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   Chapter 17 Nobody Home

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Bessie carefully fastened the seat belt for Nat, and then entered in GPS the address they were going to. When the GPS confirmed their destination, Nat said in surprise, "It's my home!"

Bessie said complacently, "Aunt Bessie might not be smart, but she can remember everything! Sit tight. I'll take you to Mom right now!" Bessie had seen Susie's address on the delivery package once and she remembered it privately.

"But Aunt Bessie, what if Dad gets angry?" Nat asked worriedly.

Bessie started the car and drove out. "So what? At the worst, just let him scold me! He looks horrible but indeed he wouldn't do anything serious. There was no need to be afraid of him! Let's go!"

The car sped out of the villa of the Leng family, like a river running with no return.

As soon as they left, Linda called Colin and told him that Bessie had taken Nat out.

On the other end of the phone, Colin felt things were getting worse as soon as he knew what happened in the villa. He had known that Bessie was a person who stirred up troubles, but he didn't expect that she would be so bold and troubles came so quickly!

He had just come out of the villa and received such a call before he had entered the company. It was so soon that she could make troubles!

But when he thought about Nat, he agreed that she was indeed a poor girl and he also wanted to help her. Colin thought for a moment. He didn't need to tell Raymond about this incident right now, perhaps later.

Then maybe this little girl could be happier?

After all, Nat was the most innocent one who was hurt the most when Raymond and Susie kept fighting with each other like this.

Colin slowed down his car. Finally, he arrived at the company building much later than planned. He knocked on the door of Raymond's office carelessly with his luggage.

Without raising his head, Raymond asked, "Have you brought all my stuff? When I'm not home, did Bessie make any trouble?"

"Uh... What do you mean by trouble? She didn't cause any big trouble at home these days, but just now I received a call from Linda. Bess just went out with your daughter!" Colin thought twice. Although he had delayed in reporting the trouble in the villa, he still needed to tell Raymon

d what had happened.

Raymond raised his head and looked at Colin coldly, asking, "Where did they head to?"

"I don't know yet, but I can guess what she is doing with your daughter. You know her personality. The more you don't want her to do, the more she wants to do!" Colin answered.

So the answer was quite obvious, wasn't it?

As expected, Raymond suddenly stood up and rushed out in anger.

Colin heaved a sigh of relief and prayed in his heart for the little princess. Wish she could see her mother!

Bessie was really bad at direction. Even with the GPS navigator, she still drove to a lot of wrong directions. Fortunately, they finally arrived at the place they were heading to.

As soon as she got out of the car, Bessie couldn't help but sigh. 'Nat's mother is the way too at saving, isn't she? How could she live in such a... Such a slum like place! Was she so poor?'

Bess didn't know where to stand. The road was full of garbage and mud, looking quite dirty. The building in front of her looked broken, as if a stronger wind might tear it down.

But Nat was very excited. She had recognized her home as soon as the car arrived. She jumped out of the car and ran quickly to their apartment in the building.

Bessie exclaimed. If anything happened to her niece, she would be in big trouble!

She hurried to catch up with her. Nat was already standing on tiptoe to ring the doorbell.

The doorbell rang for a long time, but there was no movement nor sound from inside. Nat became a little depressed.

'Did her mother really abandon me? Why was there no movement at home? Didn't mom want to see me?' Wondering that, Nat's eyes became red. Tears gathered and almost fell down.

Looking at her disappointed expression, Bessie hurriedly comforted her, "Maybe your mother is at work at this time. Don't be sad. I will let you see your mother today!"

Nat raised her head happily. "I know where Mom works! Aunt Bess, can you please take me there?" She looked at Bessie expectantly.

"Sure! Let's go back to the car first. Aunt Bess is not familiar with this city. Wherever I go, I need the GPS navigation!" Bessie grabbed Nat's little hand and they headed to the car parked at the roadside together.

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