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   Chapter 24 Her Dream of Cello

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There was no change on Susie's facial expression.

"Many things would have happened in ten years." She said to Flora.

"But I can see that you haven't changed." Flora smiled at her.

"You know, from the time I started to be a tutor, until now I have my own band. You are the most talented cello player I've ever seen!"

Susie smiled back bitterly. "But now I don't even have the money to buy a cello."

Flora held her hand sadly and said, "I've missed too much back then. If I knew it at the beginning, I would definitely help you."

"It doesn't matter. It's my own family business. It has nothing to do with others. Now I have adapted to this kind of life. I can't complain!" Susie said to her firmly, as if she was persuading others as well as herself.

"But your dream of playing the cello shouldn't have been shattered. If you want to continue your study, I can help you to come to my school. With your ability, you can be an assistant teacher, which would be my honor as well!" Flora suggested, patting on Susie's hands.

She was stunned, as she didn't expect that she would have the chance to play the cello again!

Susie asked in disbelief, "Miss Flora, is that true? Are you really willing to let me go to your school?"

"Why not? I've told you that you're the most talented person I've ever seen. It would be a big pity if you don't play it any more. That's why I come to you this time. I beg you to come to my school! Will you agree?"

Of course, Susie was willing to, but her work in the convenience store seemed to be in conflict.

"I have a job in a small shop. I don't have too much time to work in your school." Susie said with hesitation.

"It doesn't matter. You can come over whenever you have time. The school door is always open to you."

Now that Miss Flora had said

so, Susie was really touched.

Cello was her lifelong hobby. If it weren't for the sudden change in her family, she would have continued to play it now.

Back then, her dream was to hold a concert tour around the world so that people all over the world could hear her play cello.

Now she finally had the chance to play it again. She was so happy that she nodded repeatedly. "Miss Flora, don't worry please. You gave me a chance. I won't give it up!"

Flora nodded and said, "Very good, I will wait for you. I believe that you will definitely become an excellent cello player who surpasses me, surpasses the whole country, and goes international."

"I will try my best!" Susie promised excitedly.

Flora was very happy. She looked at her watch and said, "It's getting late. I have something to deal with, so I'm leaving now. You can order whatever you want. I'll pay for it. Help yourself. See you around."

"Miss Flora, please go ahead with your work. I'll go home shortly as well."

Flora stood up gracefully and walked out of the coffee shop.

Through the glass outside, Flora looked at Susie with a bit of gloom in her eyes.

Sitting there and tasting the coffee slowly, Susie hadn't known the taste of the coffee for a long time.

She tasted the coffee and listened to the melodious music. Such a wonderful life had been away from her for a long time. She seemed to miss it, but she would never be attached to it.

However, after drinking this cup of coffee, Susie's whole body suddenly burned up with energy again. She felt that she had found a reason to live on. She had become a person with dreams!

'Nat, maybe I will miss you less and less, but in my heart, you are the most important person for Mom forever and ever.'

After drinking off the coffee, Susie stood up and left.

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