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   Chapter 15 Comfort and Advice from a Friend

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There was a few simple dining tables and chairs outside the convenience store. Susie opened a can of drink and handed it to Nathan. "What about your internship there? Would your sudden coming back have negative impact on it?"

"What does it matter? Our hospital would send another doctor there. After such a big incident, you must be very sad that Nat had suddenly left you. If I don't come back to accompany you, who else can you rely on when you during this difficult time?" Nathan stared at Susie pitifully.

"I won't feel sad. Giving Nat back to her father might be the best choice for the three of us. Since Raymond could save his daughter and provide Nat with a much better life, it's the best solution for Nat. Then why shouldn't I give her to him? In this case, Nat would have a chance to live in the future. She doesn't have to suffer with me anymore. I don't have the ability to give her a good life, while Raymond definitely can. I don't have to face her every day, who always made me feel guilty to my parents, as I gave birth to a child for a man who made my family broken."

Susie tried to make herself sound quite relaxed. "I'll be living with myself in the future. I don't have to work so hard anymore. It's much better for me, isn't it?"

Nathan looked at her pretended strong smile, but he couldn't smile at all. "Of course I hope you can get out of that shadow earlier than anyone else, but do you really feel relaxed and think that's a good thing for both you and Nat?"

"It doesn't matter. I will lead a good life without any burden."

Susie forced another smile. "I don't have to work so hard to save money in the future. I can walk around and feel at ease. All by myself. That feeling has been gone for a long time."

Nathan looked at her seriously. Although he knew clearly that it was impossible to be as simple as what Susie said, he wa

s willing to let her live a carefree life since she wanted to deceive herself and make herself feel relaxed.

"Why don't you leave here and start a new life? You majored in music when you were a student. You like to play cello the most. What about going to Italy and continue to learn cello to complete your unfinished dream?" Nathan suggested.

Playing cello? That was her dream in the past. That was her favorite.

But she looked at her own hands. She hadn't touched the noble and elegant violoncello for many years. Instead, she was almost out of breath under the burden of life. Her hands were no longer what they used to be. They were no longer slender, and no longer like a pair of hands that could play the cello.

Susie burst into laughter bitterly. "I almost forgot how to play the cello. Five years have passed, and my original dream has been buried in the grave."

Nathan also stared at her hands. The little princess who used to be arrogant had changed totally. She had been destroyed by harness in her life, and no longer looked as energetic and vigorous as she used to be.

Nathan felt deeply sorry for her. He had always wanted to protect this little princess, but he had never been able to do that.

But it didn't matter. There would be no burden and depression for Susie in the future. There would be a new beginning between them in the future.

He would never let this fragile little woman face and fight against the life difficulties alone. He must protect her well.

Now that Susie had just lost Nat, perhaps she was not used to it yet. She would gradually forget it.

Since Susie had told him that she would never ever forgive Raymond, he had plenty of time to wait. He was waiting for Susie to open her heart and let him come into her life eventually.

They sat on the lonely street at night, chatting and comforting each other.

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