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   Chapter 21 Heartbroken from Love

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But now it was not the right time to care about it. He'd better calm her down as soon as possible.

"Well, then tell me his name. Since you can meet him today, it means that he is nearby. Tomorrow, I will dig him out for you and ask him to marry you by pointing his head with a gun!"

Bessie was overjoyed. "His name is Nathan!"

"Nathan? Is he an American? I will investigate all the foreigners called Nathan who have entered the country tomorrow!" Colin stopped her from kicking up her heels. It was not difficult to solve such a simple problem.

"No, he is a Chinese, an authentic Chinese!"

Colin understood but suddenly felt headache. Since that man was a Chinese, the name of Nathan must be a nickname. How can he investigate it?

Seeing that Colin became silent, Bessie burst into tears again. She couldn't control herself anymore!

Colin felt his headache become stronger. When he was at a loss, Bessie suddenly stopped crying and fell down.

Colin hugged her in a hurry and looked at Raymond, who suddenly appeared behind Bessie, in a shock.

However, Raymond didn't feel guilty at all. He just clapped his hands and said, "If I didn't do that, who knows how long she will cry! How could others sleep? Now take her to her bedroom."

Colin gave him a thumbs up silently, picked up Bessie, and went upstairs.

All of a sudden, the house became quiet again, leaving Raymond alone in the big living room.

In his heart, complicated feelings and loneliness went on and on.

In the next morning, Bessie woke up and felt a little uncomfortable because of the hangover. Her stomach was so uncomfortable that she almost vomited.

She knew it was her stomach problem again, so she didn't even have breakfast. She endured the discomfort and drove to the nearest hospital to see a doctor.

She registered, saw the doctor, and was given a prescription. Then she went to the pharmacy department for medicine.

Sitting in the waiting area, Bessie felt very uncomfortable and covered her stomach with her hands, but when she thought of her disappointment towards Nathan, she still felt a little sad.

She had never thought that her first love would end in such a hurry, and she even didn't have chance to tell him she liked him.

But what could she do? She fell in love with s

omeone by accident and saw the man she loved had another woman!

Alas, she felt herself so pitiful at the thought of it!

From her childhood to adulthood, her life had given her everything she wanted. She had thought that even her love and marriage would be the same, and that she could easily get the person she loved. She hadn't thought that this kind of thing would happen to her. Why God treats her this way?

Now she not only had a stomachache, but also had a heartache!

Bessie raised her head hard to hold back her tears, but she accidentally saw that person with familiar face appear here.

Although her heart ached, she couldn't help but run over and stood in front of him. She said in surprise, "Hi, Nathan. I didn't expect to see you here. How are you? Are you here to see a doctor? Oh no, you are a doctor yourself!"

Nathan stared blankly at the cheerful girl who suddenly appeared in front of him. It took him a while to recall who she was.

He asked her in surprise, "Why are you here? Miss Leng."

Bessie felt a little sad. "I didn't expect you to remember my name."

Nathan smiled slightly and raised his hand to look at his watch. "Miss Leng, it's time for me to go to work. If you feel uncomfortable, you can come to me. I'm leaving now."

Bessie grabbed him and asked, "Are you working here? I thought you were working in the US! Look, you're back, and I'm back, too. And we've met in this place. Don't you think we're destined to meet? "

Nathan felt a little helpless. He raised his wrist and knocked on the surface, indicating her to check the time.

Looking at his careless face, Bessie felt really sad, but she still wanted to solve the doubts in her heart, so she asked, "Nathan, may I know your real name?"

"Nathan Ye. My Chinese name is Xiangnan."

"You... Do you have a girlfriend? I saw you by accident yesterday and you were with a girl. That girl is very beautiful!"

Nathan sighed. "Miss Leng, this should be my private affair. We are just a doctor and a patient. There is no need to tell you my private affairs, right? I really have to go to work. See you."

Nathan nodded humbly and strode to the elevator for going upstairs.

Seeing that Nathan gradually went away, Bessie felt more and more depressed. She stood there dejectedly.

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