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   Chapter 20 Drunken Bessie

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"I never mind all those things at all. What I care about is only you from beginning to end! If you blame yourself for this, then I should blame myself more! It's all my fault. I didn't protect you well, so I let Raymond that villain hurt you!"

"It has nothing to do with you. It's undeniable that I loved Raymond with all my heart back then. I loved him so much that I would not care about anything. And no matter in the past or at present, I have never loved you! All your kindness to me is not worthy."

The conversation with Nathan still went on Susie's mind. Thinking of her love for Raymond at that time, she felt ridiculous!

Pushing Nathan out from her room, Susie kept a safe distance from him. "You are Mr. Nathan, the oldest son of the Ye family. You should live in a noble palace, not in this shabby building. The gap between us is the way too huge! I don't have the delicate cuisine you want to eat here, so I won't keep you for lunch. Thank you for sending me back, but don't do such meaningless things anymore!"

Then she closed the door, which separated the two people.

Nathan didn't give up and yelled outside, "I won't compromise so easily! I love you, no matter if you love me or not. If you don't love me now, I can wait until the moment you fall in love with me in the end! I won't give up!"

In the room, hearing what he said, Susie had no choice but to accept it. She didn't become softhearted though.

She couldn't be softhearted, nor would she be softhearted. Because that person was not the one she loved in her heart, and he couldn't leave any trace in her heart.

She hadn't accepted this man under such a difficult time back then, and now she wouldn't accept him either.

She had to refuse him again and again. Maybe only in this way could she let him leave, and let him stay away from her, who was always in trouble.

From the moment she met Raymond, she was doomed to lose the

ability to love others...

In the villa of the Leng family, Bessie didn't go home until she got drunk at midnight. She lay on the sofa and burst into tears.

The loud noise woke up everyone in the room.

Raymond had just put Nat to sleep. He walked out with a frown and stood by the handrail of the second floor, looking down at the scene.

Colin quickly went downstairs and helped Bessie up. He said crossly, "Ms. Bess, you don't have to be like this just for such a small thing, do you? Come on, go upstairs!" He thought she was sad because of the encounter with Raymond earlier during the day.

However, Bessie pushed Colin away and cried, "I'm disappointed in my love affair. Can't you leave me alone? I'm suffering. Don't bother me! I want to stay alone for a while!"

Colin was stunned, "Disappointed in love affair? Damn it! When did you fall in love?"

"What can I do? He is the only one I like. I fell in love with him at the first time when I met him in the US. I didn't expect that I would be abandoned by him at the second time when I met him! Ahhh..."

Colin was speechless. What was this? She broke up with her boyfriend at the second time when they met. How ridiculous! It was just her unrequited love indeed!

To stop Bessie from continuing howling, Colin had to comfort her. "Darling, there are many good men in the world. He is not the only one! Have a good rest. I'll introduce you a better one tomorrow!"

With tears in her eyes, Bessie looked at Colin with a distain and said, "Forget it. Birds of a feather flock together. The man you know must be as bad as you. I don't want him! I just like my prince charming! If you are capable enough, why don't you make my prince charming fall in love with me! I don't care. I only love him all my life!"

Colin was speechless. Why on earth was he involved in this? He was so kind to comfort her, but she fought back and blamed him. So rude!

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