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   Chapter 14 Loving the Child Dearly

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When she went downstairs and saw the expectant look in Colin's eyes, Bessie shrugged and said, "The little girl misses her mother, but now she is willing to eat because of my persuasion."

Colin gave her a thumbs up.

Bessie passed by Raymond and sat straight on the sofa. She held a cushion and sighed, "The couple are having a fight. The baby is the one who suffers most. She is too young! She needs her mother's love but she couldn't see her. Nat is so pitiful."

"It's her mother who abandoned her!" Raymond fought back immediately.

Bessie sneered, "I won't believe such a ridiculous reason. All mothers in this world love their children dearly. You must have done something terrible to her so she refused to come back, right? You are really something. You scared her so much that she even abandoned her own daughter!"

Raymond looked at her coldly, "She and I are at daggers drawn!"

Then Raymond turned around and went upstairs. If he continued talking to Bessie, he would lose his temper again.

Bessie shouted behind him, "Since you are at daggers drawn, how could you get a baby together? You just don't want to be responsible for what you have done! Don't you see how pitiful your daughter is? You don't deserve to be a good father! You should take the child back to her mother! At least she can feel love and care with her mother. You don't care about her at all here! "

But Raymond seemed to hear nothing and slammed the door of his room upstairs.

Without any response from Raymond, Bessie could do nothing but hold a cushion to vent her anger.

Colin took a sip of water and said, "You're something, too, Bessie. You are the only one who dares to talk to Raymond like this!"

"Did I say anything wrong? He should be responsible for what he has done, shouldn't he? I don't understand. He and that... Susie, right? How deep the hatred is between them two? Even their baby was born, wh

ich meant that they loved each other instead, right? How could it become so terrible now?"

Colin sighed, "It's a long story. However, it was not too much to describe their relationship as irreconcilable! Do you know whom this villa belonged to before?

"How do I know? My cousin bought it anyway!" Bessie didn't know why Colin suddenly asked about the villa's former owner.

"This villa belonged to Susie's family! After your scumbag cousin has destroyed her family, he bought the villa of the Su family."

Bessie took a deep breath and said, "My cousin... He shouldn't be an unreasonable person! Is there any misunderstanding?"

"Alas, love and hatred, the twists and turns are really ridiculous. As long as I know, it's more exciting than watching a show! Moreover..."

Colin got more and more interested. He sat there and told Bessie what had happened to Raymond and Susie in the past few years. The story telling went on for a whole night.

In a twenty-four hour convenience store of the city. It was almost midnight. There were few people on the road, but staff in the convenience store were still working.

Suddenly, the fortune cat toy on the door made a sound of "Welcome". By reflex, Susie stood up, bowed to the guest, and greeted, "Good evening, what can I do for you?"

A young man in suit and leather shoes stood straight in front of her and said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Sue, it's me."

It was not until Susie raised her head that she saw clearly that the person who came was none other than Nathan.

She was a little surprised and forced a smile. "Why are you here all of a sudden? Don't you still have half a year for the medical intern before coming back?"

"How can I leave you alone here after such a big thing happened?" Nathan looked at her, answering.

"You must be very tired. Let's talk outside." Susie came out from the counter and led him outside of the store.

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