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   Chapter 16 Let's Go Find Your Mom

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In the past few days, the villa of the Leng family seemed to be much quieter. At least, Raymond did not appear at all.

Bessie seized the opportunity to ask Colin, "Where is my cousin? Why haven't I seen him for a few days?"

Heaving a sigh, Colin showed her the suitcase in his hand and answered, "I'm afraid that your brother couldn't bear the crying of the little princess at home and she always wanted to find her mother, so he moved to the company on his own initiative and started working on his accumulated work during his recovery. Today He just sent me to pack his luggage for him. I don't think he will come back in a short while."

"Can he stand it? How could he not take good care of himself after such a serious operation? If my aunt knows this news, she would be heartbroken!" Bessie couldn't believe what she heard.

Colin shrugged, "Then what can I do? I have no choice!"

Bessie also sighed. Yes, she was always impressed by her cousin's character!

There are only things that he doesn't want to do. Otherwise, nobody could make him change his mind.

"In that case, please take good care of him, Colin. It's good that he isn't at home. Then I can do whatever I want." Bessie seemed quite happy.

Colin sneered, "How dare you? He just doesn't stay home for the time being, not never coming back. Watch yourself!"

"Okay, I know I know. You'd better leave now!" Bessie pushed Colin to the door while talking to him.

Colin waved his hand and left. He couldn't stay here for too long. His cruel boss Raymond didn't give him much time to waste here.

Standing there, Bessie smiled proudly. Without the restraint of her cousin, she might have a happy life!

Lucy ran out in a hurry. Seeing that there was only Bessie at home, she had to come to her. Perhaps only Bessie had a way to subdue the little princess.

"Miss Bessie, Miss Nat is losing her temper again. Please go and have a look."

"Sure!" Bessie clapped her hands, turned around, and walked upstairs to Nat's room.

Before Bessie went into the room, she heard Nat crying loudly, "I want to see my mommy! I want to see my mommy!"

Several nannies in the room couldn't co

mfort the little girl who had lost her temper.

Bessie walked in with a smile and said, "Oh, my little princess, what's going on here? Why are you crying? Tell Aunt Bess. I'll help you."

"Aunt, I want to see Mom! I miss Mom! Mom promised me she would come to see me after the surgery. But she hasn't come for so long. Has she abandoned me?" Holding her little rabbit doll, Nat asked Bessie while sobbing.

"How could it be? You are so cute, thoughtful, and beautiful. Your mother loves you the most. How could she abandon you? But she might be too busy recently. She will come to see you as soon as she has time." Bessie tried to use the excuse last time to persuade her.

"I don't believe it! I don't believe it! I want Mom now! I will go find Mom now!!! Woo woo..."

Natalie whimpered louder and louder. Her crying almost broke the house.

Bessie was so frightened that she begged Natalie. "My dear niece, could you please keep your voice down? If your father heard it, he would think I bullied you!"

"I want to find Mom! Woo woo..." Natalie, however, didn't listen to Bessie.

"Alright, alright, I'll take you to your mother! Don't cry, okay?"

While speaking, Bessie reached out to wipe her tears and said, "Come on, you just had an operation, and you haven't fully recovered yet. Put on more clothes. It's not good if you catch a cold and have a fever. The weather outside was not stable these days, so we'd better be careful. If anything happens to you, your father will kill me!"

Bessie found a thick coat and covered Natalie with a scarf and mask. Then she walked out with Natalie in her arms.

Linda noticed that. She rushed over to stop them. "Miss Bessie, you can't take Miss Nat out. If Mr. Raymond knows it, he will punish us again."

"Oh, it doesn't matter. Didn't you see Nat was about to get sick after being locked up in the room? I just take her out for some fresh air. Even if my cousin knows it, he wouldn't mind. At the worst, I'll be the only person who is responsible for it. We will just go have a walk in a short while and will be back pretty soon!"

Despite servants' resistance, Bessie carried Natalie into the car.

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