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   Chapter 19 Susie's Refusal

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Bessie didn't drive away. In the car, she was very happy to see Nathan through the rearview mirror, but soon she saw him walking with a young and beautiful girl. She felt sad again.

'Shouldn't he be in the US? Why did he suddenly come back? He is so intimate with this girl. Is she his girlfriend? Did he come back for her?

Alas, am I crossed in love already without starting the relationship with him? I feel so sad!'

All of a sudden, Bessie had a lot of questions going on her mind and felt so sad that she couldn't live anymore!

Starting the car, Bessie left the place with a broken heart.

In front of her apartment, Susie opened the door and invited Nathan in.

Nathan changed his slippers as usually at the doorway, but he found something wrong as soon as he entered.

There was no single trace of Nat in the room, not even a trace of memory about her, as if there was no such a little girl living there before. The whole room seemed to be empty!

He looked back at Susie, only to find that she seemed to feel nothing while searching for food in the fridge.

"Well, I've told you there's nothing to eat at home, but you insist on coming with me! What should we do now?"

Looking at the empty fridge, Susie frowned. There were only a handful of vegetables and a few eggs in it, and there was nothing else to eat.

Nathan also glanced at it and couldn't help frowning. "Is this how you treat yourself living alone?"

"What else can I do to live alone? I'm happy with the life I'm leading now. You know I don't care much about modality, as long as I could live on." Susie shrugged, insisted that there was nothing wrong.

"But you shouldn't be so cruel to yourself! Even if you are living by yourself, you have to lead a good life. If you don't like to live alone, I can take care of you! You know

how long I've been waiting for this day! But you always refused me before. I'm waiting for you to accept it one day!" Nathan felt sorry for her. His princess shouldn't have led such a pitiful life. He couldn't hide his care and love for Susie any longer, so he expressed everything right now.

Susie showed an indifference smile on her face. "Do you know why I refused you before?"

Nathan answered firmly, "Because you had Nat before."

"I will still refuse you now, still because of Nat." Susie said.

Nathan said anxiously, "She is no longer with you. She can't be an obstacle between us! You can't still use her as an excuse to refuse me anymore!"

"No, it's impossible for us to be together forever because of Nat. Whether Nat is with me or not."

Susie sighed but still smiling. "You are a perfect man, perfect enough to make any girl fall in love with you, including me!"

"But you refused me again and again!" Nathan couldn't figure it out. Since he was perfect enough in Susie's heart, why didn't she accept him?

"But your perfection is not something that the current Susie could match! What you deserve is the Susie who hadn't met Raymond before. At that time, Susie was not influenced by any worldly factors. She was as pure as a white cloud, as noble as a princess. Only a princess deserves a perfect prince like you!"

Nathan said to her seriously, "No matter when and where, you are always a princess in my eyes!"

However, Susie shook her head to disagree and said, "The current Susie doesn't deserve you now! She lost her palace, her pride, and even herself has become dirty. Nathan, Nat is the person I love most all my life, but she is also my stain! Whether she is with me or not, the wound I have gained when giving birth to her will always remind me about it. I can never forget it!"

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