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   Chapter 22 Mrs. Yvonne's Backup

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Right then, a middle-aged elegant woman walked over behind Bessie and gently patted her on the shoulder.

Bessie turned around and looked at the lady whom she didn't know at all. She asked politely, "Hello, aunt, what can I do for you?"

"Hello, Miss. I saw you chatting with Dr. Nathan just now. Do you know each other?" The lady asked her.

"Dr. Nathan... I have a crush on him. But maybe he already had someone in his heart! What a pity! He is the first person in my life that I have a crush on."

Bessie answered her in disappointment. As soon as the woman heard Bessie's words, her face immediately burst into laughter. "As far as I know, Dr. Nathan doesn't have a girlfriend yet."

"I'm afraid not. I saw him with a beautiful girl yesterday. They seemed to be very close." Bessie said.

There was a trace of emotion on the woman's face, but she still smiled and said, "Although I don't know who you are, I can see that you are a good girl. Don't worry. As long as I know Dr. Nathan doesn't have a girlfriend, he must have no girlfriend! I know Dr. Nathan very well. If you really like him, I can help you get close to him."

"Really, aunt? Don't worry. I'm not a bad girl. My name is Bessie Leng, and I graduated from Columbia University. If you can really push me and Dr. Nathan further, I will be very grateful!" Bessie was so cheerful.

The woman nodded seriously. She took out a note from her bag, wrote down her phone number and handed it to Bessie. "Bessie, whenever you are free, we can keep in touch."

"Sure, sure!" Bessie took over the note and put it away carefully as if she had found a treasure.

There was a call of her name from the pharmacy counter. Bessie immediately waved at the woman and said, "Aunt, I'm going to get the medicine. If you have time, let's go shopping together! See you."

"Okay. See you."

The woman stood there, smiled gently, and watched Bessie disappear. Then she turned around and went upstairs.

There was another patient in Nathan's consulting room. Mrs. Yvonne quietly came in and sat on the chair in front of the window, reading a magazine.

Nathan exhorted the patient for a while and sent him away. Then he walked over and sat opposite her. He smiled and said, "Mom, why are you free to come to see me in the hospital today?"


y son has been back from the US for so many days. I only heard your voice on the phone. I haven't even seen you in person. What do you think I am doing here?" Mrs. Ye looked at her son and complained.

"I'm too busy with the hospital. I passed out!"

"The hospital is only ten or twenty minutes away from home. You decided to stay in hotel but never comes home. Why? Or did you go to see that woman again as soon as you came back?"

Mrs. Yvonne's words were a little aggressive, and Nathan was not very happy now. Hearing Mrs. Yvonne call Susie as "that woman", he became even unhappier.

"Mom, she has a name. You know it! Our two families used to be so close. You can't be so snobbish. You can't look down upon her just because Sue's family has been destroyed." Nathan couldn't help but complained.

"I never dislike her because of her broken family. Since we knew each other, I have never dislike her or her mother!"

Mrs. Yvonne looked at him seriously and said, "Not to mention about her past. Even at present, I won't accept her as our daughter-in-law! So you'd better cut off all relations with her as soon as possible, and don't force me to personally stand out, which will be even worse!"

"Mom, you have never been so aggressive before! What's wrong with Sue? No matter what her mother had done, she was innocent! Please don't hurt her!" Nathan begged. He really couldn't understand why his mother dislike Susie so much.

"Like mother, like daughter! My silly son! You don't know how the Su family developed, but I know it clearly! How could a daughter be a good lady if she had a mother who was a liar? Susie got pregnant before marriage and gave birth to an illegitimate daughter. This was the best evidence and the biggest failure in her life! Because of this, she can never be with my best son!" Mrs. Yvonne answered firmly.


"Well, stop that. It's a foregone conclusion. Even your father won't agree. Son, I don't want to have any dispute with you because of this matter. Our relationship shouldn't be destroyed by anyone. Forget it. I'm going to buy your favorite food. Remember to go home for dinner tonight. Keep up your hard work. I'm leaving now. Bye."

Without giving Nathan a chance to defend that woman again, Mrs. Yvonne stood up and left the hospital.

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