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   Chapter 13 Looking for Mom

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The phone was soon connected, and there was Susie's voice from the other end of the phone, which was pretending to be indifferent but a little trembling, "Hello, this is Susie Su."

"Yes, Susie. This is Colin. How are you?" Colin started with a greeting while trying to manage the words on his mind.

"I know it's you." Susie replied softly. She vaguely knew why Colin called her, so she held her breathe and expected to hear good news from him.

"The surgery is very successful. Now Raymond and Nat are recovering very well, but they are still in the recovery period. The little princess has more time to sleep. Raymond is able to get up from the bed and walk as well as easily lose his temper!" Colin tried to make it vivid so he made fun of Raymond.

"Thank you for telling me all this information. Please take good care of Nat in the future. Raymond has a bad temper, but Nat is a girl and she needs warmth and protection." Biting her lips so hard to prevent crying out, Susie said to Colin slowly and clearly.

"Please don't worry. Raymond wouldn't lose his temper at his only daughter, even if he would lose his temper to the whole world. He will be a good father. Trust me." Colin realized her concerns and tried to make her feel better.

"Is it for real?" Susie asked in disbelief. She knew Raymond very well and she never expected he could change because of Nat.

Obviously, Colin was choked by her question. He tried to change the topic. "Aren't you really going to give each other a chance? It's good for your daughter, too. Raymond has been living in a single parent family since he was a child. He had led a difficult life! A complete family of three living together could be the happiest dream come true for him."

"I will never forget what he has done to me and my family." Susie's voice trembled. Anger raised again in her heart.

Her words completely denied the future between them.

But, was it so easy for them to forget each other and deny the future?

Susie continued, "I have sent you some stuff for Nat. Please pay attention to the delivery service in recent days. Please don't contact me again if there's nothing important in the future." Every time they contacted her, it would be like tearing her scars open again. Susie hung up the phone without any hesitation.

After Susie hung up the phone at the other end, there was only endless beep sound left in Colin's phone.

Colin felt a little helpless. Did Susie mean that he shouldn't contact her anymore if there was nothing important about Nat in the future? He tried his best to persuade her every time when there was a chance, but always failed.

Obviously Susie didn't want to know anything about Raymond except for Nat. As a mother, the child was indeed very important to her!

In that case, she and Raymond would not be cut off so easily in the future. There will definitely be a day when they will reconnect!

As expected, a huge package arrived at the villa during the dinner time that day.

Colin took the package from the guards and stood at the door awkwardly. He didn't know whether he should open the box or he should pass it to Raymond.


tting at the table, Raymond said to him coldly, "did you buy something that you want to hide from us? If so, throw it out as soon as possible!"

"These things are... From Susie. She said that it's all Nat's stuff."

The tableware in Raymond's hand slammed on the table, and he sat there in silence with an unpleasant face.

After hesitating for a while, Colin took the things in and put them on the table in the living room.

It was like adding fuel to the fire. Bessie ran over and asked in a loud voice. "Who is Susie? Is she Nat's mother? What did she send over?"

When she was asking, she was busy cutting the boxes and opening them. Then she took out the things one by one.

"A doll and a photo album. It should contain photos of Nat since she was born. There are a schoolbag, fairy tales books, some toys, and... Household registration certificate, student card of a kindergarten." Bessie reported while taking a look at them.

"It seems that Susie is really giving up her daughter now!" Colin made a conclusion while playing with a toy casually.

"She doesn't want it. I'm happy that she keeps distance from me!" Raymond pushed away the tableware in front of him, wiped his mouth, and left.

Right then, Lucy ran downstairs in a hurry. "Mr. Raymond, Miss Nat cried so hard that she didn't want to eat. She insisted... She insisted looking for her Mom!"

Raymond stopped walking, froze there, and clenched his fists.

He was on the edge of losing his temper.

Colin gave Bessie a hint with his eyes. "Please leave her to me!" Said Bessie, running upstairs with a doll in her hand.

Bessie gently pushed open the door of Nat's room. Seeing the little girl curling up on the bed and crying helplessly, she felt a little sad for her. She approached Nat gently and slowly.

"Hello, my little princess. Look what I've brought for you."

Bessie handed the doll to her, and the little girl immediately smiled through tears, "My little rabbit!"

Nat held the rabbit tightly, kissing and playing with it for a long time before she asked Bessie, "Has Mom come over? Did she come to see me?"

Bessie didn't know how to answer. She could only touch her gently, "Are you happy with your favorite doll?"

"Yes, but I still miss my Mommy. I want to see her." Nat nodded and said to Bessie.

"Maybe your Mom is quite busy now, so she doesn't have time to see you. But she has sent your favorite rabbit here as soon as possible. It meant that Mom is missing Nat all the time! Now let the rabbit stay with you. When Mom is not so busy, Aunt Bess will take you to see her, okay?" Bessie said.

"Okay." Thoughtful Nat understood. 'Yes, Mom has to work hard to make money. She is very busy!'

"Then let's have a good meal first and take good care of yourself. Only in this way can Mom be happy. Do you want to make her happy, Nat?" Bessie touched her hair and suggested.

"I want Mom to be happy." Nat nodded again.

"Good girl!" Bessie touched her little face and immediately called Lucy to feed her.

Seeing that Nat was finally willing to eat obediently, Bessie breathed a sigh of relief and walked out from her room quietly.

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