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   Chapter 25 Tearing the Scar apart

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In the VIP room next to where Susie was, Colin looked at Raymond with complicated feelings and said nothing.

They didn't expect to meet Susie here when they were doing business. Colin wondered whether they were deeply in love or deeply in hatred.

Colin sat there without saying a word. He knew that Raymond would definitely do something.

As expected, Raymond said to him, "Go investigate the background of that woman. If necessary, you can give her a warning."

"Uh... Do you want me to investigate the background of Miss Flora? If there is anything wrong with her, you'll inform Susie?"

Looking at him coldly, Raymond said, "If your comprehension ability has been reduced to the point that I have to explain everything to you in detail, I think it's useless for me to hire you."

"OK! I understand everything totally. One hundred percent. Nothing missed. I'll do it right now! Just wait and see!"

Colin sighed about his low status. He had to be treated so rudely by them like this!

With complaints, Colin quickly started the investigation.

Raymond had always felt that this matter was somewhat strange, but he could not tell why at this moment.

It seemed that they could only wait until Colin found out something.

"Let's go."

Colin couldn't figure out what was going on in Raymond's mind. He stood up in a hurry and asked, "Where are we going?"

"Are we going to stay in the cafe forever?"


The two walked out together. Colin kept nagging. "Are we going back to the company? Or home?"

At the door of the coffee shop, Raymond suddenly stopped. His dashing eyebrows were so squeezed together that deep winkles were formed.

Colin was still confused, but when he looked out, he found that Susie hadn't gone far yet, and in front of her was the person that Raymond didn't want to meet at all -- Nathan Ye.

Colin scratched his head and said to Raymond, "Well, Boss, I'm going to drive the car. Please wait here for a moment."

While speaking, Colin turned around and left.

Maybe without him here, Raymond would do something unexpectedly.

As expected, when there was no one by his side to remind him, Raymond was completely out of control at the moment when he saw that Nathan grabbed Susie's hand. He immediately rushed forward.


ore Susie could refuse the sudden stretch of Nathan's hand, her hand was pulled back by a pair of more powerful hands. Everything was so unexpected that she did not have time to react.

The two of them stared blankly at Raymond who suddenly appeared in front of them, unable to react.

Raymond said to Nathan in a mocking way. "What are you doing, Mr. Nathan? You dared to harass a woman in public. If it was photographed by some bad media. You would become the headline tomorrow!"

Nathan was a little speechless. His frozen hand moved for a while and then he pointed at Raymond. "Then what is this for, Mr. Raymond? Didn't you do the same thing to harass her?"

Taking a glance at his hands holding Susie hand, Raymond let go of it silently and fought back, "So what? Even if we are photographed, our relationship could be explained much easily! You should know that we have a child. Even if we are photographed as lovers living together now, there is nothing to be afraid of. Different from Mr. Nathan, what's your relationship with her?"

Nathan almost fainted because of anger. "Mr. Raymond, it seems you know quite well about those shameless things you've done to Sue before. Since you have gained Sue, why did you do that to hurt her? What you have done doesn't deserve to be called a man at all! What rights do you have to compare yourself with me?"

"Don't I have any right? Was what you have done to Ms. Susie aboveboard? Back then, Mr. Nathan, you insulted Ms. Susie when you knew she was my woman, which led to our current situation. Do you deserve to be called a man?" Raymond coldly fought back.

"I..." Nathan was about to say something else but Susie stopped him with a shout.

"You two are enough! Is it interesting to uncover my scars one by one? Neither of you is a man!"

At this moment, Susie's mind was like exploding. The scene many years ago kept flashing through her mind. That was her shame, a shame that she would never be able to erase in her life!

She tried her best to forget, even if by a temporary solution or leading a busy life, but the two of them had to reveal this humiliation in front of her!

"Both of you, get away from my face! I don't want to see you anymore!"

In great pain, Susie stepped back, turned around, and ran away.

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