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   Chapter 23 Encountering an Old Friend

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Sitting there, Nathan rubbed his forehead with a headache. It was killing him!

Before he could make the girl he loved to fall in love with him, the pressure came from his family immediately.

But how could he give up so easily? He had been in love with this girl for so many years. No matter what happened, he couldn't let her go easily.

Maybe this was God's test for their love. He had to hold on, and only in this way could he get what he wanted, and could he finally achieved.

No matter how much pressure others gave him, he would never let go of her!

Back home from the hospital, Bessie hummed happily. The huge change of her mood made Colin can't help but whistle to her.

Bessie cast a cold glance at him and continued humming happily.

Colin walked to her with a smile and smelled her gently. He said in a lascivious tone, "Oh, how can I smell spring from our Ms. Bess. Didn't she still look desperate yesterday? What happened? How soon you've forgotten the heartbreaker already! Have you found your new sweetheart?"

Bessie rolled her eyes at him and said, "Am I so easy to give up?" My sweetheart is still the same one. Never changed! I thought I was going to fail my first love yesterday, but now it's different. I know that he doesn't have a girlfriend at all, so I'm still his candidate! From now on, I will go all out to pursue my own happiness!"

While speaking, Bessie left as light as a fairy.

Colin looked at this capricious girl in disbelief and touched his nose boringly. He said to himself, "It seems that I need to find a girlfriend, too. Otherwise, others will be in pairs. It's really not a good feeling to single and lonely!"

The life without Nat became dull

and boring. Susie led a nine to five life every day, and she didn't know what her future would be like.

She thought that maybe only by making herself busier could she forget everything and forget the pain.

Nathan said that she needed some fun in her life, or she would have no motivation to live.

But Susie didn't know what else fun she could have in her life.

Until one day, she got off work tiredly. When she was waiting for a bus, a very bright luxury car stopped in front of her.

Susie looked at it indifferently until the car window was rolled down and she saw a familiar and kind face. She got in the car.

The car dropped them at a luxurious coffee shop. It had been a long time since Susie entered such a high-end place, but she still had all the etiquette, which was not too inappropriate.

Sitting opposite to her was Flora Zhao, a beautiful and gentle woman who had taught Susie the cello before the Su family disappeared.

When she was the cello tutor for Susie, Flora was still a student who didn't even graduate from college. She looked simple and innocent at that time.

Unlike now, she had become dignified, noble, and elegant. She was thirty or forty years old, but time did not leave any trace on her body. Instead, she looked more and more beautiful in Susie's eyes.

"Miss Flora, I didn't expect to see you again. We haven't seen each other for about ten years." Susie said to her with a sigh.

Flora nodded and said, "Yes, my parents forced me to go home and get married, so I went back. I didn't expect that the Su family would disappear after I went back home. I've been looking for you and inquiring about you for a long time. Today, I finally find you!"

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