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   Chapter 18 Raymond Blocked Their Way

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Nat followed Bessie back to the car obediently. She told Bessie that her mother should be working in a convenience store on the commercial street.

However, as soon as she opened the navigation, Bessie was stunned. There were more than one commercial street in Amber City! They are in different locations on the city map. Which commercial street should they go?

Nat looked at Bessie with expectation, which made her a little embarrassed. She had to bite the bullet and said, "Well, no matter where your mother is working, I will take you to find her! Since you are living in this place. Your mother must be working on the nearest commercial street, right? Then let's go to the nearest one!"

It had to be said that although Bessie was bad at direction, she was very smart. After all, she was born in an unusual family, so she was able to cope with different situations.

After confirming the place to go on the GPS, Bessie immediately drove to the nearest commercial street.

But before she could drive out of the winding alley, she was blocked by a black car.

Bessie was about to scold the driver, but the car was too familiar to her. She could only choose to be a coward and hide in the car, pretending she didn't realize who that would be.

As expected, Raymond got out of the car. In black suit, he walked to her car and knocked on the window of the driver's seat.

Bessie lowered the window timidly and put on a big smile on her face. "Hi, Bro. I didn't expect us to be able to read each other's minds. I just want to take Nat out for some fresh air! But I got lost by accident!" Bessie tried to make herself look innocent.

"Is it for real?"

Raymond didn't believe her at all. He glanced at her coldly, opened the back door, and took Nat out of the car. He carefully examined her body and found that there was nothing wrong with her. Then he said to Bessie, "If anything happens to Nat, I will chop off your hands! Even if Grandpa and your father are here in front of me, I will do it without any doubt!"

Bess was startled by his seriousness, and faintly felt some pains on her wrists.

With Nat in his arms, Raymond got into the black car. After settling Nat down on the children's seat, he signaled for Colin to drive away. Nat was afraid Raymond would do something to harm Bessie, so she kept silent as soon as he appeared.

Looking at Bessie's car which was gradually fading away, Nat knew that her plan today might be stopped. Tears fell down all of a sudden, and she could not help but sob in a low voice.

Looking at her pitiful face, Raymond could not help clenching his fists slightly.

He was a little reluctant to part with her, but when he thought of Susie's heartlessness to him and what he had said before, he wouldn't give up his dignity and look at Susie's cold expression again.

On the other hand, Raymond had never got along with such young child. He didn't know what to do. So he pretended not to see anything and turned to look outside the car.

Looking at the angry father and the sobbing daughter through the rearview mirror, Colin shook his head helplessly and drove slowly out of the narrow alley.

At the same time, another black car brushed past them by and drove in the alley behind.

Nathan parked the car downstairs of the building, looked at Susie, and said, "Don't you really want to treat me a meal? For the sake of my tiring trip and comforts?" He tried to make a joke to relax Susie.

Susie smiled to him in embarrassment. "There is really nothing to eat in the kitchen. Now I'm the only one here, so I didn't buy too much food which might go bad pretty soon."

"It doesn't matter. Even if it's just a bowl of instant noodles, I'll be very happy! Please!" Nathan formed a begging gesture using two hands, looking like a pitiful puppy.

Since Susie couldn't refuse him anymore, she had to compromise and nodded.

Seeing that, Nathan was so happy that he ran out of the car quickly like a child and opened the door for Susie. Then he took her handbag and went upstairs with her.

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