servants to take the first-aid kit.

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